Day 158.

Happy Monday! It’s a new week and I’m ready to tackle so many things on my to do list. Must pace myself. Everything is a work in progress.

I’ve been listening to a lot of songs that are in tune with my mood. Most of the songs are uplifting! So many badass female artists and groups. I love it!!! 🥰

Animal Crossing update: I didn’t play for too long today. Caroline wanted to move out and I declined. That means someone will ask again in a few days. I hope it’s the villager I don’t really like.

I’m taking care of my room. So many moving pieces, but it’ll all get done. Breathe.

I did have a decent night’s sleep. There was no lightning or thunder. Our dog did wake me up at a really inconvenient time. I went back to sleep for a few hours.

I went for my afternoon walk. It’s nice to spend a few minutes outside. 😷 I’ve got errands to run tomorrow. It shouldn’t take long though. I hope all my labs are good. Must finish some of my exercises before the day ends.

I’m just all over the place. 🙃 I also caught up with a friend on IG and recommended Last Christmas. She’s watching it right now and we’ll discuss once she’s done.

Well, I hope y’all had a nice one. Take care!

Good night.


Day 153.

I can breathe. I was dealing with a lot of anxiety a few hours ago. I’m okay now. Just a lot going on these last couple of days.

Still processing Amado’s passing. What a beautiful soul! ❤️

Online dating is new for me. I’m making the most of it. I was brave and I put myself out there! So whatever happens, no one really knows.

We are still building my IKEA dresser. Hoping to be finished with it tomorrow.

Got to catch up with friends via text. Always eases me and makes me happy! 💗 They keep me grounded.

Giants lost the series in Houston. Ugh. They’re headed home which is nice! We’ve got a lot to work on. Still cheering for them no matter what. 🖤🧡

Well, it’s back to building. Hope y’all had a nice one. Take care!

Good night.


Day 151.

How was your Monday? Today was a ride. It’ll be like this all week. I spent most of my time putting together IKEA furnishings with my sisters. We were up for the task! 2 down, so many more to go. I’m confident in our abilities. 💜

Dealing with some anxiety. Internal and external factors. I’m trying not to overthink, but it’s hard. Breathe in and out. Every breath is so important. I won’t take it for granted.

Animal Crossing update: Hopkins is moving in and Ken is leaving. I wanted another villager to leave. He’s still there. 😒 Maybe he’ll be next! Lol. C.J.’s on my island. I completed his challenge and sold all my fish. Hoping for a more eventful day tomorrow.

I rewatched Last Christmas before bed last night. The first time around we kept pausing so the story didn’t mesh well. I cried so much. It’s such a beautiful story! And the setting is the holiday season?! I’m sold.

Work announcement tomorrow. I hope we can stay in and work from home. I haven’t left the house in months. And if I do it’s for a short time and a very significant reason such as a doctor’s appointment. I’m anxious about the announcement too. Can’t control the outcome. I can only control how I react and feel.

I got to catch up with some friends too via text. It’s always nice to check in with folks. I genuinely care about everyone’s safety and well-being. 💕

Lastly, the Giants were almost no-hit in Houston. We were able to score 4 runs, but the Astros got the win. I hope we can win a game in this series. For the rest of the league really! The World Series cheating scandal is the elephant in the room this season. Tsk!!!

Hoping to sleep soon. I need so much energy tomorrow. Take care!

Good night.


Day 150.

Happy Sunday! 🥰

The highlight of my day was catching up with my college friends on Zoom. It’s been too long! I enjoy every second with them. 💙💛 Everyone’s doing well.

Animal Crossing update: rearranging furniture in the living room. My storage is full so I’ll have to sell some items. I need new wallpaper. There’s also fireworks tonight! I’ll catch the last of it before midnight. It’s so beautiful to watch. Love it! My island is doing alright.

Kilig. I don’t know if it’s there yet, but we’ll see. It’s a Filipino word. Google it. 😂 I guess stepping out of my comfort zone is helping me gain confidence. Whether this works out or not. Dude seems really nice and understanding. Carpe diem!!!

I got some sad news today and I’m processing it. So heartbreaking. 😭💔

Giants didn’t take the series in LA. I’m just glad we didn’t get swept. 🖤🧡

It’ll be a busy day tomorrow and the rest of the week. Always making progress. But must pace myself.

Hope y’all had a nice one. Have a great week! Take care.

Good night.


Day 132.

I’m going to keep it short and simple tonight. Hope everyone had a nice Wednesday! 🧡

  • Woke up at a decent time. Watched a few Glee episodes. I’m almost done with s1! 🙂
  • Took a nap because I still felt tired.
  • Made myself a 🌭 for National Hot Dog Day. Woo!
  • Washed the dishes.
  • Played my uke. I needed the music.
  • Had tacos for dinner.
  • Played some Animal Crossing. Got a new DIY recipe from Pascal. New villager moved in. Yay!
  • Created another dating profile. Trying to be patient with myself and this process.
  • Caught up with the BFFs via text.
  • Took another nap. I just woke up.
  • Now it’s time to really call it a night. May sneak in another Glee epi.

Take care everyone!

Good night.


Day 131.

It’s Tuesday. Hurrah! I had a fairly decent day. I slept in again, but that’s my norm.

I wanted to exercise today, but I will finally do that again tomorrow. I’ve been very inconsistent, but that’s okay. I will not beat myself up over it.

Shy me is on a dating app. Dating in person gives me anxiety so it’s about the same online. I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and there’s no time like to present to talk to new people especially during SIP.

