Bruised and sore.

Here’s my update. I went through a lot this past weekend. It was actually terrifying.

We adopted a dog to add to the family on Saturday, 6/23. Her name is Sally. She’s a chihuahua, five years old, and was born with one eye. The other eye didn’t develop. 😦 She’s originally from the Central Valley. She’s very sweet, but still adjusting to her new environment. Anyway, after adopting her, we decided to go to Petco to buy a few things for her – a kennel, food dish & water bowl, a bed, and a toy. We were looking forward to getting home, but we never got there.

On our way home, my brother and I were involved in a car accident. We were 10 minutes away from home. We were at 23rd Street and South Van Ness. It was our light to go. As my brother attempted to make a left, this car is speeding from the left side and hits us. He pressed on the brakes as much as he could have. Our car is a tank, but a lot of the damage was in the front. I saw the bumper fly off. It was the first automobile accident that I’ve been involved in ever. It was really scary! And having the dogs there was even scarier, but they’re safe. I on the other hand had to be transported to the ER due to my underlying health conditions and I was bruised up pretty badly. I’ve got bruises on my knees, my chest, and overall soreness everywhere. I’m still dealing with it. It sucks! :/

X-Rays were ordered for my knee. Thankfully there was no fracture. I was able to go home after a few hours.

Our Subaru saved us just like in their commercials and I am eternally grateful. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to be attentive behind the wheel. Please stay away from all distractions, especially your phones. It can wait!!! I don’t drive enough in the city, but it’s always the other drivers. You can be the safest driver, but someone else can mess that up for you.

I’m recovering now and should be healed up for Orlando. I’m very excited! 🙂

Thank you so much to my cousin, Adrian for getting to the scene, the witnesses, and first responders.

Hope you all had a great weekend. Here’s to an awesome week!!


Life update.

I was admitted to the ER last night for a stomach bug. Spent 9 hours in the hospital before being discharged.

It’s nice to be home, but I’ve developed a slight fever. That means I’ll be missing out on The Last Jedi premiere with the family. I was very much looking forward to attending. Things happen and I want to be sure I’m on the road to recovery!!

So the trade off is staying home and watching something on Netflix + sleeping. I really don’t want to go back to the ER. The wait was quite long for a room. I hope this clears up soon. PLS.

I hope you all had a nice Thursday! Time to rest up.

Good night.


My milestone. 


Today is an important day for me. Ten years ago, I received life changing news. Ten years ago, I didn’t think today would come. But here I am! 🙂 I’ve had my ups and downs. To be honest, it’s been a journey. I’m so thankful for this new decade. Everything I didn’t get a chance to do in my twenties, I’m pursuing now! There’s no time to wait. 

It’s taken a lot of breakdowns, mistakes, tears, and sometimes sleepless nights, but I’m grateful for it all. My family has been with me since day one. There are a few more bumps, but I’m ready! 

Being positive has really helped. Blogging and taking photographs are my outlets when it gets tough. How am I doing with it? Hehe. 

Show gratitude every day. Your mindset creates your reality. Anything is possible! 


Adventure is out there! -Ellie, UP