Self care.

I was able to decompress these last few days! I’m reenergized for the rest of the week. I’ll most likely be working during the holiday and I actually don’t mind. I’m all caught up with my shows.

Caught up with our great friend, Walter for lunch today. It was nice to talk and update each other with our lives. We got to window shop too. I bought myself some new books, a Marge baggu that I’ve been eyeing, a purple pen, and an eraser. Reasonable purchases. I’m starting to save up again which is important!!! I’m looking into getting a second job. Sign of the times. 🙃 We’ll see how that goes.

Hoping to sleep soon. I’m snacking though! Chips, salami, and some fruit. 🙂

Giants are failing me. Womp. I miss basketball and football!!!

Wishing you all a great holiday weekend! Take care.

Good night.


Happy Pride! 🏳️‍🌈💗

Wishing all of my dear family and friends a Happy Pride! You are loved always. Blessed to have y’all in my life and to stand proudly as an ally.

It’s been a weird work week. Trying to keep up before I’m off in a few days. 😮‍💨

I’m pretty tired. And unfortunately, Covid is in our household atm. It’s so inconvenient, but we gotta keep our distance!!! Still masking, washing my hands, and keeping away from crowds. But I can’t dodge crowds all the time. Just pls stay away!!!

Hoping to sleep soon. Wishing y’all a great week! 💜

Good night.


Happy June!

This month is flying and I’m making the most of it! 🙂 I caught up with friends on Thursday and tried Doppio Zero. Never been before so I wanted to try! I had the oxtail fettuccine and a Bellini. The food was absolutely amazing. I’ll be back for sure!!!

It was nice to see everyone again. We haven’t seen each other in months. Really thankful it all worked out. Afterwards we went to get ice cream. Salt & Straw!!! I went with a new flavor – Baked Brie and Fig Cheesecake. A very nice combo!🍦

I’m almost done with my TEFL cert! Better late than never!!!! That’s my motto. Slowly getting to where I need to be. Taking chances and staying confident despite my anxiety. Breathe.

Warriors won! 2-2 and back to the bay. Yee!!! 💙💛 Giants beat LA. 😎🖤🧡

I’m excited for a lot of things. Can’t wait! Hoping to sleep soon, but I’m such a night owl.

Happy weekend to all! 💗



I caught up with my college friend, Dania! We bought lunch at San Tung and hung out at Golden Gate Park. The weather was lovely! We’re planning our list of things to do and visit for the holiday season. 🎄❤️ Can’t wait!

I’m a bunch of nerves. There’s a lot going on, but I’m trying to breathe through it all. 😮‍💨 My mindset – I can!!! 💜

Self care day for me. I bought a new book to add to my Giants collection. Can’t wait to read about Willie Mays!! 🖤🧡🖤🧡

I took a much needed nap when I returned. It was a good day.

Hope y’all had a lovely Monday! I’m watching Beauty and the Beast atm to celebrate its release. It’s been 30 years! 🌹 Take care.

Good night.


Catching up.

Happy Sunday! I finally got to catch up with Susan and Mecqué today. We had breakfast at Kitchen Story. They’re so much fun. I met their doggos too. 🥰

Afterwards, they gave me a lift to Fort Mason for the Renegade Craft Fair. I bought a few things – earrings, a beanie, and stationery. I love it all!

I’ve been playing a lot of Animal Crossing! Logging in hours and cleaning up both islands. 😊 November is flying. Please slow down. I’m planning to get a lot done this week! Work, applying to jobs, and wrapping up my certificate. I really hope I find something I like.

Niners 😭💔

Wishing you all a great week! Good night.


Breakfast at Kitchen Story.

It was our first time there! We decided to get in early to avoid the crowds. Good call by all of us. We haven’t seen each other since February 2020! We were at K Elements for our early birthday dinner. Time flies! Grateful that we made time for each other. 🥰🍳🥓

Everything was delicious! The Millionaire Benedict 😋 A nice combo of sweet and savory. My goodness!!!

