Day 322.

Happy Thursday! 🥰 It’s almost the weekend.

  • It was the launch of the Colourpop x Animal Crossing collection! I was fortunate enough to get the palette and lip kit I wanted thanks to my sister. 💖 She got up in time and I did not. 😂
  • It was a short day for me. Early dismissals rule!
  • I spoke to my therapist today! Always nice. I’m going to start meditating again.
  • Animal Crossing update: Graham moved in! He’s awesome. I also sold all my turnips. I visited Colourpop’s island. It was so pretty! I want to get on their level.
  • My tamagotchi is doing well.
  • I’m so ready for the weekend!

That was my day. Hope y’all had a nice one. Take care!

Good night.