Day 458.

Happy Sunday! Where did the weekend go?!!! 🙃 Took it easy today. Yesterday zapped my energy. I’ll be tidying up a bit before bed tonight. Planning to study too.

This scene with Felix and Pilar lives rent free in my mind! PLS GIVE US S3!!!! 🥲🥰 I might have to rewatch S2 again.

Giants were shutout. Yikes! They’re heading back so I hope they do well this home stand. 😎

I’ve got a bunch of movies that I’d like to watch once I have the time.

I’ll be running a few errands tomorrow. We need some staples here at home! I hope my energy levels are better tomorrow.

The city and state will be reopening completely on 6/15! Still anxious and nervous. Ahh!

ACNH update: I bought my turnips! It was a mellow day on my island. Not much to do on Sundays. I hope Redd swings by this week!!

Well, that was my day. Hope y’all had a nice one.

Good night.


Day 353.

Happy Sunday! I can’t believe the weekend is over. 😭 I’ve tried to rest up. My energy is shot.

  • I tried finishing a book before the month ends and I was unsuccessful. I’ll continue reading though.
  • I did some chores and I took a long nap.
  • Animal Crossing update: I got my turnips from Daisy Mae. I didn’t do too much on my island.
  • Watched the Golden Globes tonight! It was pretty good and I enjoyed it.
  • Sal had her spa day. Glad I was able to schedule an appointment and get her to the groomers.
  • I’m worried about some health stuff. I feel like it’s all connected to my iron deficiency. I need my infusions soon!!!
  • Hoping for a great week. Staying positive! I’m also learning to rest. It’s super important!!
  • Wishing you all well!

Take care and good night.


Day 336.

Happy Thursday! It’s almost the weekend. Can’t wait!! 😄

  • I’m hoping to get back to my routine come Sunday.
  • I’m rewatching s1 of Cobra Kai. 😍 I think it’s probably my favorite season. Got the image from the CK FB group. A powerful moment!! 🐍
  • Got to catch up with my boss on the phone. He’s on paternity leave so I won’t see him until after spring break. His sub is cool from what I’ve heard. I’ll be meeting him later this month.
  • Animal Crossing update: Sold all my turnips! I did maintenance today.
  • I might watch A Walk to Remember tonight.
  • I watched The Duff in the morning and I enjoyed it.
  • Watched the 34+35 remix music video. Looked like fun!
  • Listened to Taylor’s re-recording of Love Story. 🥰🥺😭 So good.
  • I’ve got snacks, but I’m being good about it. I’ll save my dunkaroos for Sunday.

Hope y’all had a nice one! Take care.

Good night.


Day 247.

The holiday season is here! I’ve been playing Christmas music. We watched This Christmas and Elf. 🎄❤️ We plan on decorating next week. Going to take advantage of the holidays despite the pandemic! We miss family and friends, but it’s for the best.

I got to sleep in! Glorious. I didn’t get to do much today. I’ll be more productive tomorrow. Ordered dessert from Matcha Cafe Maiko! Still one of my fave places. I got the boba sundae and a hojicha latte. 😄

I took a nap after watching the movies. Woke up in time to eat Taco Bell for dinner. Always delicious, but must have it in moderation.

Planning to practice driving tomorrow. I must do it! I gotta get more comfortable behind the wheel. Practice makes progress. Yay! 💜

Animal Crossing update: I got to hang out with Bob. His house is fun. I cleaned up some flowers. Tidying up for the next update. I’m excited for all the Christmas stuff!

Might watch another movie tonight. We’ll see. I hope y’all had a nice Saturday! Keep warm. Temps are starting to dip. Take care!

Good night.


Day 128.

It was a junk food kind of day – cookies, candy, and chips! I’ve been meh for the last few days. I’m hoping to exercise soon.

Lazy Saturday for me. 🙂 I woke up at about 9am, but slept in up until 2pm. I slept fairly early last night too.

Animal Crossing update: Pascal gave me the mermaid rug DIY. Dropped two presents in the water. I hope it wasn’t bells. Oh well.

I took a nap after I ate lunch. I had a nice cup of regular tea, but it didn’t keep me awake.

We just finished watching Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. So good! 💃🏻 Might watch another movie. We’ll see.

That was my Saturday. Hope y’all had a nice one. Take care!

Good night.


Day 48.

Forensics Files, food, Animal Crossing, Jeopardy, repeat. That’s what my Wednesday looked like.

I stayed up watching Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist and then I also rewatched Four Weddings and A Funeral the tv series. I’m almost done with that again.

