Day 315.

Happy Thursday! It’s almost the weekend. I need it. 😩 I’ve been so tired lately.

  • I got a decent night’s sleep. Inauguration Day was eventful, but I was very tired.
  • Wore my new Queen tee. 😄
  • During my break at work, I decided to revisit the mini library. Didn’t find anything I liked so I walked back. Maybe next week?
  • I got to go home early! Only had two students on my roster.
  • I had ham again with rice, salad, and grey poupon. It’s good! I also snacked on nerds, Japanese treats, and chips.
  • Caught some of the Dubs game. Draymond getting ejected was the wrong call! I believe the refs admitted that. 😒
  • I’ve been lying down. Keyshia Cole on repeat. Reminds me of my community college days.
  • Gotta take care of my overall health. Need to include more fruits and veggies.
  • Paid my bill!
  • It’s refreshing to see the Biden administration on the news. I don’t dread it anymore! 46!!!! 😎💙
  • It’s almost the weekend. Going to get ready for bed.

Hope your day went well. Take care!

Good night.