Day 116.

Happy Monday! Still feeling meh. I did get to fold some laundry and put my belongings away. Yay! I also placed my next shipment of medication. Last week I was told that I was too early to call. That hasn’t happened before. Good thing I remembered to get in touch.

I played a lot of Animal Crossing today. I almost had the scorpion. I got stung again. 😞 I’ll catch my first one eventually. I hope it’s soon. Celeste’s on my island. So many shooting stars. And today is Mira’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Mira! 💛

I started The Sinner. Pretty good so far. I’ll watch the next episode before bed.

I’ll play a little uke tonight too. I wanna learn more songs.

I’m feeling tired again. Might have to disconnect for an hour or so. My screen time usage went up because of all the movies I’ve been watching. I rewatched Casper before I slept. One of my faves growing up!

Anyway, I shall go. Hope y’all had a good one. Take care!

Good night.