Day 424.

Things are normalizing. But I’ve gotten used to blogging since the pandemic and I really don’t want to stop. We’ll see. 🙃🥲

Happy Monday! The weekend came and went. It’s already been a busy start to the week. I gotta study loads tonight! I fell asleep.

  • I woke up to buy a bag. Secured said bag. Yay! 👜💜
  • I went back to sleep afterwards. I got up in time to get ready for work. I was sluggish.
  • Work went well! It was a really warm day. I’m starting to tan which is great. I decided to sign up for the school’s photo project. I hope it turns out well.
  • I ate pizza and leftovers for dinner. Hurrah! Garlic knots were so good.
  • Animal Crossing update: I sold some turnips. I also helped my sister with some terraforming and waterscaping. It turned out well! I’m trying to work on other parts of my island too. Patience!
  • Today is also World Lupus Day! 💜 I was diagnosed at 17. Can’t stop, won’t stop is still my mentality. But when I’m tired, I’m going to listen to my body and nap! Some Lupus Warriors have passed on so I keep fighting in their memory. 💜💜💜💜🤍
  • Warriors and Giants win! 💙💛🖤🧡
  • Going to get ready to study. Must get a lot done tonight!!

I hope it was a nice day for everyone. Take care!!

Good night.


Day 423.

Happy Sunday! 💕 Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!! 💐

  • I tried to sleep in, but it didn’t work. I kept waking up. I spent most of my time in bed playing Animal Crossing. 😂
  • Animal Crossing update: I bought my turnips, sold some things, and decided to work on my island entrance! It looks great. I’ve always been intimidated by the terraforming tool. I gave it a go again. It’s fine to make errors and just continue practicing. I’m having fun with it now. 😄
  • Mother’s Day brunch! We ordered in. I had a chorizo omelet with cheesy grits and biscuits. It was all amazing!!
  • Then we got to chill for a bit, but had to get ready to visit some family.
  • Seeing our Lola really made my day! Always happy to see her. Love you. ❤️ I was able to take instax pics.
  • Caught up with friends tonight! I love girl talk. 😊
  • Played some more ACNH.
  • Finished up my curry leftovers. Yum!!
  • I’m so tired, but I still need to study. Hoping it’s a great week!
  • Waking up early to try and snag an accessory I’ve been eyeing. 🥰 I hope I get it!!

Wishing you all a great week! I hope today was an amazing one. Take care.

Good night.


Day 422.

Happy Saturday!! ☀️ It was a beautiful day.

  • I was able to sleep in. Yay! Those are the best days.
  • Washed dishes and had a great lunch. Leftovers!!!
  • Animal Crossing update: I finally sold my turnips! I ended up selling at Jamie’s island since my prices were at 17 bells. I made her a crescent moon chair. She sent over a dress. I fixed up some of my flowers, hung out with my sisters, and moved Lucky’s home. I’ll be moving Nan’s tomorrow.
  • I went for a walk since we’re out of almond milk. I decided to buy a carton of oatly! It was a stressful walk afterwards, but everything was resolved. I was able to buy some things for Mom, Lola, and my aunts for tomorrow. I always look forward to Mother’s Day! 💗
  • Bianca and I watched Craig David’s concert online. He sang his entire Born To Do It album. Took us back! It was so much fun. Hoping to see him live once he’s back in the States.
  • I fried some more dumplings for our soba noodles. 😋 We also ordered some burgers. I had some candy and ice cream. Gotta mellow out on the sugar.
  • Giants win! We’re doing so well. Go Giants!!!! 🖤🧡🖤🧡
  • Watched SNL at 8:30pm. It was really funny!
  • I’m hoping to study before bed tonight. I’m pretty tired, but I’m determined. I cleared my desk too! I’m so bad at putting clothes away. 😬😂
  • Well, I’m gonna finish tidying up and continue studying.

Hope y’all had a nice one. Take care!!

Good night.


Day 421.

Happy Friday!! It’s finally the weekend and I’m so happy. I’ve got a bunch planned. 🙂

  • I slept okay. Hoping to sleep better tonight.
  • I had to go to Walgreens before I got ready for work. We needed Benadryl and I had to buy a new notebook. Success!!
  • Animal Crossing update: turnip prices are terrible. I’m hoping to sell the rest tomorrow. I sent some mail and Redd stopped by. He didn’t have anything new. Darn!
  • Work went well. We spent all day on the roof because of a schedule change. It’s also the final day of Teacher Appreciation Week! I took home some sparkling water and a vanilla it’s-it. 🥲
  • I got to chat with some family via Facebook. That was nice!
  • Had a quick lunch once I got back. Bought some lotto tix and then got ready for the Zoom rosary for our granduncle’s 40th day since his passing. RIP 🤍
  • Played some more ACNH. 😊
  • Watched 20/20. It was so sad. RIP Riley Fox. 😭🙏🏼
  • I’m so ready for bed. I’m looking forward to sleeping in and taking care of chores. Studying too!!

Hope y’all had a nice Friday. Take care!

Have a nice weekend!! Good night. 🧡


Day 420.

Happy Thursday!! 😁 Aka Friday Eve. I’m so excited to relax and study.

  • Sleep was meh. Hoping to work on it tonight.
  • Work went well! It was a short, but productive day. Tomorrow is a quick one too.
  • I submitted my class assignment before work. I passed! Wasn’t expecting to hear back until tomorrow. I’ll take my quiz before bed.
  • I also need to shower. Self-care!!!
  • I gotta check in with Dad. Hope he’s doing alright.
  • Happy 90th Birthday to Willie Mays!!!!!! 🖤🧡 Might stop by the ballpark to take pics.
  • HBD to Lola Onen too. She was a kind and beautiful person. We miss you! 🥳🥰🎂💗
  • Animal Crossing update: making progress on Mango. It’s coming together. I’m happy! Turnips were low today. Hoping to sell tomorrow or Saturday. Hung out with the sibs! It’s Tank’s birthday. Yay!!!
  • I wanna shop, but it’s important to save money!! Sanrio maybe?! 🥰
  • I’m also making a list of my future travels. Looking forward to flying again.
  • Gotta take care of some other errands now. I also want to eat my snickers ice cream bar.

