Day 230.

I’m pretty tired today. I played badminton, basketball, and football at work. I’ve gotta work on my spiral! I forgot how fun badminton was. 🙂

I’m dealing with a lot of other stuff at the moment. I’m looking forward to the weekend – candy, junk food, Halloween, and the time change. Spooky! 👻

Animal Crossing update: Redd’s in town. Bought a painting to display at home. Woo! Finalizing my Halloween costume. I might just be a bunny or something.

I’ll just be focusing on football at the moment. Really glad that baseball is over and done with. Hopefully the Giants sign some key players. Rebuilding mode is tough, but I’m sticking with them! 🖤🧡

Just finished watching Holidate. I enjoyed it! Wish we could go back to the days of going to the mall, hanging out, going on dates, and without a mask. Sigh. 😢 Continue doing your part, please! Cases are rising again. It’s really disheartening.

Two more days of work. Friday should be interesting! 🙃

Good night.


Day 225.

TGIF!!! It’s been a long week for me, so I’m really glad it’s the weekend.

I got to sleep in for a bit. Then I had my appointment with my therapist. It was nice to chat and catch up. Afterwards, I was free the rest of the day.

Highlight of the day: Boba Guys! Our cousin is back in town and he usually makes the trip. He was kind enough to pick up our orders. I tried the strawberry matcha latte with boba for the first time. It’s delicious! I’ll definitely be ordering it again.

Animal Crossing update: Tex has packed up and is leaving tomorrow. I’m hoping to find a new villager soon. All the best, Tex! He only stayed on the island for about three weeks.

Game 3 of the World Series was meh. Whatever happens, happens. Giants fan forever! 🖤🧡🖤🧡

I’m in the middle of watching A Princess for Christmas. It’s a really nice holiday movie. I watched Charming Christmas in the afternoon. The cheese is great. 😂🎄

Happy weekend to all! Take care.

Good night.


Day 224.

It was a Happy Thursday for me! Hello!! 🙂

My day started at the dental clinic. I had three fillings to take care of and a new impression for my night guard. I’ve been clenching and grinding my teeth for almost a decade. Super important to have one fitted! I’m excited to get my new guard. Two weeks! Sitting in the chair was an adventure. They had a suction guard in my mouth. My jaw was tired by the end of it. Didn’t deal with a lot of pain. Super thankful for my dental student. A true professional! Thanks, M. 😄

Then before I even got in the chair, my boss sent me a text saying I didn’t need to come in since the only student on my roster was getting picked up early. Hurrah! Here’s to a lovely four day weekend. I’m going to take full advantage of it. I’m planning to clean, do my laundry, and study. I’ll also watch movies and the World Series. Go Rays!!!

It was a lovely afternoon at home. We had brunch and watched an episode of Unsolved Mysteries and Dark Tourist. Japan is still my dream vacation. I’ve been wanting to go since I was a kid. Must continue saving up and once this pandemic settles, I’m off!

I decided to nap since I got up really early. I woke up in time to tune in for the final presidential debate. Voting blue! If you have a moral compass, believe in equality, and justice for all – Vote Biden & Harris! America needs new leadership. People who can lead the way and will listen to Americans across the board. 2016 came and went. My fear was healthcare. Thankful to be in California where I’m taken care of for my preexisting conditions. What about my fellow Americans in other states?! It’s a terrifying thought. People losing their insurance in the middle of a pandemic. The monstrosity! People are voting early. I’ll be filling out my ballot this weekend. CHANGE!

Animal Crossing update: Tex is moving out. C.J. is on Mango buying our fish. Hurrah!

I’m planning to watch a holiday movie before bed. Halloween is practically here, but I love the holiday season!! The music does it for me. So great! 🎄

Well, I hope y’all had a nice one. Signing off. Take care!

Good night.


Day 223.

Happy Wednesday! 😄

It was a much slower day for me. I like taking my time in the morning. Everything went well today. And for the most part, the students don’t give me a difficult time. I’ve noticed that everyone has to be louder while wearing a mask. I only wear my face shield indoors. It’s nice being able to take it off when I’m outdoors.

