It’s been a week of solitude. I’ve also been around my sisters a lot. They give me STRENGTH.

I’m healing in many ways. I’ve decided to reach out to my therapist again. It’s nice to have another voice you can reason with, whether you’re dealing with the good or the bad. It felt great to reconnect again!

I’m looking through my pictures and hoping to start posting again. Slowly getting back to my usual routine. I hope everyone’s been doing well!

I’d also like to mention Natalie Corona, a rookie officer who was killed in Davis a few days ago. Davis has a special place in my heart. So many college memories! I couldn’t believe it when I heard the news on social media. Gone too soon. Thank you for your service. RIP. ❀

It’s a new week! Hoping to tackle a lot. I’ve been watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Her folding methods are awesome! Haha.

Sending you all good vibes!




BRIDGE! My second home at UC Davis. I can’t remember the theme of the meeting. I think it had something to do with serenades. My group had to come up with a striptease or dance? LOL, I don’t really remember. HAHA.

I miss college. I hope everyone in this picture is doing well. I’m also really digging my short hair. I might cut it that length again. πŸ˜‰

Photo credit: Gino Lucas

#TBT: Portland – July 4-5, 2013


I was thinking about this road trip a few weeks ago. I decided to find the pictures and here they are. Some of my favorite memories are from college. It’s funny because we were all at a July 4th gathering. We talked about Portland, but to actually drive up? Yeah, we said let’s go! I was a professional passenger so I offered a lot of emotional support, lol. I did my best to stay awake and be a team player. Lots of music was played. And Louie the beagle pug was with us too.

All photos were taken with my iPhone 5. My first apple phone. I don’t regret it. πŸ˜›


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Napa Valley Wine Tour.Β 

Napa Valley! I was there with my college friends – Dania & Mari via the Napa Valley Wine Country Tours on 7/15. Pretty legit. πŸ™‚

The first stop was the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a beautiful day, but Karl the fog was still sticking around. Beautiful views. I love my city! We ended up at four wineries. Two in Sonoma and two in Napa.

1. Jacuzzi Family Vineyards

2. Larson Family Winery

3. Kieu Hoang Winery

4. Madonna Estate

I did the wine tasting for all of them. Prices are reasonable ranging from $10-$20. I’m a big fan of dessert wines! Sweet is the way to go for me. My favorites would have to be Jacuzzi and Larson from that day. Very accommodating and super friendly.

We spent a good 8 hours up north before we headed back to the city. It was a wonderful time getting to catch up with my college friends. It’s been so long. We talked about everything! I do get nostalgic a lot of the time because college was so much fun. People really do make the experience.

The following day, we decided to grab brunch before Mari headed home. We went to Breakfast at Tiffany’s in the Excelsior. I had the corned beef hash Benedict. Absolutely amazing. I’ll definitely be back for that.


It was a superb weekend! Glad I got to share it with awesome people.

More updates coming soon. πŸ˜€