Day 310.

Happy Saturday! Happy Birthday to our little darling, Beari and to Aaliyah!! 🥳🎂💗

  • I didn’t do much today. Yesterday took most of my energy, so I decided to rest.
  • I watched some football. Packers are moving on so that’s cool. Wish the Niners were in it! 😭
  • Still trying to figure out when to buy the rare beauty foundation. I want to try it! I’ve been matched, but I’m not to sure how accurate it’ll be. 🥴
  • I slept a lot. The long weekends do that to me.
  • So much good food and snacks at home. I’m always thankful for a full refrigerator.
  • Might watch a movie tonight. I also need to read.
  • Been listening to Aaliyah’s music for the last hour. She’s truly missed! RIP Babygirl. 🤍
  • Hope y’all had a nice Saturday!!

Good night.


Day 307.

Happy Wednesday! 🥴

  • Today was an adventure for me, but I made it! Whew.
  • My heat holder package was delivered today. I’ll be warm and toasty! Love it.
  • Impeached. Twice. Let’s go!
  • Animal Crossing update: I checked in real quick before I got ready for work. Will play again in a bit.
  • I was a bit more tired today since I stayed up watching ariana grande: excuse me, i love you. Thankful to have been able to attend two shows during her tour. I miss concerts! 😭
  • I watched the new trailer for To All The Boys: Always and Forever. Can’t wait! February is going to be awesome. 😎
  • I hope to sleep much earlier tonight.
  • I’ve been feeling more stressed than usual. Ahh!
  • I’m really enjoying reading Bridget Jones’s Diary. I visualize some scenes from the movie.
  • I attended part of this Zoom workshop. It was okay. I didn’t get to fully focus since I was in the car. I listened to some of it when I got home, but I got disconnected. It was about goal setting. I hope to smash more goals this year! I don’t want fear holding me back.
  • That was my Wednesday. I ate too much chocolate. 🍫🙃

Hope everyone had a good day. Take care!

Good night.


Day 294.

Happy Thursday! I can’t believe it’s New Year’s Eve!!! 😱

Here are some memories from 2020:

  • Spent the first few days of 2020 in London! I miss traveling. 😭 That would be my only flight of the year.
  • The Super Bowl and celebrating our birthday all of February! Our visit to Yosemite was a highlight. Life would change drastically a few weeks later.
  • One final happy hour in March. Then the world shut down. 💔
  • Invested most of my time playing Animal Crossing and I learned the uke!
  • I watched so many tv shows and movies. My sleep schedule was all over the place.
  • Grateful for everything in life especially my health, family, friends, work, and safety.
  • I’ll even put online dating down. 😂 It didn’t work out, but it was a life lesson.
  • Pinayista! 🇵🇭❤️
  • The election! 🇺🇸

It’s been a ride. Here’s to 2021! Please stay safe and be well. 🥳🥂💜

I cooked and I baked today. Beari was also coughing. I hope she’s okay. Felt the mini earthquake this morning too.

Btw the paper crown I’m wearing is from London. I decided to bring it back with me since I didn’t get to wear it last NYE. It’s cute! 👸🏻

This is good night. I’m so sleepy right now, but I gotta make it to midnight. I’m about to play Animal Crossing too. 🥰

Good night!


Day 288.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! I hope it’s been a wonderful day. I stayed up playing Animal Crossing again and it was worth it. I finally completed the festive DIY set. Woo!!! The big festive tree was the last one that I needed. Before bed I also rewatched Dash & Lily. I also watched While You Were Sleeping with Mom. Btw, that’s me and the twin up there when we were in preschool.

I helped with cooking Christmas dinner. I made deviled eggs. It’s been a unique celebration, but I’m thankful to be at home with family. We were able to chat with our relatives too! I got to text with friends as well.

I’ve played a lot of Animal Crossing as the day progressed. Currently watching the last of the NBA games. Leonard was injured just now. Lots of blood! 😱 I hope he’ll be okay.

Just had some eggnog and I’m ready to open presents. We’re about to play Christmas Jeopardy! It’s fun.

We’re making the most of this Christmas. Stay safe and be well! Off to play more games.

Good night.


Day 287.

Happy Thursday! It’s Christmas Eve!! 🥰 I’ve played a lot of Animal Crossing. It was Toy Day!!! I got some new recipes and I got to gift my villagers their presents. So fun! Jingle was so cool. I love special events. I stayed up trying to find more DIY recipes. It’s ruined my sleep. 😬😂

I got to see Jamie and we exchanged gifts from a distance. Our aunt also dropped off our favorite fruit tart. Thank you!! 😋

Before bed last night, I watched The Bee Gees doc on HBO Max. I love learning new things about them. They’re gifted writers. I love their music! I miss Maurice, Robin, and Andy. 😭😩 I love watching Barry’s interviews. I listened to some of their songs this afternoon. Too Much Heaven and Massachusetts remind me of my childhood.

Doggies are clean for Christmas. Glad we were able to finally bathe them!! 🥰 They hate it, but thankfully we were quick. All they ever want afterwards is a nice blanket to lie down on.

I had some eggnog with a hint of whiskey and cinnamon. It was pretty good! We’re enjoying our fave snacks and treats during the holiday season. It’s a unique one this year, but we’re making the most of it.

Lastly, I finally opened my Hello Kitty Tamagotchi! It’s so small compared to the original. It’s still fun though.

