Day 318.

Happy Sunday! The weekend came and went. 😭 The weekend is recovery mode for me.

  • I slept in. I needed it! I stayed up watching After We Collided. It was okay. I enjoyed the first movie more.
  • The stage is set for Super Bowl LV. Go Bucs! I’ll cheer for Brady. 🏴‍☠️
  • I had an early dinner – mac & cheese + a ham sandwich.
  • Doing a load of laundry atm.
  • Animal Crossing update: I time traveled for my turnips. I didn’t get up in time. I’m going to play again in a bit to check on my villagers.
  • I’ve been taking care of my tamagotchi too. ❤️
  • It’s a new week and I’m planning to tackle a lot on my to do list! I need to update my planner.
  • There’s a lot going on with my health. Please send love and good thoughts. 💜
  • It’s going to be raining all week! We need it in the SF Bay Area.
  • Off to finish another French lesson on Duolingo.

Hope y’all had a nice weekend! Here’s to a great week. 😄 Take care!!

Good night.


Day 307.

Happy Wednesday! 🥴

  • Today was an adventure for me, but I made it! Whew.
  • My heat holder package was delivered today. I’ll be warm and toasty! Love it.
  • Impeached. Twice. Let’s go!
  • Animal Crossing update: I checked in real quick before I got ready for work. Will play again in a bit.
  • I was a bit more tired today since I stayed up watching ariana grande: excuse me, i love you. Thankful to have been able to attend two shows during her tour. I miss concerts! 😭
  • I watched the new trailer for To All The Boys: Always and Forever. Can’t wait! February is going to be awesome. 😎
  • I hope to sleep much earlier tonight.
  • I’ve been feeling more stressed than usual. Ahh!
  • I’m really enjoying reading Bridget Jones’s Diary. I visualize some scenes from the movie.
  • I attended part of this Zoom workshop. It was okay. I didn’t get to fully focus since I was in the car. I listened to some of it when I got home, but I got disconnected. It was about goal setting. I hope to smash more goals this year! I don’t want fear holding me back.
  • That was my Wednesday. I ate too much chocolate. 🍫🙃

Hope everyone had a good day. Take care!

Good night.


Day 303.

Happy Saturday! I didn’t sleep so well, but I got up to make the most of the day. 😄

  • We watched Sister, Sister during lunch. Always so much fun!
  • After lunch, we decided to order boba and watch Soul. It was a really good movie! 💙
  • I’m in the middle of organizing my life before returning to work. Good news – the lab has my sample! I hope I get my results early tomorrow.
  • I finally opened my new beauty products. Not crazy about it atm. Maybe it’ll grow on me. Lol.
  • I had to time travel in Animal Crossing. I missed out on the fish tourney at first. But I caught a bunch of fish and redeemed my points for swag. Yay!!!
  • We’re gonna skip Gossip Girl tonight. 🥴 Busy day tomorrow.
  • I’ve been listening to a lot of music. I’ve gotta find new artists.
  • Must fold laundry and put it away.

That was my Saturday. I hope y’all had a nice one. Take care and be safe!

Good night.


Day 301.

It’s been an overwhelming day. I just want everything I need to do to be done already. Ahhh! I’ve been way too anxious. 😭

  • Had to resolve some logistical things again. I hate feeling frustrated. From my understanding, I think all is okay.
  • I’ve been ordering takeout too much. It’s good, but I need to save money!!
  • We finally got to watch Muriel’s Wedding altogether. It’s funny every single time! 🤣 I love it.
  • Animal Crossing update: Not much happened on my island. I did the usual rounds.
  • I’ve felt more tired as of late. Doing my best to take care of myself.
  • My driving lesson for next week has been canceled. That means I must practice on my own. I’m feeling confident! 💗
  • Dating during the pandemic is a nightmare. I’ve decided to just step away. Two profiles are active, but I don’t really put forth much effort. Meh.
  • My break is winding down. I just hope I can return in time! PLS. That’s where most of my anxiety is right now.

Take care and be safe! 😷

Good night.


Day 296.

Happy Saturday! I’ve been chilling out for most of the day.

  • I got to catch up with friends tonight. Always nice to hear from everyone.
  • The DMV is frustrating me like no other. Must get in contact with someone next week. 😬😒🙄
  • I stayed up to finish up s1 of Bridgerton and watched The Photograph. It was alright. I started some of Spirited Away.
  • My snacks and my Aware necklace were delivered today. Yay!
  • I took a nice nap.
  • Thinking of my friend, Alicia tonight. Her Mom passed away today. Sending her my love!
  • Mixt salad for dinner. I went with the Cobb! 😋
  • Hoping to get more done tomorrow. Gotta get through my trainings before work next week. My break is flying! Why does time have to move so quickly?! 😭
  • I might stay up tonight. We’ll see. I’m just cold and lazy tbh!

Hope y’all had a nice one. Take care and be safe!

Good night.


Day 295.

