Day 123.

Happy Monday! 😎

California is rolling back reopening. As sad as it is, it’s for the best right now. Coronavirus cases are increasing! Governor Newsom has done a fantastic job implementing steps and plans for our beautiful state.

I rarely leave the house anymore and you get no complaints from me. As much as I miss socializing and going out – it’s not worth the risk for me since I’m immunocompromised. Plans for returning to work are up in the air too. The education system is taking a hit. It’s not safe. I never would have imagined 2020 to be like this. It’s been hard, but I’m remaining strong.

My new mask arrived today. Animal Crossing! It’s so cute. I may have to order another one soon. Speaking of AC, my new villager, Drake moved in. I was looking for a scallop earlier today, but no luck. I’ll try again in a little bit.

I was able to tidy up my desk, shred papers, and trash some things in my room. I love cleaning! 🙂

I’m in need of chocolate. I placed an order for some British snacks, but it hasn’t shipped yet. Maybe tomorrow. I miss their crisps!

Lastly, today’s been heavy with the news of Naya Rivera. I grew up watching her on TV – Family Matters!! We’re the same age. My heart breaks for her son, family, and friends. RIP beautiful Naya. ❤️

Hope y’all had a nice one. Take care always!

Good night.


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