Day 257.

Happy Tuesday! 😄 I stayed up watching The Queen’s Gambit. I’m hooked! Beth is such a fierce character. She’s a badass!

I got through some chores today. We’re getting the house ready for Christmas too. Time to put up decorations! It’s always so much fun putting up the tree.

I even got a chance to restart Becoming. My goal is to take it slow during break. I feel like I rush my self during a work week. It’s important to take your time. We’re all works in progress! I hope to finish the book by 2021.

I’m really missing family and friends, but it’s best to keep our distance and catch up online. The news is overwhelming over here in California. We’ve gotta buckle down and get this virus under control.

Animal Crossing update: I’m starting to sell the random items that I dumped on my island. I’m also putting things in storage. CJ is in town! He’s a lot of fun. Must sell him more fish.

I’ve been feeling quite tired and a little off. I just hope it’s fatigue. I’m not eating too much junk nowadays. I’m being super mindful of what I put in my body.

Time to blast some tunes and unwind. I hope y’all had a nice one! Take care.

Good night.


Day 256.

Happy Monday! 😁 I got to sleep in and take it easy. I’ll pretty much be doing the same thing every day. Yay!!! I just started watching The Queen’s Gambit. It’s really good so far.

Highlight of my day: Catching up with our BFF via Zoom. We miss our dinners and hang outs! Maybe next year? 💞

I took a nap before our chat. I overslept a bit, but it worked out.

I just finished watching 17 Again. We’re now watching Center Stage. One of our faves!!! I love the cast, the music, and the dancing.

I also saw Nelly on Dancing with the Stars! He performed his hits. My crush in 7th grade!! 😍🥰

Animal Crossing update: I’m excited for Franklin’s visit! Can’t wait. Goose had me look for some treasure and I didn’t succeed. Lol.

Well, that was my day. Hope y’all had a nice one! Take care.

Good night.


Day 255.

Happy Sunday! I’m taking it easy this week. It’s nice to have time to myself. I plan on reading, watching movies, and getting back to being creative. ☺️

I decided to treat myself and the family to dessert. I love hojicha! So I bought soft serve with boba and mochi. Delicious!!! I’ll buy it again in December. I also got a hojicha latte. It’s that good!!!

I finished Dash & Lily early this morning. I loved it! I want to rewatch it. It’s so cute. The holiday season is great. We plan on decorating this week.

Animal Crossing update: I’m tidying up the island. I’m selling and storing the items that are out of season. Must get ready for the holidays! I just want everything to look great.

Holiday music is already on repeat! I’ve been playing it since the summer. I love Christmas!!!

I’ve been feeling tired, so I’m trying to conserve my energy. I look forward to my free time. Happy week to all! Take care. Please stay home and continue making good choices. 😷❤️

Good night.


Day 254.

Happy Saturday! I’ll be dealing with some pain and discomfort for the next few days. Hint hint! Lol. Glad it’s here now. Thanksgiving will be a breeze. 😎

I stayed up watching Dash & Lily. I’m really enjoying it! I love the main characters and the music. I’m happy it’s the holiday season.

Day 1 of holiday break. I’m taking it easy. I’m nourishing myself. Everything in moderation – especially my hot Cheetos. 🙃 I’m planning to have a slice of pumpkin spice cheesecake. I’m really enjoying sweets at the moment.

Animal Crossing update: I’ve gotta purchase the new looks and reactions with my NMT. I learned how to make a grass skirt today. And I’m real glad I sold my turnips! Btw the new update deters time travel. I only did that a few times. Guilty! It was for Daisy Mae. 💗

I’m hoping to be more productive tomorrow, but no promises. It’s the weekend!!

Sanrio is still my ultimate fave! It’s always stayed with me. I also really adore Sailor Moon and Nintendo. Kawaii things make me happy!

That was my day. Nothing too eventful. Hope everyone is staying safe! Take care. 😷

Good night.


Day 253.

TGIF!!! It’s been a tough week, but I made it. I’m ready for holiday break. 🙂 Got to take home a pumpkin spice cheesecake from work. Can’t wait to try it tomorrow!

Things are scary in the SF Bay Area right now. COVID cases are surging. A stay at home order has been put in place for the next month starting tomorrow. Stay safe out there, everyone! Please continue to do your part. 😷 Staying away saves lives!!!

I went to the lab this morning to take care of my monthly test. Ordered my meds as soon as I got home. After that I washed dishes and then got ready for work. I usually end at 6pm, but everyone was picked up at 4:30pm. Hurrah! Auntie also helped with some Asian groceries. Woo!!

I’m just glad that I can take it easy for the next few days, but I’m also dealing with some health stuff. I meet with a specialist in two weeks. I hope it’s nothing too serious.

Watched Dateline. It was good! The story was based in Bakersfield. I was intrigued.

Animal Crossing update: Sold my weeds to Leif. Got a few new DIY recipes. It’s going well!

I’m hoping for a good night’s sleep. I hope y’all had a nice one. Take care and enjoy the weekend!!


Day 252.

