Day 127.

It’s been such a busy, but fulfilling day. There’s so much to celebrate! This morning, family, friends, mentors, and colleagues witnessed Mr. Dale become a Doctor. Congratulations Dale!!! You’ve worked so hard for this. It’s amazing! Excited for your move back to California. 🥰🎉

I didn’t go back to sleep after the presentation. I decided to have a cup of tea and made myself breakfast. Afterwards, we took our dog out to the backyard. It was a short visit because we saw another Yellowjacket! 😱 We went inside right away.

Tackled dirty dishes too. Best chore ever! It was a productive morning for me. I was able to take a short breather before I had to get ready for the lab – my monthly blood draw. My aunt gave me a lift. I had to do some running around once I got there since the previous standing orders expired. It all worked out. Whew.

Animal Crossing update: Pascal gave me the DIY recipe for the mermaid bed. Yay!!! I’ve got a few more to get. I want the entire collection.

When I got home I showered. I was able to catch the FB Live Q&A with the PH Association. It was very informative and I learned so much! Then I knocked out for a few hours. My sleep was refreshing.

I had pizza and sushi for dinner. Great combo! British snax arrived today too. Three days early! Happy stomachs. 🍫🍪

Well, that was my Friday. Thankful for everything. The pandemic is still roaring here in the US. It’s scary and it gives me a lot of anxiety. Numbers are increasing once again in California. I just want normalcy, but that’ll be a while. Please continue to keep your distance and wear a mask! It’s absolutely vital. 😷 Take care!

Good night.


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