Much needed catch up sesh with my college friend, Diana. She’s in town and it’s been so long since we last saw each other! 🫶🏼

Good times and lots of words of encouragement. I’ll try my best! 😆 Just need to continue to be brave.

It was a very long, but productive day for me. Hoping to get plenty of rest. It’s going to be a long week, but I’m looking forward to what it may possibly bring.

I plan to watch the first epi of beef. Woo!

And the Giants beat LA! Shut those bums out. Byeee. 🖤🧡

Good night.


A busy 🐝!

Hello! It’s been a while. Just wanted to type up an update. 🙂 I hope everyone is doing well! The NBA playoffs have started, baseball is back (Go Giants! 🖤🧡), and spring is here!!! ☀️ Love it.

I attended the NCCBF! 🌸 Both weekends. First weekend was to visit our cousin and his partner. She’s running her own small biz! Good times. The second weekend we lined up early for teriburgers! Delicious. Wish we bought more. 😋 Also got to buy Japanese snacks, mochi, and some other goodies. Japantown is one of my fave spots in the city!

A few days ago – we returned to Davis. It was for Dr. Fujimoto’s memorial. So many beautiful stories and memories were shared. I miss college! I was inspired again just being back. I want to do more!!! Aggies 🐴💙💛 We bought all of our favorite food, caught up with familiar faces, and took some nice pics on campus. We bought some new UCD swag to wear and rep. We missed Picnic Day by 2 days! I ended up buying this year’s tee.

I’m in the middle of job hunting again. I’d like to have a summer job if I can find one. Looking for a stable position that also works with my own schedule + energy levels. Being a lupus patient can be a lot, but it’s important to listen to your body! Rest is essential. In my case, I always nap. 💜 Lupus Awareness Month is coming up. I love sharing facts and information!!

I’m playing a lot of Pocket Camp! It’s fun. Too many Animal Crossing games to choose from.

Lots of books on my reading list! I also have tv shows and movies I’ve been meaning to watch. Balance is so important right now! I’m also trying to exercise more. Time management. 😮‍💨

Wishing you all a great week! 💗

Good night.


Day 150.

Happy Sunday! 🥰

The highlight of my day was catching up with my college friends on Zoom. It’s been too long! I enjoy every second with them. 💙💛 Everyone’s doing well.

Animal Crossing update: rearranging furniture in the living room. My storage is full so I’ll have to sell some items. I need new wallpaper. There’s also fireworks tonight! I’ll catch the last of it before midnight. It’s so beautiful to watch. Love it! My island is doing alright.

Kilig. I don’t know if it’s there yet, but we’ll see. It’s a Filipino word. Google it. 😂 I guess stepping out of my comfort zone is helping me gain confidence. Whether this works out or not. Dude seems really nice and understanding. Carpe diem!!!

I got some sad news today and I’m processing it. So heartbreaking. 😭💔

Giants didn’t take the series in LA. I’m just glad we didn’t get swept. 🖤🧡

It’ll be a busy day tomorrow and the rest of the week. Always making progress. But must pace myself.

Hope y’all had a nice one. Have a great week! Take care.

Good night.


Day 95.

Today is the anniversary of my college graduation. Time flies! I’m still so proud of my accomplishments. I may get another degree, but we’ll see. 💙💛

A very Happy Birthday to Dusty Baker and Tim Lincecum! I graduated on a good day. 🙂🖤🧡

It was a busy day for me. I wish I could’ve napped but it wasn’t possible. I hope I get a good night’s sleep.

Animal Crossing update: my home is in a new spot! I’m trying to figure out how to decorate my lawn. I also need to relocate one of the stores on my island. Everything is a work in progress. And one of my villagers is moving out tomorrow. I wonder who will move in next. I hope it’s someone cool!

It’ll be busy for me the next few days. California is reopening, but as I said previously I’m still uneasy about it. I’ve been home since March 13. I’ve only left the house twice. I don’t want to be afraid, but it’s okay to feel like this. I’m still giving myself time to adjust. It’s absolutely necessary.

I’ve gotta practice my uke. I didn’t get to practice yoga today. I’m planning to do that tomorrow.

That’s all from me. I hope you all had a nice Monday. Take care!

Good night.



It’s been a week of solitude. I’ve also been around my sisters a lot. They give me STRENGTH.

I’m healing in many ways. I’ve decided to reach out to my therapist again. It’s nice to have another voice you can reason with, whether you’re dealing with the good or the bad. It felt great to reconnect again!

I’m looking through my pictures and hoping to start posting again. Slowly getting back to my usual routine. I hope everyone’s been doing well!

I’d also like to mention Natalie Corona, a rookie officer who was killed in Davis a few days ago. Davis has a special place in my heart. So many college memories! I couldn’t believe it when I heard the news on social media. Gone too soon. Thank you for your service. RIP. ❤

It’s a new week! Hoping to tackle a lot. I’ve been watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Her folding methods are awesome! Haha.

Sending you all good vibes!




BRIDGE! My second home at UC Davis. I can’t remember the theme of the meeting. I think it had something to do with serenades. My group had to come up with a striptease or dance? LOL, I don’t really remember. HAHA.

I miss college. I hope everyone in this picture is doing well. I’m also really digging my short hair. I might cut it that length again. 😉

Photo credit: Gino Lucas

#TBT: Portland – July 4-5, 2013


I was thinking about this road trip a few weeks ago. I decided to find the pictures and here they are. Some of my favorite memories are from college. It’s funny because we were all at a July 4th gathering. We talked about Portland, but to actually drive up? Yeah, we said let’s go! I was a professional passenger so I offered a lot of emotional support, lol. I did my best to stay awake and be a team player. Lots of music was played. And Louie the beagle pug was with us too.

All photos were taken with my iPhone 5. My first apple phone. I don’t regret it. 😛


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Napa Valley Wine Tour. 

Napa Valley! I was there with my college friends – Dania & Mari via the Napa Valley Wine Country Tours on 7/15. Pretty legit. 🙂

The first stop was the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a beautiful day, but Karl the fog was still sticking around. Beautiful views. I love my city! We ended up at four wineries. Two in Sonoma and two in Napa.

1. Jacuzzi Family Vineyards

2. Larson Family Winery

3. Kieu Hoang Winery

4. Madonna Estate

I did the wine tasting for all of them. Prices are reasonable ranging from $10-$20. I’m a big fan of dessert wines! Sweet is the way to go for me. My favorites would have to be Jacuzzi and Larson from that day. Very accommodating and super friendly.

We spent a good 8 hours up north before we headed back to the city. It was a wonderful time getting to catch up with my college friends. It’s been so long. We talked about everything! I do get nostalgic a lot of the time because college was so much fun. People really do make the experience.

The following day, we decided to grab brunch before Mari headed home. We went to Breakfast at Tiffany’s in the Excelsior. I had the corned beef hash Benedict. Absolutely amazing. I’ll definitely be back for that.


It was a superb weekend! Glad I got to share it with awesome people.

More updates coming soon. 😀