Day 295.

TGIF! Happy Friday!! We made it. 🥰🥳🎊 It’s been a mellow day for me. I slept in, ate lots of food, and ordered boba.

  • Time traveled in Animal Crossing to redo the New Year countdown. 😂 Happy Birthday to you, Bob!
  • I still want to watch Spirited Away.
  • I’d like to play my Confetti vinyl.
  • Need to put my laundry away.
  • I’ve been looking at some kawaii Sanrio items. 💗
  • I hope to send more snail mail this year. I’d like to read more books too.
  • I wanted to do my makeup just because but I got lazy. 🙃
  • I’ve gotta complete two trainings for work this weekend. I’ll finish the last two next week.
  • Break is winding down, but I still have another week until I resume my regular schedule.

Happy weekend to all! I hope y’all stay safe. 🙂

Good night.