Day 131.

It’s Tuesday. Hurrah! I had a fairly decent day. I slept in again, but that’s my norm.

I wanted to exercise today, but I will finally do that again tomorrow. I’ve been very inconsistent, but that’s okay. I will not beat myself up over it.

Shy me is on a dating app. Dating in person gives me anxiety so it’s about the same online. I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and there’s no time like to present to talk to new people especially during SIP.

Animal Crossing update: Pascal gifted me a mermaid princess dress. I love it! Celeste is currently on my island. I’ll have to look for shooting stars tonight.

Giants are 2-0 this preseason! They’re off to LA for the start of the regular season. Go Giants!!! 🖤🧡

I ate a mix of junk and healthy food today. I’m done consuming junk for the night. I hope to be more productive tomorrow. I watched a lot of Glee episodes and caught up with friends via text tonight. ❤️ I also played my uke again. 🙂

Hope y’all had a nice day. Take care!

Good night.


Day 130.


I’m feeling a little sick right now. The combo of eating too much and not getting enough sleep is getting to me. 😩🤢

I watched Glee, helped with dinner, washed dishes, baked cupcakes, and put my ita bag together. I love it! I have some room for an Animal Crossing pin.

Did a lot of thinking and reflecting today. I feel lost and a little hopeless right now regarding the next few months. My anxiety. 😢

Animal Crossing update: my island is doing alright. I didn’t swim today. Might do it before bed. Would love a new DIY recipe.

I played a lot of Scrabble and Trivia Crack today. Helps me keep my mind off of things.

Baseball is officially back. I’ll support the Giants this season, but it’s different. I miss the ballpark! Nice preseason W. 🖤🧡

Alright, I’m just going to lie down for a bit. I hope I feel better. Hope y’all had a nice Monday! Take care.

Good night.


Day 129.

Lazy Sunday. Like super. Lol. I slept in. Enjoy this lovely pic of Henry Golding and Chris Pang. 😍 #CRA

Animal Crossing update: I woke up too late to buy turnips. This is the first time I’ve missed Daisy Mae. I don’t want to time travel. I play in real time so I’ll just wait until next week. I did get the recipe for the mermaid chair from Pascal!

Lunch was good. I had a bacon cheeseburger from A&W and a root beer. So good! I must lay off the fast food. I’m back to eating terribly. Planning to turn that around this week. The pandemic has changed a good chunk of my routine. Gotta fight sliding back into bad habits. I know I can do better!

Took a nice long nap in the afternoon. Played some AC once I woke up.

I’ve been playing a lot of Scrabble. It’s a lot of fun! My opponents are really good, but I’m keeping up.

That was my Sunday. Hope y’all had a nice one and enjoyed ice cream on National Ice Cream Day! I had a Snickers ice cream bar. Nomzzz.

Good night.


Day 128.

It was a junk food kind of day – cookies, candy, and chips! I’ve been meh for the last few days. I’m hoping to exercise soon.

Lazy Saturday for me. 🙂 I woke up at about 9am, but slept in up until 2pm. I slept fairly early last night too.

Animal Crossing update: Pascal gave me the mermaid rug DIY. Dropped two presents in the water. I hope it wasn’t bells. Oh well.

I took a nap after I ate lunch. I had a nice cup of regular tea, but it didn’t keep me awake.

We just finished watching Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. So good! 💃🏻 Might watch another movie. We’ll see.

That was my Saturday. Hope y’all had a nice one. Take care!

Good night.


Day 127.

It’s been such a busy, but fulfilling day. There’s so much to celebrate! This morning, family, friends, mentors, and colleagues witnessed Mr. Dale become a Doctor. Congratulations Dale!!! You’ve worked so hard for this. It’s amazing! Excited for your move back to California. 🥰🎉

I didn’t go back to sleep after the presentation. I decided to have a cup of tea and made myself breakfast. Afterwards, we took our dog out to the backyard. It was a short visit because we saw another Yellowjacket! 😱 We went inside right away.

Tackled dirty dishes too. Best chore ever! It was a productive morning for me. I was able to take a short breather before I had to get ready for the lab – my monthly blood draw. My aunt gave me a lift. I had to do some running around once I got there since the previous standing orders expired. It all worked out. Whew.

Animal Crossing update: Pascal gave me the DIY recipe for the mermaid bed. Yay!!! I’ve got a few more to get. I want the entire collection.

When I got home I showered. I was able to catch the FB Live Q&A with the PH Association. It was very informative and I learned so much! Then I knocked out for a few hours. My sleep was refreshing.

I had pizza and sushi for dinner. Great combo! British snax arrived today too. Three days early! Happy stomachs. 🍫🍪

Well, that was my Friday. Thankful for everything. The pandemic is still roaring here in the US. It’s scary and it gives me a lot of anxiety. Numbers are increasing once again in California. I just want normalcy, but that’ll be a while. Please continue to keep your distance and wear a mask! It’s absolutely vital. 😷 Take care!

Good night.


Day 126.

