Day 126.

Today was alright. It was tough for me, but I got through it. Still feeling very fatigued. Sighhh. Having low energy is a bummer.

Animal Crossing update: Pascal stopped by again and gave me a pearl! I want more recipes. I also bought a cute tea table for my house. Not sure where to put it yet.

We finally watched The Princess and the Frog. Such a beautiful movie! We love the cast and the music. 🥰

The earrings from my friend’s Mom’s small business arrived today. So pretty! I can’t wait to wear it.

I’m going to play a little more AC and then get ready for bed. I have an early morning because I’ll be up to support my friend’s dissertation defense at 8am PDT/11EDT. So exciting! I need sleep.

Hope y’all had a nice Thursday. Take care!

Good night.