Covid blues.

It’s year two and now we’re inching closer to year three. I’ve had to adapt and it’s exhausting! I have a number of chronic conditions. I’m always masked up and fully vaccinated + boosted!! I’m very particular about where I go and I keep my exposure minimal. I still don’t dine indoors.

There’s a nice demographic of vaccinated people and the not so nice demographic who are still unvaccinated and spreading false information. At this point, these people are part of a cult and don’t even know it. GET OUT OF THE RABBIT HOLE PLS!!! They’re endangering the public and the rest of society. This is my soapbox. Let me rant! We all want to get back to our “regular and normal” lives, but we won’t get there if the ignorance and hatred continues.

This is a broken record! Please educate yourselves and think critically. I can’t even talk to some family members. I’m protected yes, but I’m worried for their own safety and well-being. They have no protection or shield from this.

I’m tired just typing this up. Please do your part so we can finally get out of this pandemic. I have a progressive heart & lung condition. I want to see more of the world!!! I won’t get that chance until this pandemic globally ends. I’ve been battling since I was 17.

That’s my late night rant. Good night. 💜


Day 381.

Happy Sunday! I officially got my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine today. 🥲🙏🏼 I’m so thankful. My body is doing alright atm.

  • I woke up at a decent time. I had to study and complete an assignment for my class. It’s been challenging! I’m not sure if I did it properly, but I’ll look it over again and submit it tomorrow or Tuesday.
  • I ate a lot of great food. BLT, corn bread, and half a burger. I needed to nourish myself before my vaccine appt!
  • Caught some of the UCLA game. They’re still dancing. Go Bruins! 💙💛
  • Appointment went well. It was in Mission Bay. I’m rarely in that part of town. It was nice to see Chase Center from a distance! The wait wasn’t long. The staff were all very friendly!
  • Dealing with arm soreness and I felt tired earlier so I took a nap. I’m going to heat up some soup and stay hydrated. No need for any Tylenol right now.
  • Animal Crossing update: I met Zipper and he’s a little creepy! But it’s cool to see eggs on my island. Bunny Day is 4/4! I also bought my turnips from Daisy Mae. All is well on Mango. I really want my Sanrio items and maybe a new villager!! 🥰
  • I’m hoping for a great week! It’s a short one and then it’ll be spring break!! I need to recharge for sure. I’ve got a lot of plans during that week. Can’t believe Easter is in a week. Time flies!

That was my Sunday. How was yours? Hope it went well. Take care!!

Good night.


Day 369.

This day always makes me sad. Four years ago, our childhood pet crossed the rainbow bridge. It’s hard to believe he’s been gone for that long. Love you so much, Laki! 💛 We ordered Mexican food to honor him.

  • Still no callback from the clinic. I’m struggling daily without my iron! 😞😩 Here’s hoping I get in touch with someone tomorrow. Absolutely ridiculous at this point.
  • Good news – I was able to schedule a vaccine appt for my sister! There was a lot of waiting around. It was nice to finally secure a date and time. Yay!!!
  • I’m really just trying to make it through the week. It’s been tough.
  • Highlight of my day: catching up with family and talking to our Lola! ❤️
  • Animal Crossing update: I’d like to sell my turnips. Haven’t been able to do that. It’s been mellow on Mango. Sanrio update is coming up!! I hope I can secure Amiibo cards come 3/26!!!
  • I should study tonight. I’m going to cover the new material for section 2. I got this!

Hope y’all had a good one. Take care!

Good night.


Day 355.

Happy Tuesday! 🙂 It’s been a very interesting day. Praying for those dealing with sadness, anger, and betrayal. 🤍

  • My sleep study is going well! Just getting used to having two watches on. 🙃
  • Our uncle was laid to rest. RIP Tito Timmy.
  • I was a bit anxious when I woke up because of my vaccine. The day is finally here!!
  • It was an early one for me. Tuesdays are great.
  • We went to Trader Joe’s for a quick shopping trip. Then it was time to head over to the vaccination site.
  • Vaccine time! I was in line by 6pm. It took a while to get to a vaccine room. It was quick and easy once I was assigned a room. We had to wait 15 minutes before we could leave in case we had any adverse side effects.
  • I’m doing alright for now. I just feel tired and sleepy. I can tell that my arm will be pretty sore tomorrow! Hoping I can schedule my second dose easily. Ahh! It was stressful enough trying to get my first dose.
  • Animal Crossing update: I’m buying more Mario items! It’s capped at 5 items a day, so I’ll get more things tomorrow.
  • I’m hoping things turn out okay for everyone. This pandemic has taken a toll on folx. Sending love to everyone!! It’s much needed.
  • Lastly, Happy Birthday to my cousin, Ben! He’s 18 today. I don’t believe it. Time flies!! 🥳🎂🎉

Hope y’all had a nice one. Take care!

Good night.


Day 349.

Happy Wednesday! We’ve made it to the middle of the week. I can do this!! We’re currently watching a Filipino movie called Pagpag: Nine Lives. Watching it for Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla!

  • I got a decent night’s sleep. Not super refreshing, but it was enough.
  • I’m on the waitlist for the Covid vaccine. Still searching everywhere and there are no openings atm. It’s a little frustrating, but I think I can get a slot in March!!
  • Today was a bit stressful for me, but I got through it.
  • We’re still thinking of our Tito Timmy. He’ll be laid to rest next week. 🤍
  • I feel much more sad and disconnected this week. I know I’m not alone when I say this. The pandemic is wearing and tearing on everyone. Sending love and hugs to all! 💞
  • Animal Crossing update: I got to play with my BFFs. We went to two islands. Skipped mine since I’m not proud of my mess. 😂 Hoping to fix it up this weekend!!
  • I’d like to sleep soon. Thankful for each day!

Take care everyone!!!

Good night.