Today was alright. It was tough for me, but I got through it. Still feeling very fatigued. Sighhh. Having low energy is a bummer.

Animal Crossing update: Pascal stopped by again and gave me a pearl! I want more recipes. I also bought a cute tea table for my house. Not sure where to put it yet.

We finally watched The Princess and the Frog. Such a beautiful movie! We love the cast and the music. 🥰

The earrings from my friend’s Mom’s small business arrived today. So pretty! I can’t wait to wear it.

I’m going to play a little more AC and then get ready for bed. I have an early morning because I’ll be up to support my friend’s dissertation defense at 8am PDT/11EDT. So exciting! I need sleep.

Hope y’all had a nice Thursday. Take care!

Good night.


Day 125.

It was a rest day for me. Riding the bike yesterday took me out. Luckily I completed my stand goal. I fell asleep for a few hours.

Animal Crossing update: I’m trying to design a top. It’s taking me a while to get used to the grid. Patience. Everything’s a trial run. Pascal finally showed up and I got a pearl! He hasn’t been around for two days. My AC crew neck arrived today. I love it! The color reminds me of Cinderella.

Highlight of my day was finally getting Shake Shack. Every time we wanted to order it either just closed or they weren’t taking deliveries. I went with their Shack Stack – a cheeseburger patty with a ‘Shroom burger and the fixings. So good! My boss recommended it to me. No wonder he loves it.

I stayed up watching Glee. I also caught up with my BFFs via text. We exchanged messages for almost an hour. Good times.

I need to play my uke. I didn’t get to practice yesterday. That was my Wednesday. I hope y’all had a good one. Take care!

Good night.


Day 124.

Hello! 😄

I had a pretty decent day. I had about nine hours of sleep. It was much needed. I haven’t done that since a regular work day. I miss it! I played Animal Crossing right away. It’s my morning routine as of late. To be honest – it’s been this way since I started playing in April. I love the game! 🥰 Put my playground together too.

I used our exercise bike today. I’m pretty beat. My legs felt like jello after about 12 minutes. I give myself breaks in between, but it’s hard. I applaud myself for completing the task today. 💜

Helped the sister with dinner. Glad I was able to assist! We made spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread. 😋

We finished Last Christmas in the afternoon and I was on the verge of tears. The story caught me by surprise. I’ll have to rewatch it again. Love the cast!!! We’re also rewatching Glee together. Season 1 takes me back! I was still in community college when I first started watching. Time really flies. I miss the 2010s. And we watched an episode from the new Unsolved Mysteries. It was sad. Justice for Alonzo Brooks!

The current state of the world makes me anxious, angry, and sad. Life is short. Live your best life! I bought an ita bag just for the heck of it. Can’t wait to display my fave pins from my fandoms.

I’m going to make myself a cuppa tea. Decaf English breakfast. Yes! 💖 Take care, everyone.

Good night.


Day 123.

Happy Monday! 😎

California is rolling back reopening. As sad as it is, it’s for the best right now. Coronavirus cases are increasing! Governor Newsom has done a fantastic job implementing steps and plans for our beautiful state.

I rarely leave the house anymore and you get no complaints from me. As much as I miss socializing and going out – it’s not worth the risk for me since I’m immunocompromised. Plans for returning to work are up in the air too. The education system is taking a hit. It’s not safe. I never would have imagined 2020 to be like this. It’s been hard, but I’m remaining strong.

My new mask arrived today. Animal Crossing! It’s so cute. I may have to order another one soon. Speaking of AC, my new villager, Drake moved in. I was looking for a scallop earlier today, but no luck. I’ll try again in a little bit.

I was able to tidy up my desk, shred papers, and trash some things in my room. I love cleaning! 🙂

I’m in need of chocolate. I placed an order for some British snacks, but it hasn’t shipped yet. Maybe tomorrow. I miss their crisps!

Lastly, today’s been heavy with the news of Naya Rivera. I grew up watching her on TV – Family Matters!! We’re the same age. My heart breaks for her son, family, and friends. RIP beautiful Naya. ❤️

Hope y’all had a nice one. Take care always!

Good night.


Day 122.

Happy Sunday! 🙂

I spent the day watching Supermarket Sweep, playing Animal Crossing, and had a jam session with my uke. I’m getting more comfortable with switching chords. Yay!

We were invited to a small gathering, but had to politely decline due to the pandemic. I hope everyone had a great time. We miss our friends! ❤️

I bought an AC cap of Celeste. She’s one of my favorite characters. There’s a crew neck I’m looking at on Etsy too. It’s nice that they’re located in California so if I move forward with the purchase I won’t have to wait too long.

I went on the exercise bike for 10 minutes. I call it a victory! I’ve gotta monitor my heart rate. If it’s too high, I slow down or I take a quick break. Having chronic conditions have been tough, but I’m tougher. I’ll always be resilient!

The treat of the day for the fam was ordering matcha drinks and soft serve. I missed it so much! 😋🍦🍵

Well, I hope y’all had a nice one. Take care!

Good night.