Day 154.

Happy Thursday! It’s almost the weekend. Yay. 😊

Yesterday took a lot of energy, but I’m still very proud of myself whatever the outcome of this will be. I’d love to keep talking and getting to know each other. It’s hard to gauge if feelings will be reciprocated. Taking a chance and creating opportunity is a big step!

I woke up at a decent time. The temperature of my room got me up. It was hot out there! 81 in the city. I decided to go for a walk. I needed to just be with my thoughts. I also got to photograph some things in the neighborhood. I found Bill Pullman posted! He’s one of my faves. 💗

I played some Animal Crossing. Nothing too eventful happening on my island. I’m hoping to have my college friend over this weekend! I’m waiting for Redd to return. I want more art.

My dresser will finally be done tonight. I want to put my things away already. There will be a lot of shuffling around. I’m excited for the change!

Going to remain positive. I’m hoping I get the okay from my medical team.🤞🏼 If I don’t, I’ll have to sit out. I trust their decision regardless of what it is.

Well, it’s back to building. Hope y’all had a nice one. Take care!

Good night.


Day 153.

I can breathe. I was dealing with a lot of anxiety a few hours ago. I’m okay now. Just a lot going on these last couple of days.

Still processing Amado’s passing. What a beautiful soul! ❤️

Online dating is new for me. I’m making the most of it. I was brave and I put myself out there! So whatever happens, no one really knows.

We are still building my IKEA dresser. Hoping to be finished with it tomorrow.

Got to catch up with friends via text. Always eases me and makes me happy! 💗 They keep me grounded.

Giants lost the series in Houston. Ugh. They’re headed home which is nice! We’ve got a lot to work on. Still cheering for them no matter what. 🖤🧡

Well, it’s back to building. Hope y’all had a nice one. Take care!

Good night.


Day 151.

How was your Monday? Today was a ride. It’ll be like this all week. I spent most of my time putting together IKEA furnishings with my sisters. We were up for the task! 2 down, so many more to go. I’m confident in our abilities. 💜

Dealing with some anxiety. Internal and external factors. I’m trying not to overthink, but it’s hard. Breathe in and out. Every breath is so important. I won’t take it for granted.

Animal Crossing update: Hopkins is moving in and Ken is leaving. I wanted another villager to leave. He’s still there. 😒 Maybe he’ll be next! Lol. C.J.’s on my island. I completed his challenge and sold all my fish. Hoping for a more eventful day tomorrow.

I rewatched Last Christmas before bed last night. The first time around we kept pausing so the story didn’t mesh well. I cried so much. It’s such a beautiful story! And the setting is the holiday season?! I’m sold.

Work announcement tomorrow. I hope we can stay in and work from home. I haven’t left the house in months. And if I do it’s for a short time and a very significant reason such as a doctor’s appointment. I’m anxious about the announcement too. Can’t control the outcome. I can only control how I react and feel.

I got to catch up with some friends too via text. It’s always nice to check in with folks. I genuinely care about everyone’s safety and well-being. 💕

Lastly, the Giants were almost no-hit in Houston. We were able to score 4 runs, but the Astros got the win. I hope we can win a game in this series. For the rest of the league really! The World Series cheating scandal is the elephant in the room this season. Tsk!!!

Hoping to sleep soon. I need so much energy tomorrow. Take care!

Good night.


Day 150.

Happy Sunday! 🥰

The highlight of my day was catching up with my college friends on Zoom. It’s been too long! I enjoy every second with them. 💙💛 Everyone’s doing well.

Animal Crossing update: rearranging furniture in the living room. My storage is full so I’ll have to sell some items. I need new wallpaper. There’s also fireworks tonight! I’ll catch the last of it before midnight. It’s so beautiful to watch. Love it! My island is doing alright.

Kilig. I don’t know if it’s there yet, but we’ll see. It’s a Filipino word. Google it. 😂 I guess stepping out of my comfort zone is helping me gain confidence. Whether this works out or not. Dude seems really nice and understanding. Carpe diem!!!

I got some sad news today and I’m processing it. So heartbreaking. 😭💔

Giants didn’t take the series in LA. I’m just glad we didn’t get swept. 🖤🧡

It’ll be a busy day tomorrow and the rest of the week. Always making progress. But must pace myself.

Hope y’all had a nice one. Have a great week! Take care.

Good night.


Day 149.

I was very productive today! I even got to sleep in. I’m proud of myself. I felt a little discouraged in the beginning, but I can get through this. 🙂

Animal Crossing update: my island is doing alright. Happy Birthday to Bud! 🥳 I stopped by his house a few times to party with him. He’s still dancing and eating cake. Haha. Can’t wait until I can celebrate mine. Won’t be until next year, but should be fun!

Played my uke again. I haven’t picked it up in the last week. I love strumming it.

