Day 137.

It’s Monday and I was super productive. I’m clearing out the clutter. I tackled papers and receipts today. Proud of myself! 😁

I took it easy today. I napped since I was lacking energy. It helped since I washed a bunch of dishes. I really don’t like having dishes left in the sink.

Didn’t really get to play Animal Crossing today. I played for a bit before my nap. Might play a bit before bed.

I’m hoping to finalize the things that I need for my room. Storage and organization go hand in hand. I’m excited for a fresh start!

Giants were off today, but it’s not looking too good for the league. The Miami Marlins have tested positive for coronavirus. 14 of them I believe. 😬 The season might be called. It would be sad, but it would be for the best.

I plan to turn in early. Take care!

Good night.