Day 121.

Happy Saturday! It was laundry day for me. I love clean blankets and sheets. 😊 I woke up at a decent time today too.

Spent some of our afternoon in the backyard. Dogs wanted to be in the sunshine. So cute. They’re a handful, but we love them both so much. ❤️🐶❤️

Animal Crossing update: I participated in the Fish Tourney. I redeemed my points for a fish crossbody. So cute. I even got to hang out with my cousin on his island. I dropped off bells and a birthday gift. Happy Birthday, Adrian! 🥳🎂 Thanks for coordinating, Katie. 💕

We’ll be watching Dumb and Dumber tonight. Yay! One of our favorite movies.

It was a mellow Saturday. I hope I sleep at a reasonable time tonight. We’ll see. Lol. Take care!

Good night.