Day 311.

Happy Sunday! Happy Birthday to our dearest Lola and a Happy Anniversary to our grandparents!! We miss you both so much. 🥳🎂💖

  • It’s been a lazy Sunday for sure. I was supposed to clean and do laundry, but thankfully I’m off tomorrow for MLK, Jr. Day. I’ll take care of everything then.
  • We ordered brunch for Lola’s Bday. She loved celebrating! I ordered a carnitas omelette. I also placed an order for dessert at Matcha Cafe Maiko. We tried the flavor of the month, Strawberry Calpico.
  • I watched a bit of the NFL playoffs. I’m rooting for Tampa Bay. I was rooting for the Browns, but KC won with a slim lead. I’m rooting for anyone but KC. I said what I said. 😎😂
  • Facebook is an eco chamber. I’m really not a fan of it anymore. I’m only on there for family and friends. I don’t use it all the time.
  • I can’t believe Inauguration Day is this week! I’m excited, but also a little nervous. Time to turn the page on the last four years. Absolutely dreadful.
  • I want this week to go smoothly. Last week was a lot. 🥴
  • We’ll be watching Gossip Girl tonight. I need to continue reading my books.
  • Animal Crossing update: I bought my turnips! I stayed up until 5am just to buy them because I knew I wouldn’t get up in time. 😂
  • Well, I hope y’all had a nice Sunday! Take care.

Good night.


Day 310.

Happy Saturday! Happy Birthday to our little darling, Beari and to Aaliyah!! 🥳🎂💗

  • I didn’t do much today. Yesterday took most of my energy, so I decided to rest.
  • I watched some football. Packers are moving on so that’s cool. Wish the Niners were in it! 😭
  • Still trying to figure out when to buy the rare beauty foundation. I want to try it! I’ve been matched, but I’m not to sure how accurate it’ll be. 🥴
  • I slept a lot. The long weekends do that to me.
  • So much good food and snacks at home. I’m always thankful for a full refrigerator.
  • Might watch a movie tonight. I also need to read.
  • Been listening to Aaliyah’s music for the last hour. She’s truly missed! RIP Babygirl. 🤍
  • Hope y’all had a nice Saturday!!

Good night.


Day 299.

Happy Tuesday! How was your day?

  • Watched more Gossip Girl! The first season is amazing. I’m going to stick with it and try to finish all the seasons.
  • I didn’t sleep very well or right away because I was anxious for my driving lesson. I haven’t driven since last month.
  • Thankfully, my driving instructor understood and my lesson went well. Still some things to improve on, but I hope I can practice even more. Maybe this weekend? One of my goals is to drive to Japantown. 🙂
  • I finished all of my work trainings! Yay!!! Just need to take care of my COVID test and I’ll be set to return to work next week.
  • Spent time with the dogs. 💕
  • Still thinking of when we can all fly and travel again.
  • Highlight of my day: Followed up with my medical team. I love catching up with everyone from clinic! Thankful for their care and guidance. 💜
  • Savoring my last few days of break. It came and went! 😢
  • Lastly, Happy Birthday to you, Lolo (grandpa)! We never got the chance to meet and get to know you here in the States. Whenever you are – I hope you’re happy and having a grand time! RIP 💗

That was my Tuesday. 😁 Hope y’all had a nice one. Take care!

Good night.


Day 276.

Happy Sunday! It’s a new week and I’m so ready for holiday break. 😄 I can’t wait to just do my own thing. I’ve gotta study and focus on my class, but other than that I’ll be happy staying in.

Today is our Lola’s 91st Birthday as well as our cousin, Angelica’s 32nd! It’s so much fun celebrating them both. We were able to swing by our Tita’s house and drop off some drinks, flowers, and balloons. We didn’t stay for very long. We stayed outside too. Happy Birthday to them! We miss everyone. Thankfully we caught each other via FB chat. Great memories even if it was just for a little while to catch up.

We feasted when we got back. We ordered Jollibee and our Tita packed up some Filipino food to go. Everything was delicious! I love Filipino food. I still want to try making sapin sapin for either Christmas or NYE.

Niners lost. 😭💔 Just win the last three games. I’m asking for 2-1!!!

I got to do laundry, tidy up, and wrapped some Christmas gifts. I’m just bummed that one of my gifts won’t arrive in time. Hopefully it does! I really hope.

Lastly, I got to catch up with my BFFs! It’s so nice to hear each other out and laugh. So funny! Good times.

Well, have a great week! Take care.

Good night.


Day 275.

I love Saturdays!!! I got to sleep in and it was amazing. I woke up in time to greet the postman and retrieve our packages. Our Stoggles are finally here!!! I can’t wait to rock them on Monday. 😎🥽 Super cute and fashionable.

Rewatched Meet John Doe. Old movies are awesome! Before that I placed a delivery order for See’s. Christmas goodies for family, friends, and colleagues!! I love their chocolate. Their offerings are limited. I miss my faves – scotchmallow and scotch kisses. So good!

I took a nap afterwards. I needed to rest up before my community event at 5pm. It was a film screening of Hinga by Sammay and a community celebration followed after the Q&A from the cast. I’m so glad I made time to attend. I love supporting my FilAm community. ❤️

I spent about two hours editing pictures for my BFF. Her mom needs a 2×2 photo for work. It’s been a while since I edited. I kinda had to reteach myself. I’m currently using Affinity. I’ll get the hang of it again.

