Day 447.

Happy Wednesday! The week is flying.

Highlight of the day: I drove! 🚙 It’s been a few weeks, but I’m proud of myself. I just need to be consistent. 😌 I had to get to the post office to pick up a package! Sanrio goodies. 💗

Two more days of work and the year is done. Like I said it’s bittersweet. 😢 It’s time to turn the page and look for something new. I can do this! It seems daunting, but it’s good to start fresh.

I passed my assignment!!! I need to study a bit tonight. I feel better today compared to yesterday. I’ve just been thinking about a lot. Time flies!

ACNH update: Gulliver is on my island! There are shooting stars, but I don’t see Celeste. Maybe I’ll look once more. I didn’t sell my turnips. Prices are still too low. Maybe tomorrow?!

Planning to organize and clean again this weekend! Sanrio rules. Still dreaming about Tokyo. Soon!!! Hopefully.

Japanese chicken katsu curry for dinner. Much needed.

Time to call it a night. Giants were off today. Four game series coming up versus the Cubs. Go Giants! 🖤🧡🖤🧡

Take care and good night.


Day 445.

Lest We Forget. Thank you for your service. 🇺🇸❤️🤍💙

I had a pretty busy day. I didn’t sleep very well, but I had a meeting to get to at 10am. It was nice catching up with Sue! I’ll be helping her out for the next month. 🙂

I walked home and had to get ready to see family. I always take pictures to document our visit. 🥰

Watched the Giants game. We won! 😎🖤🧡

Played a decent amount of ACNH. Trying to develop another part of my island. I’m running out of ideas!

Decided to clean the front of the house. It looks pretty good. We’ll take care of it again next week!

I can’t believe May is over. It’s June tomorrow! 🙃

I’ve gotta study for a bit tonight. I’m hoping for a better night’s sleep. I did take a nap though.

Hope y’all had a nice one. Take care!

Good night.


Day 440.

Happy Wednesday! One more day and it’s the start of the holiday weekend for me. I plan to study and clean. I’m also excited for the Sunday picnic with our Lola! 🥰

It was a pretty good day for me. My Sanrio switch case is finally here!! Yay!!! ACNH update: My turnips were 528 bells in the morning. I’m glad I woke up in time to sell all of them before noon.

Work went well. It was a busy one. Enrichment classes have wrapped up. I can’t believe the year is almost over. 😢

I listened to a bunch of Filipino disco songs in the car. It all sounds amazing!!! Must listen to more.

Watched the NBA playoffs and the Giants won again in AZ! 🖤🧡🖤🧡 Great sports day.

Must study for a bit before bed. Just watching the last of the 10 o’clock news. Hope it was a great day for everyone! Take care.

Good night.


Day 426.

Happy Wednesday!! It was a nice, but chilly one.

  • Submitted my assignment before work. Progress every day!! It hasn’t been graded. I’m hoping it will be sometime tomorrow.
  • Work went well. I can smell summer vacation!!
  • After work, I helped with errands. I was tired, but we needed some necessities.
  • I’m working on my photo project story. I’m just about done.
  • Animal Crossing update: Happy Birthday to Ellie! 🥳🎂💗 Didn’t sell my turnips. Prices are too low. Sisters came over to hang out for a bit and gave Ellie her gifts.
  • I’m in a transitional phase right now in my life. I’ve got to figure things out for myself. I just hope it all works out for the best.
  • I’m itching to buy more Sanrio stuff. But I’ll wait! 🤪
  • My dream this morning had me in tears. It made me so sad. I woke up to process what happened and then I went back to sleep. What’s the message?
  • Football! So excited to watch football again later this year. Keeping up with baseball and basketball. 🖤🧡💙💛
  • Hoping to sleep early tonight.

Good night and take care!


Day 406.

Happy Earth Day! 🌎 Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle!!! I did a lot of reusing and recycling today. Take care of the Earth! ☀️🌙

  • My sleep was up and down. I woke up to a terrible stomachache. 😩 I eventually went back to sleep.
  • It was a really cold day. It felt like winter all over again! I layered up as much as I could.
  • I got to go home early which was nice. I had my late lunch and then took a nap afterwards.
  • Japanese goodies arrived today! My favorite chips and strawberry KitKat. I also tried the ramen tonkatsu. Super tasty! 😋
  • I’ve gotta really busy day tomorrow. Hoping to get a lot of rest.
  • We were able to chat with our Dad for a little bit. Still praying for his healing! Get well soon. 💗
  • Animal Crossing update: my new art piece is finally in the museum! I also sold some of my turnips. Took care of the usual on Mango.
  • Just dealing with a lot of anxiety and worry. Taking it a day at a time.
  • Watching some more tv. Filipino movies!!

Hope y’all had a nice one! Take good care.

Good night.


Day 400.

TGIF! It’s been a week, but I got through it.