My aunt gave me a ride home again so that’s always nice. I can’t rely on ride shares or public transit this year. My driving lesson will be here soon enough. I’m actually pretty juiced.

I ate dinner early. I was able to take home a burger from work. It was good! And that’s the nice thing about lunch – everything is in a takeout box.

I watched Game 2 of the World Series. I was a bit superstitious at first, but we eventually tuned in once my brother got home from work. The Rays looked dominant. Very different vibe from Game 1. Snell and Lowe stood out to me. Go Rays! ✨

Animal Crossing update: someone was at the campsite. I’ve passed on inviting them to Mango. I might reconsider. My island needs work, but I haven’t had much time.

We also watched Unsolved Mysteries. The story was based in Oslo, Norway. I’m still spooked! 😱👻 But it was such a fascinating story.

Early day for me tomorrow, so I’ll be sleeping soon. I’m ready for the dentist again! Bring it.

Good night and take care!


Day 205.

Happy Saturday! We’re a month away from Election Day!! Please vote. 🇺🇸

I stayed up watching Emily in Paris. I’m obsessed!! Reminds me so much of Sex and the City. I miss Paris! I love hearing the music throughout the show and the cast is great. Gabriel 😍😘🥰

I took a quick nap and then I preordered a new lipstick from Lisa Eldridge’s collection. It’s called blush and it’s so pretty. I tried on the velvet jazz color. Such a nice red! I’m in love. The texture is smooth and comfortable to wear. I don’t know how she does it. I approve!

Animal Crossing update: My pumpkins are still growing. Hoping to get more DIY recipes from my villagers. I love Halloween! So much black and orange. It’s great.

I napped this afternoon. It was a nice three hours. Naps are my fave. 😴

I’m supposed to practice driving tomorrow. Let’s see if I can get up. I get so lazy on Sunday, but this is important. My anxiety is real at the moment. Haven’t driven in a while.

Might finish Emily in Paris tonight. I’ve got three episodes left. I’m so good at binge watching!!

Hope y’all had a nice day. Take care!

Good night.


Day 204.

Where did the week go?! Happy Friday! 💜

I tried to sleep early last night and it didn’t work out for me since I decided to watch Ready or Not. I really liked it. Plot twists everywhere! Definitely a guessing game.

I woke up in time, but it was hard. I had to get ready for my flu shot appointment. I get it every year. Super important for my health! It was quite busy, but the wait wasn’t long. Afterwards, we picked up lunch at our local taqueria. I went with a carne asada burrito. It’s been a while. 😋 Chips and salsa were so good too.

I did a bit of chores and then I decided to take a nap. I was super tired. Fell asleep for a few hours. I’m pretty energetic now. Might watch another movie tonight.

Animal Crossing update: Vivian is finally moved in! Super exciting. I watered my pumpkins. I also caught another scorpion. My count is 2! They’re so sneaky.

I want to try on some makeup. It’s the only time to freely wear it at home. I love lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, and highlight! 💕 No one will ever see my lipstick again until we’re mask free. 😷

Planning to clean and organize tomorrow. I hope to practice driving for a bit this weekend. I go back to work in TWO WEEKS! I’m a little anxious, but I think I’ll be okay. Super important to be socially distant from everyone, especially adults. I’m double masking and putting on the face shield.

We watched a bit of Meet the Parents. Haven’t seen it in a while. I forgot how funny it was. Hehe.

Take care and happy weekend to all!

Good night.


Day 183.

TGIF! 🙂 We made it to the weekend. I stayed up watching Julie and the Phantoms. I finished it. So good!! 💗

I always reflect on 9/11. I was a high school freshman. RIP to all the beautiful souls. We remember. I have so much respect for first responders. Thank you. ❤️

The Giants didn’t play today. Someone tested positive for COVID-19 so the game was postponed. I hope our player will be okay. Name wasn’t disclosed. No baseball for us for the next few days. 😢

I’ve been awake for most of the day. I did take a nap after breakfast. I’m in the middle of working on my class assignment. I’m almost done! I just need to type up a paragraph. AQI was very unhealthy today. I hope it improves soon. There’s ash all over our car.

Productive chat with my therapist. She’s always encouraging me! Gotta face things head on. Fear won’t win.