I decided to put eyeshadow and eyeliner on. It’s been so long. It’s simple, but helps make your eyes pop! 👁 I don’t wear mascara often, but if I must I can’t wear my glasses. It smudges.

Giants get the W in LA! Cueto did really well. Our offense showed up tonight too. 5-4 victory! 🥰🖤🧡

Our cousin is expecting a girl! We’ve got a nephew on the way too next year. So exciting! Can’t wait to spoil them. 😄 I miss our family. Wish we could all be together again.

That was my Saturday. Hoping to take it easy tomorrow, but it’s chore day! Hurrah.

Good night.


Day 148.

Ahh, I’m a little late! Had to take care of some stuff.

Watched a few episodes of Twilight Zone with the fam. So many great episodes! Rod Serling is the best. 🖤

Animal Crossing update: Gulliver gifted me the Stonehenge. So cool! I’m still trying to figure out where to put it. Doing my best to clean up my island.

I’m trying to detox my social media usage. It can be a lot. I can waste hours on it. I’m planning to read more. Must focus on my career goals!!!

I got my exercise in too. The resistance bands are kicking my butt. It’s working!

Giants lost in LA. I just want one win from the series. PLS!!!

There’s a lot to do. I overthink a lot. Lots of thinking during the pandemic. We’re still in the thick of it. Keep safe, everyone!!! 😷

Enjoy the weekend! Take care.

Good night.


Day 147.

I took it easy today. I used my resistance bands yesterday and I’m pretty sore. That means it’s working! I’m back to exercising daily which is great. Randomly woke up before 9am because I thought I heard the doorbell. I guess I was dreaming because it didn’t happen. Startled my brother. Whoops. 😅

Animal Crossing update: I finally caught my first scorpion! I donated it to my museum. Blathers was scared, but grateful. I wanna catch more! My island is still at 4 stars. I’ve decided to build another bridge. I also need to clear up the clutter. Still loving the game more than ever!! ☺️

Watched Happy Old Year with the twin. Sunny! He’s one of my favorite Thai actors. I enjoyed the story.

I wanted to be productive today, but I just wasn’t feeling it. I’m hoping to do more tomorrow. The pandemic has been up and down for me. I miss my family and friends, but it’s best to follow the mandate and continue social distancing. 2020 has been something, but I’ll make the best of it. Posted a throwback photo on IG. I miss going on adventures, but I care about the greater good! Stay safe and healthy, everyone!!!

Chipotle for dinner. Nomzzz. Giants lose again in Colorado. Just watched the news. Back to LA. Go Giants!!! 🖤🧡

That was my Thursday. Hope y’all had a nice one! Take care.

Good night.


Day 146.

Today was a blur, but that’s only because I’ve been pretty busy. I didn’t get to nap today, so I’m feeling more tired than usual. I’m resting for a bit and then I gotta get to work on brainstorming and studying for my TEFL course.

Animal Crossing update: I’m still trying to capture my first scorpion. It’s frustrating me. Lol. I’ve been bitten so many times. I can feel it. My first capture is soon! One disappeared on me tonight. That’s never happened before. UGH.

There was no baking today, but I did help with cooking dinner. We made spam again. We do our best to have it sparingly. We also made spam musubi. So quick and easy! Never paying for it again.

I opened the rest of my happy mail. Everything is so cute! I’m trying to organize everything since next week will be a week of rearranging and building. I’m trying to mentally prepare myself for it.

Giants win! I hope we can tie the series tomorrow before heading back to LA. Colorado is good this season. I’m impressed.

That was my Wednesday. I think it’s time to play one more round of AC and then get to work. Seriously! Haha. Hope y’all had a nice one. Take care!

Good night.


Day 145.

Today was an adventure. I won’t elaborate much, but there was a lot of mental gymnastics involved.

I had to calm my brain down so I decided to bake banana bread. My younger sister came through with the assist! We made one with chocolate and the other had walnuts. I love banana bread! It’s up there with pumpkin bread. 😋

After baking I started to feel tired. I did watch some Moesha on Netflix. I napped afterwards. I got 3 hours in! I’m pretty motivated right now to study up on my TEFL course. I’m still brainstorming for work too. Might as well be productive until I get tired.

Lots of happy mail these last few days. Maybe I’ll post a pic of the stuff that’s come in.

Animal Crossing update: I missed the scorpion yesterday and I missed the scorpion tonight. I just want to capture one to donate to my museum. It’s so frustrating! It bit me twice yesterday. I have until October to capture one. I can do this!

The Giants took the L again in Colorado. We’re 5-7. Yeesh. Go Giants forever! Whether they’re good or bad, I’ll always cheer for them. 🖤🧡 #loyalty

Hope y’all had a nice one. Take care! 😷

Good night.