  • I have so many goals for this weekend! Let’s do this.
  • It was tough to fall asleep and stay asleep. I think things are going well. I’ll continue praying for my Dad. 💗
  • We wrapped up early at work – that was nice! Once I got home, there was a boba drink and Thai food waiting for me. 😋
  • I’ve got a few errands to run tomorrow, but it should be quick.
  • I’m on day 400 of blogging since the start of the pandemic. I’ve made it a daily goal to blog.
  • I’m hoping to clean my room this weekend. Just need to hold myself accountable.
  • I played Animal Crossing with my sisters. My island is still a hot mess. 🙃 Hoping to sell the rest of my turnips tomorrow.
  • Sanrio rules! I just need to say that again. Japan is still on my travel bucket list. ❤️ All of Asia really!!!
  • Well, hoping to call it a night soon.

Hope everyone had a good day. Have a wonderful weekend!

Good night.


Day 390.

Happy Tuesday! ☀️

Highlight of my day was hanging out with Kevin and Earl! I was finally comfortable enough to take my mask off in public and eat. Dolores Park was beautiful! It was a good day. We talked about everything and laughed. I’m just slightly annoyed with my instax camera. Some of the pics were overexposed and I don’t really know why. Oh well.

  • I stayed up again to hunt down 🌸 DIYs. I just need one more! I’m hoping to complete the set before cherry blossom season ends on 4/10.
  • I didn’t get the chance to study today. I’ll do that tomorrow. I also need to clean!! I’ll be more productive.
  • Tonight was the final day of our 9 day rosary offering for our granduncle. It was nice to see family again! I’m friends with my uncle on FB now. I rarely see that side so it’ll be nice to reconnect. 💗
  • My taxes have been filed. Hurrah!!!
  • I bought See’s candies. Easter sale. 😋
  • Caught up with friends via text.
  • Didn’t get to watch the Warriors or Giants game. 😞 Dubs with the win and Giants took the L in SD.
  • Taking advantage of my spring break. It’s been nice to just chill out.
  • I really miss my grandparents today. Love you Lolo and Lola. ❤️

Hope y’all had a nice one! Take care.

Good night.


Day 388.

Happy Easter Sunday! 🐰🐣🌷

  • I stayed up because of Animal Crossing. What’s new?! 😂
  • My alarm went off so I was unable to sleep in. I had to cook Easter brunch for the fam. Labor of love. Everything was really good! I love cooking Filipino food.
  • I resumed playing AC. Bunny Day was fun AND stressful. I had to craft everything. I’ve never attempted that before during a special event. I finished everything a half hour ago. Whew! My twin with the assist. I needed more eggs. I was relieved.
  • We got to see family this afternoon. Always a blessing! 🙏🏼💗 Our Tita made us lumpia and we got to take home some pancit.
  • Our car battery wasn’t working so we needed a jump from AAA. Didn’t take long. We got home safely.
  • We attended the online rosary for our granduncle. It’s always nice to see that side of the family! Hopefully we can see folx in May. 🤍
  • I’m going to take advantage of my time off. I need to study and clean!!
  • We’re going to watch a few episodes of Sex and the City. 🥰
  • That was my Sunday. Eventful and blessed.

Wishing you all an amazing week! Take care.

Good night.


Day 383.

Happy Tuesday!! 💜 I had my final round of iron. I’m feeling much better. I just need to normalize my sleeping schedule. Rest is important!!

  • I had an early morning and it was a struggle to get up. Faucet wasn’t working last night, but it was fixed this afternoon.
  • Work went well. It was a busy today, but we got through it! Earl was kind enough to buy us some boba and tea drinks. It was a warm one in the city. Same conditions tomorrow.
  • Animal Crossing update: Invited Toby to Mango for the 2nd time. Here’s hoping he takes the invite to live there! 😊 I love the Sanrio furniture and goodies. So great.
  • Pizza for dinner. Yes!
  • Attended our granduncle’s rosary via Zoom. I plan to look through family pics this weekend since I have the time. 🥰 I miss our loved ones who have passed. Ancestors, please guide us!!
  • Watched UCLA vs. Michigan. Go Bruins!!!! To the Final Four. 💙💛
  • Secured my Telfar bags. I’m okay with waiting for a few months to get them. 🖤💚👜
  • I’m ready to sleep. 😴

Hope y’all had a nice one! Take care.

Good night.


Day 374.

My bracket is pretty much done. It’ll take a miracle to even get 1st or 2nd. 🙃 That’s why it’s not a very happy Sunday for me.

  • Highlight of the day: Visiting our Lola! I’m really glad we got to see her. She’s the best!!! We kept our distance, but we were able to chat via video. 💗
  • I was pretty productive today: more laundry, shower, and studying! Yay for progress!!! I have an early morning, but I’ll try to study a bit more.
  • I practiced my uke! It’s been a long time. I was strumming to Have You Ever Seen The Rain. 😄
  • Animal Crossing update: I really want the Sanrio x ACNH amiibo card pack, but not sure if I can even get it this Friday. I’d have to get up early to just make the purchase and then pick up in person. I can already feel the mayhem!!! Bought my turnips and did maintenance.
  • Sanrio is the best! I still collect to this day. 🥰
  • I decided to order one last boba drink before I stay away for a while. I gotta keep myself in check!!
  • I’m now watching Sex and the City with the fam. So good! S4E1 🙂
  • I’ve been able to catch up with family and friends!! It’s the best.
  • One week from now, I’ll have my second dose of the Covid vaccine! 🥲
  • I’m hoping for a great week! I wish y’all the same. Take care!!

Good night.