You win some. You lose some. And sometimes it’s downright heartbreaking! Niners lost to the Cardinals today. And yesterday’s game 2 of the NLDS was ugly.

Giants are in LA with the series tied 1-1. Wood is pitching for us. The last time I saw him was 9/18. He did pretty well. I’m hoping he does the same tomorrow. Scherzer is up for LA. I’d like to believe we’ll do well against him. Yeah, we’re the visiting team, but we’re 6-4 during the regular season. I like our chances. BEAT LA!!!!

Trey Lance! I saw a lot of good things, but at the end of the day he’s still a rookie. He’ll get there. Today’s game was winnable, but we didn’t do enough to get it. Bye week. Woo! See y’all again on 10/24. Go Niners!!!

It’s a new week. I’m looking forward to celebrating our sister’s birthday! My PH anniversary is tomorrow. Planning to do something nice for myself. Maybe I’ll order ice cream.

Wishing you all a great week! Take care.

Good night and Go Giants! 🖤🧡🎃


20 years.

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I was a 14 year old freshman in high school ready to take a math test and then everything was canceled. TVs were on in every classroom. The horrific images of that day. Everyone was sent home. 💔

I still feel sadness and anger. RIP to all the beautiful souls. Thinking of their families and loved ones. You are loved, missed, and remembered. 🤍

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting today. My good deed of the day was donating to a fundraiser for a dear friend. 💜

I’m going to call it a night. I’m very tired.

Good night.


Day 403.

Happy Monday! Today is a very special day. Happy Birthday to you, Lolo! We miss you and love you. Thank you for everything. 💗 He’s on the far left in the pic.

  • There are still a bunch of worries and anxieties, but I’m working through it. A day at a time. And most importantly: breathe. 💜
  • It was a Manic Monday for me! It was tough to get out of bed since I studied so much yesterday. I’m planning to study a bit more tonight.
  • I was able to buy some groceries and goodies to honor Lolo’s day – cake, mochi, and ice cream!! 😋
  • We took some instax pics on my camera. So fun!
  • I posted some family memories on my social media platforms.
  • Just finished watching Even Stevens, the BBMak episode. Now we’re listening to BBMak!
  • Highlight of my day: seeing Dad via video chat! We told him to take care and we love him. Get well soon. Always here for you. 💕💕💕
  • Animal Crossing update: didn’t sell turnips because the price wasn’t good. The usual maintenance on Mango. I need to do more tomorrow.

Hope y’all had a nice one. Take care!

Good night.


Day 393.

TGIF!!! 🥰

  • I can’t believe the week came and went. I’m going to take advantage of the weekend!
  • Had an early morning video appt. Things are looking good and I’ve made a plan with my specialist to meet again during the summer.
  • Started a small load. My comfys needed to be washed and dried. Absolutely necessary since it felt like winter again in the city!! 🌬
  • I took a really long nap. It helped!
  • Listened to the Giants game on the radio. We won! It was our home opener. Really cool to see fans back in the stands. Go Giants!!!!!! 🖤🧡🖤🧡
  • I ended up scanning some old family photos. It’s still my personal project to scan and digitize everything. 🧡
  • I cooked some rice for the sautéed spinach. 😋
  • Animal Crossing update: dropping off and mailing items to the little sis. It’s nice to have her take things off of my hands. Trying to put together my dog memorial. I can’t believe 🌸 season ends tm. One more day! 😞
  • It’ll be a busy day tomorrow, but I’m looking forward to it.

Take care everyone and have a great weekend!

Good night.


Day 387.

Happy Saturday!!! 💛 Happy Birthday to our dear Sal. She’s 8 today! We love you. 🐶

  • I stayed up trying to find cherry blossom DIYs. It’s driving me nuts because they’re pretty rare to come by when shooting the presents. AC can be so addicting!!!
  • I watched The Broken Hearts Gallery. It was pretty good!
  • I took a long nap since I was so groggy.
  • Missed out on the UCLA game. They didn’t win. 😭💙💛 Bruins forever!!!!!!
  • Washed the dishes. Going to shower shortly.
  • I’ve been looking at old pictures. Trying to find more from our Mom’s side. To be young again. ❤️
  • Can’t believe it’s Easter tomorrow! So much to do. It’ll all get done.

