I hate that feeling. I hope I find this lost item. It’s crucial. And the person who could possibly know is out of town.

So I think I just need sleep and start again later. Sighhh.

How about those Giants?! Won’t say anything else. Log onto social media and read all about it. πŸ™‚

Good night and enjoy the weekend!


Life stuff.

It’s been a heavy month for me. I’m still processing and grieving on my own terms. At times I’m sad and sometimes I’m okay. Grief isn’t linear.

I’m looking forward to April! So much happening, but I’m very excited.

I plan to continue on with my photo project this year. I just have to factory reset my laptop because I’m running out of space. I’m hoping I have everything backed up. That can be a bit tedious. 😬

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I’ll be back!


P.S. Baseball is here! I’m so happy. Giants are in LA the next few days. BEAT LA!!! πŸ™‚


My week was awesome!!! I hung out with friends, went to Giants Fanfest for the first time in almost a decade (what?!!!), and a second visit to the Color Factory with the sisters.

It was quite busy, but I don’t mind. No rest for the weary. πŸ˜›

Photo credit to Lala for this week’s featured image.

Here’s my fun filled week. Enjoy!

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Farewell to 2017!


Laki. ❀

I loved and I lost. That sums up 2017 for me. I had to turn multiple pages and start anew. Change is scary, but absolutely necessary for growth.

I won’t have a month by month log of everything that happened this year. To be honest, I was so hopeful in January. I was looking forward to a lot, especially my 30th year. Everything seemed possible. February rolls around and Bianca was dealing with so much. It was up and down for the family. And maybe we were all preoccupied with that which is super important, but also realizing Laki was growing weak too. I held on for as long as I could. I really did. I believe he did too.

When Laki passed, nothing else mattered to me. I got a rude awakening myself in terms of my health and had to let go. After March ended, I don’t remember much. I was grieving for quite some time. Isolation was necessary for me. Everything was quite a blur. I slowly began to pick the pieces up and start again. I didn’t look back after April ended. It was time to take care of myself!

Summer was a period of relaxation. I had so much time and I’m grateful for that. I found my motivation. I landed aΒ new position come August. I took that jump! And I’m glad I did. I’m surrounded by awesome and supportive co-workers. I’m so appreciative of them. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

February still sticks out in my mind. I got to go to Vegas and hang with the BFF for our birthdays. Unfortunately, Bianca was unable to join us. We gotta plan the next trip (you’ll be there, Bianca!!). We stayed in the Aria, eating at the buffet, dining at momofuku + milk bar, playing some games at the casino, etc. We all need fun! More traveling needs to be done in 2018.

I’m still hopeful for the New Year. 2018, I’m ready. Wishing you all a Happy 2018! Enjoy the night.

With love,


P.S. Thank you, Houston Astros! πŸ™‚

#TBT: June 24, 2009.


Here I am at Dolores Park. I was 22. I had to help my cousin out with a photo project for his class. It was pretty fun. I remember doing a bunch of silly poses & jumping! My fave. πŸ™‚

I still have that All-Star Game jersey in my closet. Oh baseball, how I miss thee. Just waiting for spring. Come back soon!!!


I have so much to be thankful for this year, including the hardships. There’s a silver lining for everything, right? Hoping for the best. Anyway, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday.

I stand in solidarity with the indigenous peoples of America.Β 

Good night.


They earned it.Β 

Photo credit to MLB. 

What a series! I really miss baseball already. Is it February yet? πŸ˜› Congratulations to the Houston Astros! 2017 World Series Champions!! Such a fun team to watch and cheer for this postseason. #teamorange duh. Both teams were evenly matched. It was up and down for each game. It was a thrill! #beatla


On another note, the Giants are rebuilding. There are rumors about Stanton. We’ll see. Definitely need new talent for pitching, relief, and our offense. Coaches have been reassigned. The Giants are making moves. I’m looking forward to the 2018 season. Black and orange forever. 😎❀️ #sfgiants

Good night to all.