Just played some Animal Crossing and caught the last of Jeopardy. I gave away the last of my turnips to Penelope. My island is doing okay. I need to revamp some areas. Need to pay off my log staircase!!! I want it ready for Christmas.

Well, that was my day! Oh yeah, I drank some moscato and took half a shot for my Lola. It’s her birthday tomorrow as well as my cousin, Jekah. I miss our extended family! I can’t believe it’s been a year since we gathered for a huge celebration for Lola. Take me back to 2019!

Lastly, Happy Birthday to my friend, Romina!! I miss our college days. 💙💛

Take care and good night!


Day 252.

Happy Thursday! I had a better day at work. I followed through with everything. One more day and it’s holiday break!! 😄

I had my 2nd driving lesson with Eugenia. I must practice more often. I’m still quite anxious behind the wheel, but it’ll take time to regain my confidence. I’ll get it back! I must remember to share the road. 😬😂

Klay is officially out for the new NBA season. 😭💔 We’ve been waiting for a healthy Warriors team! Still supporting them no matter what. Get well soon, Klay! 💙💛

Gotta head to the lab in the morning. So many extra steps as a chronic condition patient. It must be done. I can’t take shortcuts.

Animal Crossing update: The new update has been installed! My island is doing okay. Will revamp some more this weekend.

Lastly, Happy Birthday to Dad! Love you. ❤️ Today is also Coco’s Rainbow Bridge crossing. I can’t believe it’s been 2 years. 😭 Miss you, girl!!!

Well this is good night. Take care!


Day 217.

Happy Thursday! 🧡

Wishing my sister a very Happy 25th Birthday!!!! Where did the years go? It was a day well spent. We watched Beauty and the Beast, drank white claws, ate gummy candy, popcorn, and chips. Perfect way to start the day and then we went to sleep.

I slept in and didn’t get up until 1:45pm. It was all good timing since I was waiting for a call. Afterwards, I played more Animal Crossing. Officially at 280 hours! I’ll be racking up more hours this weekend. Woo!

Back to work for me tomorrow. I also have an appointment in the morning. My routine is back!

Enjoyed the NLCS tonight. 😎 The ALCS was mehhh. Come on, Rays!

Highlight of the day was visiting our family. It was a quick visit, but it’s always nice to see them especially our Lola. We miss her! She’s doing well. ❤️

That was my Thursday. I’ll be winding down shortly. I’m super tired now. Take care!

Good night.


Day 198.

Happy Saturday! It’s been a sad day. I found out this morning that our uncle passed away suddenly. 😭💔 He was so kind. RIP Tito Rino. 🤍

A death always puts everything into perspective. It’s a wake up call! I need to do more with my time. I need to stop wasting the day. This year has been super tough for everyone, but I’d like to believe there’s a silver lining after all of this. There has to be.

I played my uke and dedicated Somewhere Over the Rainbow to my uncle. Fly high!! 🌈

The Giants are in control of their destiny. They were handed a loss. Not sure what tomorrow will bring. It’s win or go home. Go Giants! 🖤🧡

Animal Crossing update: The final Bug-Off event of the year happened today. I did pretty well for myself. I redeemed my points for a spider plate door decor. Perfect for the fall and Halloween!!

I finally got a workout in. This week has been heavy, but I’m slowly getting back on the horse. Work will be resuming shortly. There’s a lot to do before then. Just breathe.

We ordered Hahn’s Hibachi for lunch. Brings back so many memories! I got my usual, bbq chicken with rice. I’ll finish the last of it tomorrow.

Lastly, I wanna say Happy Birthday to my cousin, Ryan! 🥳🥰🎂

Well, I hope y’all had a nice one. Take care!

Good night.


Day 121.

Happy Saturday! It was laundry day for me. I love clean blankets and sheets. 😊 I woke up at a decent time today too.

Spent some of our afternoon in the backyard. Dogs wanted to be in the sunshine. So cute. They’re a handful, but we love them both so much. ❤️🐶❤️

Animal Crossing update: I participated in the Fish Tourney. I redeemed my points for a fish crossbody. So cute. I even got to hang out with my cousin on his island. I dropped off bells and a birthday gift. Happy Birthday, Adrian! 🥳🎂 Thanks for coordinating, Katie. 💕

We’ll be watching Dumb and Dumber tonight. Yay! One of our favorite movies.

It was a mellow Saturday. I hope I sleep at a reasonable time tonight. We’ll see. Lol. Take care!

Good night.


Day 117.

I’m still wearing a mask around the house. It’s a small inconvenience, but I can deal. I want to make sure my family is safe. I’m doing my part. I think I mentioned this a few days ago. Just repeating it again.

The Sinner kept me up. Found out I just watched s2. Lol. I’ll watch s1 soon. 🙃 Netflix kinda messed up the descriptions. All good though. More Bill Pullman. 🥰

I spent most of my day indoors. I’m making steady progress on Animal Crossing. Pascal gave me a mermaid dress in exchange for a scallop! Win. I’m expecting a DIY recipe soon.

I went outside for a bit with the fam and our dogs. We took in some sunshine in the backyard. It was nice. The dogs enjoyed it.

I’m going to play my uke shortly. It’s been calming the last few times I’ve played. I’ve been a bit uneasy as of late. I hope I get a good night’s sleep. Hasn’t happened in a while.

Lastly, I just wanted to greet my dear friend Brea a very Happy Birthday! 💕 Wish we could celebrate. But I hope your day was splendid.

Hope y’all had a nice Tuesday. Take care!

Good night.