I’ve gotta exercise in a bit. Must get my squats done.

Animal Crossing update: couldn’t find the message in a bottle. What?! This has happened two days in a row. Very odd. My island is doing alright. I’ll tend to it this weekend.

Alright. Time to sweat. Exercising helps me focus. Then I’ll finish my assignment. I can!

Have a great weekend, everyone. Take care!

Good night.


Day 182.

I didn’t do much today. Happy Thursday! I’m glad it’s almost the weekend. I need to recollect myself badly. 🙃

I’m really digging Julie and the Phantoms on Netflix. It dropped today. I’m already in the middle of s1. The cast is great!

I’m about to exercise in a bit. I opened Snapchat earlier today and it was a baseball memory! A year ago today I was at Oracle Park. I miss going to sporting events. I’m a little torn right now with a life decision. Not sure what to do! 😭 I’ll figure it out.

Animal Crossing update: nothing new. Still paying off my loan. Forgot to buy the cool washer at the store. Oh well. Maybe it’ll be back in a few weeks?

Giants lose in SD. Winning streak snapped. Pablo was DFA’d. I’m so sad about that. He’ll always be a Giants legend. Thanks for the memories, Pablo! You did well, kid. 🖤🧡

Btw Saweetie’s recent post on IG and Twitter made me cackle. I was so entertained. 🇵🇭❤️😆!

Time to work! If I’m feeling ambitious, I might study. If not, I can shelve it for tomorrow.

Good night.


Day 177.

I’m still in this weird state of trying to move on and feeling sad. Maybe I am overthinking, but it’s like if a guy was really interested, he’d do anything to stay present and keep connected. Sighhh. I don’t know. I did match with some new people, so that’s cool. And I can always rely on my friends for advice and affirmation. ❤️

I napped the warm day away. I did have some matcha-vanilla swirl with boba from Matcha Cafe Maiko. One of the best places for dessert! Food makes me happy. 😋

I caught the last half of the Giants game. Welcome back, MadBum! Wish he was still with us, but all the best to him. We got the W! 😎🖤🧡

Animal Crossing update: sold items, found the message in a bottle, and paid off part of my loan. I must remember to buy turnips tomorrow!

I’m going to study a bit more tonight. I have energy to get through one more section. I finished my exercise for the day too. 600 squats done for the week! It’s a rest day for me tomorrow. I’ll clean and continue studying.

I wanted to watch a movie tonight, but I might just save it. We’ll see how I’m feeling.

That was my Saturday. I’m thinking of adding another eyeshadow palette to my collection, but I don’t need it. 😩 Conflicted.

Hope y’all had a nice one. Take care!

Good night.


Day 174.

How is it almost Thursday?! Happy Wednesday! I stayed up to watch Feel the Beat. It was pretty good. I love dance movies!

I’ve been pretty tired today, but I got my exercise in. 300 squats done. I’m halfway there! 💪🏼 I also had to nap. My sleep was interrupted by our dog. She’s such a rascal, but we love her.

The Giants only scored 6 runs today and that’s okay. The bullpen wasn’t very stable. They’ve played 38 games. The season is winding down. Whether we get to the postseason or not, I’m proud of the 🖤🧡. It’s been an interesting, but progressive season. #BlackLivesMatter

Animal Crossing update: I caught some new bugs. Redd didn’t stop by today. Maybe tomorrow or Friday? I’m always seeking out new art pieces to add to the museum. I want more statues. 😄

I’m still dealing with anxiety and overthinking, but I’m working through it. Sometimes I just sit with my emotions. So many new and exciting things happening – regardless of the outcome. I’m proud for putting myself out there and taking a chance. 💜

My Simpsons print arrived today. Must figure out where to put it.

Caught the last of Game 7 between the Thunder-Rockets. It was a nail biter until the end. Houston is moving on. I really miss the Warriors! 💙💛

My legs feel like Jell-o. 🙃 But I’m making progress each day. I even had two smoothies today! Yay for health and wellness. Everyone’s on their own journey. We’re all works in progress. I’m rooting for y’all! 🥰

Take care, everyone!!

Good night.