Thank you, Benkyodo!

After 115 years, Benkyodo says goodbye to San Francisco. 😭💔 Happy Retirement to the Okamura Family! Benkyodo was a frequent stop for me and my family. So many memories there! We already miss it. We ate the last of the mochi yesterday.

My sister and I decided to line up on their second to last day of business (3/30). I thought we were early, but nope. There was already a line when we got there at 6:30am. First person was there at 2am!!! We ended up not sleeping and just heading over asap. It was cold, but thankfully we had a chair with us and blankets. We didn’t get in until almost 12:15pm. We were allowed to preorder 10 pieces and come back 2 hours later! It was a day for us. I was getting sleepy.

While we waited we decided to do a bit of grocery shopping and looked for my friend’s birthday present. We made use of our time! I was able to pick up our order and then head home. I did bump into a filmmaker before leaving. Not sure if I still want to chat with her. Filming always makes me nervous. I’m so used to being behind the camera. 😁 We’ll see. I’ll think about it.

I was able to have lunch when we got back and then knocked out immediately. I napped for a few hours.

I’m really glad we decided to plan for our visit! I just wish I had one last strawberry mochi. 😢 They’re already dearly missed. I wonder what will occupy the space in the future. Hopefully it’ll be a nice addition for the community!

Benkyodo forever. 💗

Good night.


Self care.

I had an eye appointment today and all went well. Decided to swing by Chase Center to see the tree then Japantown for mochi and snacks.

I’ve been dealing with a lot – mentally and emotionally! I know I’m making the best decision for myself. If people can’t accept that, I’m moving on. 💗

Christmas is almost here and I’m trying to make the most of it!! I still need to finish writing some greeting cards.

I’ve slept a lot. Much needed.

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy! Take care. 💜


Day 414.

TGIF! It was another busy week and I got through it. I definitely need to pace myself.

  • I had a decent night’s sleep. I was chilling in bed before I got up.
  • CPR class was chill. I was a little awkward in the beginning. Lack of sleep does that to you. 😂🙃
  • Afterwards, we went to Japantown! So nice to be back. But it was sad to see empty storefronts. 😭 Many of the stores we used to frequent aren’t around anymore.
  • We stocked up on snacks and necessities. 😋
  • We also bought some Sanrio stationery. 🥰
  • It was a good day! Just busy.
  • I had lunch as soon as we got back. And then I had to get ready for a Zoom meeting. I feel more comfortable after being walked through the process for social media posting. Whew!
  • Animal Crossing update: Turnip prices were too low. Ugh! Hoping I sell the rest of them tomorrow at a fairly good price. All is well on Mango!
  • Then I took a nap. Which turned into deep sleep. 😴
  • I just finished dinner! We ordered from a new Korean spot. Really good!!
  • Might watch a movie before bed. Maybe a romcom!
  • Lastly, we got to chat with Dad. It’s nice to see him! Still praying for his health. Love you, Dad. 💗

Take care and enjoy the weekend!

Good night.


Day 309.

TGIF!!! I’m so happy for the long weekend. I’ve got a list of things to take care of and I intend to complete all tasks.

  • Days off are thee best!! 🙂
  • I had my video visit with my pulmonologist in the morning. Things are stable. I’ve been prescribed an inhaler. Hopefully it helps me out.
  • I spent most of the day waiting to take care of errands. I drove! I was with my aunt and sister. I’m most comfortable with others in the car. I’m proud of myself for going back out there. I do need to work on parking. Practice makes progress!!
  • Dropped off paperwork at the DMV. Afterwards we went to Japantown. I didn’t go inside any stores. I sat outside at the Peace Plaza. It was nice to hear familiar sounds. I really miss the pre-COVID days.
  • Lunch was good. I had a bowl from Nijiya. Happy we have Japanese snacks at home again!
  • I took a nap afterwards. I was pretty tired.
  • Now I’m watching the news. Watched a bit of Wedding Crashers. I’m hoping to watch more movies this weekend.
  • Animal Crossing update: I took care of maintenance. Hoping to sell things that I don’t need. Must organize too.

Well, I hope y’all had a nice one. Enjoy the weekend! Stay safe. 😷

Good night.



This photo was taken on July 21, 2017. I had an awesome Japanese curry dinner before dessert of course. I needed some quality time with my best gals: my twin sister and our best friend since elementary school. B + J, y’all are da best! 💕

Venting really helps. Sometimes I tend to bottle my emotions up. Whenever that happens, it’s frustrating. But when I get the chance to let it all out, it’s the greatest feeling. We talked about everything. So fun!!

The funniest memory from that night was rushing our dinner to get dessert. We had about 15 minutes to walk across the other mall. Very short distance, but the line was decent. Nothing too unbearable. The taiyaki is from Uji Time. There’s red bean filling at the bottom! I loved it. I also picked matcha tea & black sesame. Absolutely delicious combo. One of my favorite dessert places in the city. At least top ten. 🙂

More entries to write. Bear with me. 

Good night.