Day 298.

Happy Monday! 😄

  • I woke up a little late, but I got up in time to drop off a letter at the mailbox.
  • I worked on another training for work. I did it! I did have to redo the course on my phone since my certificate wasn’t loading on my laptop. Very odd. I’ve got one more to get through. I’ll work on it tomorrow.
  • We ordered Japanese for dinner and some snacks. It’s the best! It was a little stressful since one of the apps wasn’t loading properly. It all worked out though. It was nice to see our BFF and her niece too. Aww.
  • I watched Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune! We’re also watching the Warriors right now. Go Dubs!
  • Checked in on my island! My villagers are doing well. Redd was visiting. Got a new painting.
  • A little anxious for tomorrow. I haven’t practiced! 😱🚙 I should be okay.
  • I’m going to tidy up a bit before bed. I need to cleanse my space.
  • We’ll be watching more Gossip Girl tonight. Can’t wait!

Hope y’all had a nice one! Take care and be safe.

Good night.


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