Animal Crossing update: Pascal gifted me a mermaid princess dress. I love it! Celeste is currently on my island. I’ll have to look for shooting stars tonight.

Giants are 2-0 this preseason! They’re off to LA for the start of the regular season. Go Giants!!! 🖤🧡

I ate a mix of junk and healthy food today. I’m done consuming junk for the night. I hope to be more productive tomorrow. I watched a lot of Glee episodes and caught up with friends via text tonight. ❤️ I also played my uke again. 🙂

Hope y’all had a nice day. Take care!

Good night.


Day 127.

It’s been such a busy, but fulfilling day. There’s so much to celebrate! This morning, family, friends, mentors, and colleagues witnessed Mr. Dale become a Doctor. Congratulations Dale!!! You’ve worked so hard for this. It’s amazing! Excited for your move back to California. 🥰🎉

I didn’t go back to sleep after the presentation. I decided to have a cup of tea and made myself breakfast. Afterwards, we took our dog out to the backyard. It was a short visit because we saw another Yellowjacket! 😱 We went inside right away.

Tackled dirty dishes too. Best chore ever! It was a productive morning for me. I was able to take a short breather before I had to get ready for the lab – my monthly blood draw. My aunt gave me a lift. I had to do some running around once I got there since the previous standing orders expired. It all worked out. Whew.

Animal Crossing update: Pascal gave me the DIY recipe for the mermaid bed. Yay!!! I’ve got a few more to get. I want the entire collection.

When I got home I showered. I was able to catch the FB Live Q&A with the PH Association. It was very informative and I learned so much! Then I knocked out for a few hours. My sleep was refreshing.

I had pizza and sushi for dinner. Great combo! British snax arrived today too. Three days early! Happy stomachs. 🍫🍪

Well, that was my Friday. Thankful for everything. The pandemic is still roaring here in the US. It’s scary and it gives me a lot of anxiety. Numbers are increasing once again in California. I just want normalcy, but that’ll be a while. Please continue to keep your distance and wear a mask! It’s absolutely vital. 😷 Take care!

Good night.


Day 71.

TGIF! Today was okay. I was tired. Yesterday took most of my energy. Definitely a rest day.

I was in touch with my medical team since Monday is a holiday. I have to jot down my weight, blood pressure, and my pulse for Tuesday. This is my second teletherapy appointment. It’s not too bad. I just miss going to clinic. Anyway, one of my tests came back a little elevated. I think this means I need to wean myself off of junk food again especially chips. My medicine arrived today too! I took a nap after the phone call. I was super sluggish.

My Switch lite cases from Japan arrived today! I wasn’t expecting them until next week. I’m in love. Super kawaii.

We finished Brüno after Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. What a wild movie! It’s super funny. Then we watched a few episodes of Unsolved Mysteries.

Planning to be productive tomorrow. I need to go through my closet. Some old items especially clothing need to be donated or trashed. Little by little, I’ll get my room in order. I haven’t been able to organize. I’m too preoccupied with Animal Crossing tbh. Lol.

That was my Friday. I hope you all had a good day! And Happy Birthday to my friend, Dale! I hope we can see each other soon. ❤️ Shelter in place is winding down, but I’m still very anxious.

Take care and good night.



Maintaining friendships has always been a challenge for me. I think a lot of it just stems from my own anxiety and just feeling disconnected. We constantly move through so many spaces. And I’ve been thinking about this a lot since the shelter in place.

People change and they are allowed to elevate themselves. We’re never really the same people. These past friendships did serve me a purpose. And if I can think of one word to connect all of them it would be growth. Some friendships have expiration dates and I’ve accepted that. But I do yearn for what was. I’ve always been nostalgic and reflect on the past. I don’t stay there. I guess you can consider it a pit stop.

During this pandemic, it’s allowed me to hold my loved ones dear. I miss my family and my friends. But the connection is still there. I’d like to continue that with folks from my past. Even if it’s just a text saying hello. I think now more than ever, we all need connection.

What an uncertain time, but all we can do is just go with it.

That’s my spiel. Later!


Day 9.

I really thought it was day 10. LOL. Like I said, the days are just blending together. I’m losing count. Typical Saturday for me. I didn’t sleep well because I was worried about my medication delivery. It’s being held at a center here in the city, so I’m hoping it’ll be out for delivery again on Monday. From what I’m told, it was some kind of an emergency. I hope everything is okay. Thank you, UPS for delivering! This hasn’t happened to me before, but I understand. It’s the new normal for everyone.

I’m planning to figure out my routine in the next few days. I find myself to be more productive when I’m dressed and ready for the day. I just gotta put it into practice. Nothing compares to a cozy & warm bed though. Netflix is my fallback too. My screen time is horrendous. I’m putting that out into the world.

I rewatched a bit of Lost in Translation. It’s the next best thing. We’ll all eventually get to see Japan. But until then, movies, tv, and books will have to do.

I got my Cadbury chocolate! Easter candy, woo!! 🙂 Target was clutch with the online orders. It’s such a good alternative to leaving the house. I’m a freaking hermit nowadays.

Highlight of my day: catching up with friends on Zoom! It was nice to see what everyone is up to during this shelter in place. We’re all on the same boat. We can get through this together! Cheers to video games especially Nintendo! And a shoutout to Bern. We missed you! Hope dinner was delicious. Catch you next time.

Screen Shot 2020-03-21 at 8.52.24 PM
I need a good night’s sleep. I’m ready, haha.

Be safe and well! ❤