Then I took a nap once we got back. I’m still pretty tired now. I fell asleep pretty early too. The lupus life. I’ll be okay! Going to nap a bit more.

Wishing you all a great week!!! 🙂💜


Catching up. 💙💛

I haven’t blogged in a few days, but I’d like to make it a weekly entry moving forward.

June is wrapping up and it’s almost July. I’m hoping to finish strong.

Today was a good day! The sis and I had dinner with our friends, Dale and Blake. We haven’t seen each other in a while so it was nice to catch up! We had dinner at Zazie. I would love to go back for brunch. #Chaud 😂 We had a laugh with our server. Good times. I hope we can pay them a visit in Boston!

I’ve been studying and I hope to finish an assignment this week. I got this!

Giants didn’t sweep the A’s, but we took the series! 😎🖤🧡

Now I’m watching On The Wings Of Love with my sisters. Yay!!

Good night and have a wonderful week!


Day 391.

Happy Wednesday! Time is flying. Still enjoying my spring break.

  • I didn’t sleep very well. I stayed up a bit and set my alarm early to take care of some stuff and then went back to sleep.
  • It was a driving day for me! I drove twice. Yay!!! I’ve always had driving anxiety, but I navigated very well and we got home safely after running errands. I must work on my parking, but I’m improving. ☺️
  • See’s Candies was delivered today. So happy!
  • We saw the BFF for a bit and it was nice to chat for a bit. We now have Cards Against Humanity. Thanks Jamie!!!
  • I got to watch Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune.
  • I need to clean, do laundry, and study. It’s been such a busy day that I never got around to doing it.
  • I don’t want spring break to end. I’m going to savor what’s left.
  • Animal Crossing update: I completed my 🌸 diy set. So happy!! It took almost three full days. My persistence paid off. I plan to start my dog memorial either tomorrow or the weekend.
  • Giants win in SD! Opening Day is this Friday. Go Giants!!!!!! 🖤🧡

Hope y’all had a nice one. Take care!

Good night.


Day 366.

I’ll continue blogging daily until there’s normalcy. It’s been fun documenting my days. 😛

Happy Saturday!! I can’t believe the long weekend is flying. Back at it on Monday.

  • Part of The Karate Kid cast! So cool. Love it. 😍
  • I got to sleep in which was nice.
  • Washed the dishes and took care of other chores.
  • We watched so many movies last night. I finally got to see Some Kind of Wonderful. It was good! I really liked it.
  • The pizza we had yesterday was so good! I’ll definitely order again. 😋
  • It was so nice to see our grandma via video chat. I miss her so much! Get well soon, Lola!!!
  • I took a long nap. Much needed.
  • Got to catch up with friends on Zoom! I miss seeing everyone. 💗
  • Hoping to study a bit tonight.
  • Make sure to set your clocks forward tonight! I’m okay with losing an hour. Seeing the sun out much longer is the best. 🥰
  • Lastly, I bought some bowbands from Casey. Her store is the best!!
  • Well, that was my day. Hope y’all had a nice one!
  • Btw Bumble is still a hot mess. I reactivated my account and I realize I’m really picky. Nothing wrong with that. 😎

Take care and good night!!


Day 346.

Happy Sunday! My break is officially over. I can’t believe it. But I’m looking forward to going back. 🙂 Getting back to my routine.

Happy Birthday to our BFF, Jamie! 🥳🎂💕

  • I stayed up watching Teen Witch! So underrated. Love the music.
  • I slept in. I needed it!
  • We ate leftovers and ordered some boba milk tea.
  • Animal Crossing update: I’ve been dropping things off at my twin’s island. She’s officially getting her house tomorrow! So awesome. I love visiting her and helping out.
  • We’re hoping to play AC with our BFF soon.
  • Paid off some bills. Whew!
  • I’m still pretty caffeinated. Ahh!
  • Enjoying what’s left of February. 🥲

Well, I hope y’all had a good one! Take care.

Good night.