Day 317.

Happy Saturday! 💜

I’m doing my best to focus on my health holistically. What I miss most: sleeping with our family dog. She can sit with me and whatnot, but I need the bed to myself. I’m hoping it’ll help with my healing.

  • I got to sleep in. Yay!!!
  • Ted’s for lunch. One of the top places to get sandwiches in SF!!
  • I just mellowed out today. Highlight of my Saturday: watching the Dubs game. Curry is now the #2 career 3pt shooter in the NBA. I think he can catch Ray Allen. Go Steph!!!
  • Animal Crossing update: Baabara has officially moved in! But I miss Pate. I’m thinking of starting anew. It’s a lot of work resetting though.
  • My sweet hots arrived in the mail today! Sweet and spicy almonds made in San Luis Obispo. I tried them years ago and now I’m hooked.
  • I was supposed to study and continue with my class, but I’m too tired. I’ll also clean and do laundry tomorrow hopefully.
  • Looking forward to football tomorrow. I’m rooting for Tampa Bay and Buffalo! I have nothing against Green Bay. It’s cool to see 3 Bay Area guys still going strong in the playoffs.
  • RIP Larry King. ❤️
  • Lastly, I tried my new China Rain rollerball. Still smells the same! Love it.

Hope y’all had a nice one! Take care and be safe.

Good night.