Happy Thursday! I had a better day at work. I followed through with everything. One more day and it’s holiday break!! 😄

I had my 2nd driving lesson with Eugenia. I must practice more often. I’m still quite anxious behind the wheel, but it’ll take time to regain my confidence. I’ll get it back! I must remember to share the road. 😬😂

Klay is officially out for the new NBA season. 😭💔 We’ve been waiting for a healthy Warriors team! Still supporting them no matter what. Get well soon, Klay! 💙💛

Gotta head to the lab in the morning. So many extra steps as a chronic condition patient. It must be done. I can’t take shortcuts.

Animal Crossing update: The new update has been installed! My island is doing okay. Will revamp some more this weekend.

Lastly, Happy Birthday to Dad! Love you. ❤️ Today is also Coco’s Rainbow Bridge crossing. I can’t believe it’s been 2 years. 😭 Miss you, girl!!!

Well this is good night. Take care!


Day 251.

Today was a better day. We’re halfway into the week! Can’t wait until it’s Friday night. 😄

Scheduled my doctor’s appointment with pulmonology. I’ll be chatting with them in December! Staying positive. 💜

I played badminton at work! We ended the day with trivia. It’s a lot of fun! Planning to play again on Friday.

Animal Crossing update: My island is doing alright. Just waiting for the latest update!!

I’ve got my 2nd driving lesson tomorrow. I hope it’s fun and eventful!! I know I can do this. 🚙

I’ve gotta shower before I sleep tonight. It’s so cold, but I must do it! Winter is coming.

The highlight of my day was watching The Masked Singer and I Can See Your Voice with the fam. It’s always so much fun guessing! Great shows. I definitely think the crocodile is Nick Carter! BSB fans know that voice. 💞

Well, this is good night. Hope y’all had a nice one. Take care!


Day 250.

It’s been an interesting day. I thought it was going well, but then I made one small mistake. I hate feeling this way. 😢 I’ll know better for next time.

There’s a lot on my mind. Some health news was delivered to me. I’m a little concerned, but here’s hoping everything is okay.

My dental work for 2020 is done. There was a lot of grey area these last few weeks. I hope everything is settled with insurance. My new night guard wasn’t ready. So I set up an appointment in December for pick up. 🤓

The rain made the day that much harder. We need it and I’m thankful. I just woke up from my nap and I’m trying to shake off these not so good vibes. My anxiety is up there at the moment. Just breathe.

Animal Crossing update: I caught more maple leaves! I tidied up some more. Decided to sell some more flowers at NC. The new update drops on Thursday. I’m so excited! Can’t wait for the holiday decor.

I’m ready to sleep straight through. I just need to start taking better care of myself. That first step would be sleep! Need 7-9 hours nightly.

We’re still in the middle of the pandemic. That’s been weighing on me too. I can only control MY thoughts and actions. Let’s get it together, America! The virus has been here. It’s real! Please make good choices. 😷

This is good night. Take care!


Day 249.

Happy Monday! I had a case of the Mondays. It was hard to get up. I made some calls too before work. Not fun. I hope the insurance stuff gets sorted out. PLS!!!

Work went well. I thought I lost a pen. Turns out I left it at home. Hurrah! 🙂 Boss had to leave early because of a family emergency. Good news: everything is okay!! 💕

Made spam and rice for dinner. Always a treat! Didn’t have eggs so we just sliced tomatoes. After that I washed the dishes. I love having everything clean! Can’t deal with dirty dishes in the sink.

Animal Crossing update: I caught maple leaves! So cool. I also logged 300 hours of play! I started back in April. Planning to revamp my island so it’s ready for the holiday season. 🎅🏼

I’m thinking about getting another Sanrio Lesportsac bag. I love the brand and their collabs are always so much fun!

Well, I must get ready for bed. Early day for me tomorrow. I get my new night guard!! I’ve got two more fillings as well. Should be a good day. Rain is in the forecast. ☔️

I’m also trying to figure out holiday gifts. I think I mentioned that the other day. It won’t be anything too wild. I’ll probably have to mail them out this year.

Please continue to keep your distance, wash your hands, and most importantly – wear your mask!!! Hope y’all had a nice one. Take care!

Good night.


Day 248.

Happy Sunday! Where did the weekend go? It’s a new week and I hope to accomplish as much as I can. But it’s important to take breaks. I opt for naps! 😴

We got our Asian groceries delivered to us today. I placed the order on Friday. Super legit! I’m happy with the service. COVID cases are surging in California and parts of the Bay Area. Please continue to wear a mask, social distance, and wash your hands! 😷 It’s getting real. 😱😭

I’m currently listening to Christmas music. I started in the summer and now I’m back to looping it. So great! I’m also in the middle of holiday shopping online. Trying to find practical gifts for family, friends, and coworkers. 🎅🏼

Animal Crossing update: Cleaned up a bit. Put a lot of things in storage. I’m also redoing the tree layout on Mango. I’ve also trashed some flowers. There’s too many! 🙃

Tuesday is giving me anxiety. But I’ll get through it. I’ve got calls to make tomorrow before work. I hope we can settle the bill. Eep! I need my new night guard.

Niners lost in New Orleans. 💔 Still sticking with them. It’s forever!!! ❤️💛

Off to play Animal Crossing!! 💫 Take care.

Good night.