Day 124.

Hello! 😄

I had a pretty decent day. I had about nine hours of sleep. It was much needed. I haven’t done that since a regular work day. I miss it! I played Animal Crossing right away. It’s my morning routine as of late. To be honest – it’s been this way since I started playing in April. I love the game! 🥰 Put my playground together too.

I used our exercise bike today. I’m pretty beat. My legs felt like jello after about 12 minutes. I give myself breaks in between, but it’s hard. I applaud myself for completing the task today. 💜

Helped the sister with dinner. Glad I was able to assist! We made spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread. 😋

We finished Last Christmas in the afternoon and I was on the verge of tears. The story caught me by surprise. I’ll have to rewatch it again. Love the cast!!! We’re also rewatching Glee together. Season 1 takes me back! I was still in community college when I first started watching. Time really flies. I miss the 2010s. And we watched an episode from the new Unsolved Mysteries. It was sad. Justice for Alonzo Brooks!

The current state of the world makes me anxious, angry, and sad. Life is short. Live your best life! I bought an ita bag just for the heck of it. Can’t wait to display my fave pins from my fandoms.

I’m going to make myself a cuppa tea. Decaf English breakfast. Yes! 💖 Take care, everyone.

Good night.


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