Before bed I just felt sad. Two years ago, my cousin passed away. She was 34. A beautiful spirit. I wish I had spent more time with her. RIP Maria. You are truly missed. ❤️

I’m doing my best to live life to its fullest. Some days are good and then some days are bad. I take both in stride. My own journey has been challenging but I’m still standing. And then I think of my friends who have passed these last few years. I miss them a lot. 💜 I’ll keep going.

I still gotta practice my uke. I’m learning so much information. And I’m still searching for a new desk. I’m overwhelmed with options. Sighhh. Btw random insomnia chats with your BFF at 5am is so much fun. Thanks for the laughs, Jamie! 😂

Hope you all had a good day. Take care!

Good night.


Day 46.

Shelter in place has been extended until 5/31. I mentioned this to Mom yesterday about an extension. I’m psychic! 😎 I knew the announcement was coming. We’ve made it this far. We can do it, California! ❤️

Animal Crossing, uke practice, watching Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, and Forensic Files made up my Monday. Not bad. I’m learning to mix my days up with various shows and games. I just started Never Have I Ever and I LOVE IT! The cast is great. Reminds me of high school which I don’t really miss.

I even got to do some laundry. I’m so frustrated with some of the masks I’ve purchased btw. I washed and dried one today. It fits my face, but the strap doesn’t sit well on my small ears. Ughhh. 😒 I’m thinking of clipping it with my hair clips. That might work.

Anyway, I’m pretty tired. I’ve got a busy day tomorrow so I’m planning to sleep early tonight. Maybe 2am? Haha.

Glad I showered. I’m ready to unwind on Netflix and Hulu. So many shows and movies! Hurrah.

Hope you all had a nice Monday. Take care!

Good night.


Day 21.

Late post. I’ve been very sleepy. Second day of not being able to sleep well at all. It sucks! 😔 Hoping to sleep better tonight.

It was a very blessed day. I received good news and for that I am thankful. 🙏🏼

I’ve got new shoes arriving in a week. I’m very excited for that. My uke has shipped now too! Yayyy!!!

I watched Prom. Reminded me of high school. Those days weren’t so great. I went alone my senior year. I remember being miserable, but I tried my best to enjoy the night. That night was a learning moment. It made me stronger. 💜

I also rewatched My Best Friend’s Wedding. The music is so good. I love the cast. And hello it’s in Chicago! One of my favorite cities. I miss it.

Well, I hope you all had a nice Thursday. Take care!

Good night.


Day 16.

I’ve got a new avatar for my blog! Thank you to keeshuuu. She’s so talented! I love it.

So I slept the day away. Woo! I’ve just been tired and drained. I’ve been reading stuff online that what we’re all feeling is grief. I totally agree. Speaking for myself, it’s a loss of independence. I’ve always been immunocompromised, but this pandemic has heightened my response. I’ve stayed in my room for many days now. I can’t be around anyone who is under the weather. I just miss doing my own things. I won’t ever take those things for granted. It’s always the little things that mean a lot to me. I’m glad I have a space to call my own and type my thoughts out here.

Bought my uke! It won’t be delivered for another few weeks, but I’m really excited to learn. I’ve already got some songs on my list. But I gotta get the basics down first. Yay!

I’m almost done with Broad City. 😭 Chloe told me about it a few years ago. We haven’t seen each other in so long. We got to catch up a bit on IG. I wished her well.

I’m also rewatching The Lizzie McGuire Movie. She’s the same age as me. Reminds me of better times. I just wish my teenage years were memorable. Some of it is, but the other parts sucked. I always fell for an idiot. None of those people matter anymore. I think I’m much more refined now. 😂 I also watched a few episodes of Step By Step again. Cody always makes me laugh and Dana rules!

That sums up my Saturday. Shout out to the kid sister for making dinner. Fried spam, eggs, garlic rice, and banana ketchup for dip. Perfection. That’ll be the featured image for the entry.

Hope everyone is well. Later!


Day 5.

Anxiety was real today. I mean I create my own problems by overthinking. All of a sudden, it’s this entire domino effect. Calm down, B. Lol. Thankfully, I was able to place an order for my medication because the test was processed. Whew. Delivery is scheduled for Friday. Hurrah!

I slept in again today. I had Chipotle for lunch. Leftovers for dinner. I’ve got a list of shows to watch on Hulu and Netflix. Becoming is really good btw. Tackling my reading list too. I watched The Wedding Singer tonight. I got to catch up with friends via text as well. Oh yeah, I also had Boba Guys as a treat. Still supporting businesses from afar. ☺️ And I can’t forget The Powerpuff Girls! I miss the 90s. Thee best.

Trying my best to stay positive. Doing my part social distancing! Keep it up, folks.

Be safe and be well. ❤️