TGIF! Happy Friday!! We made it. 🥰🥳🎊 It’s been a mellow day for me. I slept in, ate lots of food, and ordered boba.

  • Time traveled in Animal Crossing to redo the New Year countdown. 😂 Happy Birthday to you, Bob!
  • I still want to watch Spirited Away.
  • I’d like to play my Confetti vinyl.
  • Need to put my laundry away.
  • I’ve been looking at some kawaii Sanrio items. 💗
  • I hope to send more snail mail this year. I’d like to read more books too.
  • I wanted to do my makeup just because but I got lazy. 🙃
  • I’ve gotta complete two trainings for work this weekend. I’ll finish the last two next week.
  • Break is winding down, but I still have another week until I resume my regular schedule.

Happy weekend to all! I hope y’all stay safe. 🙂

Good night.


Day 294.

Happy Thursday! I can’t believe it’s New Year’s Eve!!! 😱

Here are some memories from 2020:

  • Spent the first few days of 2020 in London! I miss traveling. 😭 That would be my only flight of the year.
  • The Super Bowl and celebrating our birthday all of February! Our visit to Yosemite was a highlight. Life would change drastically a few weeks later.
  • One final happy hour in March. Then the world shut down. 💔
  • Invested most of my time playing Animal Crossing and I learned the uke!
  • I watched so many tv shows and movies. My sleep schedule was all over the place.
  • Grateful for everything in life especially my health, family, friends, work, and safety.
  • I’ll even put online dating down. 😂 It didn’t work out, but it was a life lesson.
  • Pinayista! 🇵🇭❤️
  • The election! 🇺🇸

It’s been a ride. Here’s to 2021! Please stay safe and be well. 🥳🥂💜

I cooked and I baked today. Beari was also coughing. I hope she’s okay. Felt the mini earthquake this morning too.

Btw the paper crown I’m wearing is from London. I decided to bring it back with me since I didn’t get to wear it last NYE. It’s cute! 👸🏻

This is good night. I’m so sleepy right now, but I gotta make it to midnight. I’m about to play Animal Crossing too. 🥰

Good night!


Day 293.

Happy Wednesday! 💕

  • I stayed up watching Bridgerton. I’m super invested now! I’m hoping to finish it before the end of the week. 😍🥰 Simon and Daphne. Woooow!!!
  • I took good care of my Tamagotchi today. Hurrah! Now it’s asleep.
  • Played Animal Crossing for just a bit. I make sure the villagers are taken care of daily.
  • Finally got around to helping Bianca transfer her tour pics from last year. So many great shots!
  • My Little Mix Confetti tee arrived today! I want to wear it tomorrow for NYE. I’d like to wear some nice earrings and do my makeup.
  • I spent part of my day watching old game shows with Mom. Good times!
  • I was on social media sparingly today. Trying not to be on it all the time.
  • Lastly, finally redeemed my digital movie code for Crazy Rich Asians.
  • I want to watch Last Christmas before I sleep.

Hope y’all had a nice one! Take care and be safe.

Good night.


Day 288.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! I hope it’s been a wonderful day. I stayed up playing Animal Crossing again and it was worth it. I finally completed the festive DIY set. Woo!!! The big festive tree was the last one that I needed. Before bed I also rewatched Dash & Lily. I also watched While You Were Sleeping with Mom. Btw, that’s me and the twin up there when we were in preschool.

I helped with cooking Christmas dinner. I made deviled eggs. It’s been a unique celebration, but I’m thankful to be at home with family. We were able to chat with our relatives too! I got to text with friends as well.

I’ve played a lot of Animal Crossing as the day progressed. Currently watching the last of the NBA games. Leonard was injured just now. Lots of blood! 😱 I hope he’ll be okay.

Just had some eggnog and I’m ready to open presents. We’re about to play Christmas Jeopardy! It’s fun.

We’re making the most of this Christmas. Stay safe and be well! Off to play more games.

Good night.


Day 286.

Happy Wednesday! I didn’t do much today. I finished sending out the rest of my holiday cards. That was a relief. I still have a few more presents to wrap up. I’m planning to clean up a bit before Friday! I can’t believe that Christmas is almost here.

We were able to grocery shop today. Yay! I stay home for all of that, but I help by unloading and putting things away. I really miss pre-COVID times. I know the world won’t be the same after all of this. 😭 I’m just thankful for food. ❤️

Anyway, I got to practice playing Last Christmas on my uke. It’s a lot of fun! I love learning new songs. I’ll probably learn some other Christmas songs too.

Animal Crossing update: it’s been something trying to get these festive DIYs. I only have 4 in total! I’ve stayed up just trying to get all of them. Here’s hoping I find another one tonight. 🥴🙃

I really want to watch The Bee Gees documentary. Maybe tonight? Or another holiday movie? I don’t know.

Planning to catch up with friends in the next few days. Can’t wait! Oh yeah, my highlight of the day: getting my Pat McGrath lipstick in the mail. Woo! Love the color.

Hope y’all had a good one. Take care and be safe!

Good night.