Take care everyone! Hope y’all had a nice one.

Good night.


Day 419.

Happy Wednesday!! 🧡 It’s almost the weekend. I can’t wait!

  • Didn’t sleep the greatest. ACNH kept me awake! I played with the BFFs.
  • I eventually fell asleep. I’m hoping to sleep better tonight.
  • Work went well! It was really cold. It was quite foggy at the end of my shift. I wish I wore an extra layer. I’ll be better prepared tomorrow.
  • Animal Crossing update: I did a lot on my island! I took care of my flowers and redid the left side close to resident services. I’ll be revamping the other parts in a few days. I didn’t sell my turnips. The price wasn’t right. Glad I’m fixing things up.
  • Burritos and tacos for dinner! So good. The order wasn’t done correctly. Next time we’ll just pick it up.
  • Highlight of the day: seeing Lola Mila via FaceTime. Love you so much, Lola!!!! 💗
  • I’m thinking about a lot right now. Trying to breathe through it all.
  • I need to finish my module assignment too. I’ll submit it tomorrow or maybe before I sleep tonight.
  • Looking at Sanrio books! I really want to add them to my library. Eee!!!
  • I’m tired now. Just finishing up Muriel’s Wedding. One of my fave Toni Collette movies. 👰‍♀️🤍
  • My nightcap is a slice of carrot cake. 😋 Trader Joe’s FTW!!!

Have a good night. Take care!


Day 418.

Happy Tuesday!! 🙂

  • Another decent night of sleep!
  • I was able to exercise before work. Yes!!!
  • Work went well. Tacos for lunch, but all that was left were vegetation options. 😞 I might order tacos later this week.
  • I made dinner for the fam: soba noodles with green onions, sesame oil, and furikake. We also fried some pork & chicken dumplings. I had time since work let out early. Yay!
  • I watched Jeopardy! and then I studied for an hour. I’ve made it to my module assignment! Planning to submit it later this week so I can continue to make progress.
  • Animal Crossing update: I sold some turnips. I also got to play with all of my siblings! We went to our brother’s island. Dropped off some items. It was a mellow day.
  • I was supposed to tidy up my desk, but I might have to do it tomorrow.
  • Giants split the doubleheader at Coors Field. We almost got the sweep. Ugh!
  • I’m pretty tired now. I need to sleep soon!

Hope everyone had a nice day! Take care.

Good night.


Day 417.

Happy Monday! It was a busy one. 🙃

  • I was able to sleep in a bit.
  • I went on the stationary bike for almost 20 mins. Yay!
  • Work went well. It’s Teacher Appreciation Week!!! ❤️ I grabbed a blueberry muffin from the pastry selection. Had to take care of some other stuff online. It’s a little stressful.
  • Animal Crossing update: Turnip prices are still blah. Hoping they go up later this week. Our brother has officially joined the ACNH family. Can’t wait to play together.
  • Paid some bills. Being responsible!!
  • I still need to study tonight. I’m pretty tired, but I’m determined to get it done.
  • We ordered pizza to celebrate the May birthdays of our ancestors. 🎂🙏🏼
  • I’m very sleepy right now.
  • Tried the boba ice cream bar. Yum! It was good.
  • So much to take care of this week. It’ll all get done!
  • I think I need a nap. 😴

Hope y’all had a nice one. Take care!

Good night.


Day 416.

Happy Sunday!! Where did the weekend go? 🤧 I’m ready for the new week. Let’s do this!!

  • I got to sleep in again. Yay!!!
  • I had a very filling lunch. Lots of leftovers.
  • Animal Crossing update: I visited Ninten island! I used their dream address. It’s so nice! I was able to explore and look around. It’s top tier! I need to fix my island. 😂 I got my turnips, but I time traveled. Woo!
  • I got to study for an hour. Planning to get another lesson in before I sleep. It’ll be a busy morning for me all week. Gotta prioritize my sleep!! I got to nap which was nice.
  • There’s a lot to take care of tonight. I need to tidy up my desk space. And put my Sanrio things away. 🥰
  • Giants win in SD. Go Giants!!! 🖤🧡
  • We’re watching the news right now.
  • I think I need chocolate to keep me going tonight.

Hope your Sundays went well. Take care!!

Good night.


Day 415.

[Saturday, May 1, 2021]

I’ve been so preoccupied that I completely forgot to blog.

  • I slept okay. I need to sleep more and on time!
  • I’m dealing with stress and anxiety. I’ve been out of the nonprofit loop for a while so I’m trying to get back into the swing of things.
  • Animal Crossing update: Sold all of my turnips at 140 bells. Didn’t see it any higher all week. Blah. Sisters came over to sell their turnips too. I finally made my crescent moon chair! So pretty. 🌙
  • We watched Bridesmaids. It’s one of my fave movies! Great cast.
  • Ordered boba guys because I wanted it. 😋
  • Took care of chores.
  • I decided to nap afterwards. I needed it.
  • I woke up to eat leftovers and then I studied for 1.5 hours. I’m about to study again! I’ve got three months to complete this class.
  • Watched some of The Grudge too. I forgot about the jump scares! 😱
  • Well, it’s time to get back to work!

Hope y’all had a nice Saturday. Take care!

Good night.