Day 115.

Where did the weekend go? I spent another day resting up and isolating. I leave my room with a mask on and I always wash my hands. I miss my typical routine, but I would rather make sure I’m in the clear. I think I mentioned this yesterday. No fever was present today. My cough is still here though.

Happy Mac Dre Day! 🎵 I listened to some of his music. Happy Birthday!!

Animal Crossing update: I paid off my current loan! I used part of my savings. Now I can finally setup my kitchen. Exciting!! But a new loan starts tomorrow. 🙃 I also captured some new sea creatures.

I played my uke to calm me down. My anxiety was all over the place today.

I watched Spaceballs and Monte Carlo. I liked both movies. John Candy + a young Bill Pullman 😘 and the cast of Monte Carlo was cute. Everyone meshed well. I’ve started watching The Sinner. The first episode had me guessing. So now I’m invested. The next epi will reveal more to the story.

Hoping for a good week. I’m trying to be patient with myself. Things will get done, but I must adjust accordingly due to my current state. I haven’t had to contact my medical team because I feel okay. I take my temp daily.

Lastly, my cousin and her husband had their gender reveal party today. They’re expecting a boy! I’m so excited for them. 💙 Congratulations Jet and Jan!!

Good night.