Hope y’all had a nice one. Take care and be safe!!

Good night.


Day 286.

Happy Wednesday! I didn’t do much today. I finished sending out the rest of my holiday cards. That was a relief. I still have a few more presents to wrap up. I’m planning to clean up a bit before Friday! I can’t believe that Christmas is almost here.

We were able to grocery shop today. Yay! I stay home for all of that, but I help by unloading and putting things away. I really miss pre-COVID times. I know the world won’t be the same after all of this. 😭 I’m just thankful for food. ❤️

Anyway, I got to practice playing Last Christmas on my uke. It’s a lot of fun! I love learning new songs. I’ll probably learn some other Christmas songs too.

Animal Crossing update: it’s been something trying to get these festive DIYs. I only have 4 in total! I’ve stayed up just trying to get all of them. Here’s hoping I find another one tonight. 🥴🙃

I really want to watch The Bee Gees documentary. Maybe tonight? Or another holiday movie? I don’t know.

Planning to catch up with friends in the next few days. Can’t wait! Oh yeah, my highlight of the day: getting my Pat McGrath lipstick in the mail. Woo! Love the color.

Hope y’all had a good one. Take care and be safe!

Good night.


Day 284.

Happy Monday! Here’s to the first week of holiday break. It’s going well so far.

I stayed up playing Animal Crossing. What’s new?! The gamble wasn’t the greatest. I found one holiday DIY recipe. I found another a few hours ago. The spawn rate isn’t very high. What’s worked for me: play a little, save my progress, recharge, and start again. A balloon present usually shows up fairly quickly.

The rest of my Monday consisted of writing holiday cards (I’m nowhere near done!), ordered my meds, and then got ready for my PFTs. I hope my results are good. I got a little lightheaded breathing in and out completely. After I finished, I treated myself to a decaf white chocolate mocha and a birthday cake pop. It’s the little things! 🥰 I also got to look at the GGB from afar.

Ordered some of our fave comfort foods. 2020 is winding down and I’m really hopeful for 2021! I’m currently listening to *NSync’s Christmas album. We’re planning on watching Bohemian Rhapsody before bed tonight. I also need to wrap some presents and send them on their way. Excited to wrap my family’s gifts too. The tree is still a little bare. 😬 And some packages will be arriving after Christmas. That’s expected.

The highlight of my day: my brwngrlz earrings arrived today! I’m totally going to rock them. Woo! 🌞

It’s going to be very busy these next few days, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m looking forward to cleaning, donating, and possibly posting some items online. That all depends on how productive I want to be. Lol!

Hope y’all had a nice one. 4 more days until Christmas!!!! 🎄

Good night.


Day 273.

Happy Thursday! It’s been a heavy and trying week, but I’m getting by. I just need to continue processing. I’m slowly getting to the anger phase. I’m just disappointed, sad, and betrayed. How can you trust again after all of this? 😭💔

There were schedule changes at work. We were supposed to have an assigned classroom, but it turns out that that won’t happen until tomorrow. It was exhausting pushing a cart up San Francisco hills. Whew! I got through it. 😬🙃

We had In-N-Out for dinner! I had a hamburger with grilled onions and animal style fries. So good!!!

Some of my Christmas presents for family have arrived. Woo!!

Animal Crossing update: Speaking of Christmas – the first snow is here! Mango is looking great. I can’t wait until the entire island is covered in snow.

It’s almost the weekend. I’m ready!! Hope y’all had a nice one. Take care!

Good night.


Day 249.

Happy Monday! I had a case of the Mondays. It was hard to get up. I made some calls too before work. Not fun. I hope the insurance stuff gets sorted out. PLS!!!

Work went well. I thought I lost a pen. Turns out I left it at home. Hurrah! 🙂 Boss had to leave early because of a family emergency. Good news: everything is okay!! 💕

Made spam and rice for dinner. Always a treat! Didn’t have eggs so we just sliced tomatoes. After that I washed the dishes. I love having everything clean! Can’t deal with dirty dishes in the sink.

Animal Crossing update: I caught maple leaves! So cool. I also logged 300 hours of play! I started back in April. Planning to revamp my island so it’s ready for the holiday season. 🎅🏼

I’m thinking about getting another Sanrio Lesportsac bag. I love the brand and their collabs are always so much fun!

Well, I must get ready for bed. Early day for me tomorrow. I get my new night guard!! I’ve got two more fillings as well. Should be a good day. Rain is in the forecast. ☔️

I’m also trying to figure out holiday gifts. I think I mentioned that the other day. It won’t be anything too wild. I’ll probably have to mail them out this year.

Please continue to keep your distance, wash your hands, and most importantly – wear your mask!!! Hope y’all had a nice one. Take care!

Good night.


Day 234.

[Sunday, November 1, 2020]

Happy Sunday! I slept in. I ate a lot of candy.

Watched the Niners game. We didn’t do so well. 😬😭 We’re now 4-4. ❤️💛

Animal Crossing update: Mushrooms are now growing on Mango. I miss the Halloween festivities already, but I’m ready for Christmas & the holiday season! 🎄

It’s a new week! There’s a lot of anxiety and uncertainty. Election Day is almost here. Make sure to vote!!!

I also got to study for a bit and did a load of laundry. Weekend has been successful! Today is also the 10th anniversary of the 2010 World Series. Giants!!! 🖤🧡🖤🧡

Good night and take care!