Hope y’all had a nice one! Take care.

Good night.


Day 311.

Happy Sunday! Happy Birthday to our dearest Lola and a Happy Anniversary to our grandparents!! We miss you both so much. 🥳🎂💖

  • It’s been a lazy Sunday for sure. I was supposed to clean and do laundry, but thankfully I’m off tomorrow for MLK, Jr. Day. I’ll take care of everything then.
  • We ordered brunch for Lola’s Bday. She loved celebrating! I ordered a carnitas omelette. I also placed an order for dessert at Matcha Cafe Maiko. We tried the flavor of the month, Strawberry Calpico.
  • I watched a bit of the NFL playoffs. I’m rooting for Tampa Bay. I was rooting for the Browns, but KC won with a slim lead. I’m rooting for anyone but KC. I said what I said. 😎😂
  • Facebook is an eco chamber. I’m really not a fan of it anymore. I’m only on there for family and friends. I don’t use it all the time.
  • I can’t believe Inauguration Day is this week! I’m excited, but also a little nervous. Time to turn the page on the last four years. Absolutely dreadful.
  • I want this week to go smoothly. Last week was a lot. 🥴
  • We’ll be watching Gossip Girl tonight. I need to continue reading my books.
  • Animal Crossing update: I bought my turnips! I stayed up until 5am just to buy them because I knew I wouldn’t get up in time. 😂
  • Well, I hope y’all had a nice Sunday! Take care.

Good night.


Day 265.


This day always makes me sad, but very thankful. It’s been eight years since my maternal grandfather (Lolo) passed away. He was a smart, kind, and funny man. I keep you with me every day. I’m sure that you and Lola aren’t too far away. Continue to guide us and to keep us safe during this very interesting time! 💗

We’re halfway into the week and I’m feeling it. But I had a good day! I had a sluggish start tbh. I couldn’t get out of bed until I had an hour left to get ready. 😬 I hate running late, but I made it in time.

I played a game of football, Kahoot!, and badminton with the boys. I’m so tired. 😬😩 But it was a lot of fun. I gotta practice throwing my spiral.

We had Vietnamese food for dinner. I caught Jeopardy for our Lolo. It was his favorite show. We watched Wheel of Fortune and The Masked Singer! I was entertained.

Animal Crossing update: Pashmina has moved in! Snow will be arriving very soon on Mango. Yay!! ❄️

It’s a busy Thursday and Friday for me! Gotta take care of some paperwork too. Hoping to sleep early tonight. I need all the rest I can get.

I hope y’all had a nice day. Take care!

Good night.


Day 207.

Happy Monday!

Today is always a heavy day. 2011 was such a sad year. I still grieve. I wish I had more time with our Lola. I can’t believe it’s been 9 years since her passing. We miss you and we love you. ❤️

My time off is winding down. I need to get back to routine! And I’ll be driving this time around. I’ve gotta practice and always remain confident. I know I can!!!!

Animal Crossing update: Al is finally moving out! He’s been on my island since April. Happy trails to him! I’m excited to see which new villager will be moving in. I got more DIY recipes for Halloween. All my pumpkins have grown! Ready to decorate some more for Halloween. 👻

I’ve got my dermatology appointment tomorrow. I hope something can be done about my skin tags. Freeze them and then snip it off please!! I’m so self-conscious. 🥴

Watched the ALDS. Rooting for Oakland. They’re the only Bay Area reps left. Boo Houston! 😒 And I’m cheering hard for SD!!

I’m hoping to sleep soon. I was supposed to do my laundry, but I can save it for tomorrow. It’s getting colder in the city. I miss the summer!

Hope y’all had a nice one. Take care!

Good night.