Day 134.

I didn’t do much today. I watched a lot of Netflix – The Kissing Booth 2 and Indian Matchmaking. I love learning about different cultures. I like the show! Nadia is a Queen.

I took a nap after lunch. We had Shake Shack. I went with my usual order. I love it so much!

Giants with another L in LA. I’ll always love them. Trust the process. 🖤🧡 It’s not pleasant to watch, but I’ll watch whether they win or lose.

Hoping for a really productive weekend. Must find my new desk and dresser. Gotta make moves this August! Planning to take a course online too as part of my career goals. 🙂

Animal Crossing update: Redd stopped by. All the art was fake except a painting I already donated to the museum. I bought it again to display it in my house. Looking forward to that tomorrow! Didn’t swim for my daily scallop. Might do that before bed.

Enjoy the weekend! Take care.

Good night.