Just listen to the music of the traffic in the city.

Thank you, Petula Clark! Yesterday was a stroll down memory lane. Lots of errands and we ended up downtown. I was downtown a lot pre-Covid. I’m rarely in the area now. It’s different, but in a sense the same.

Blondie’s is back so we decided to buy pizza! We also went to Wetzel’s and KB tarts. 😋 Many eateries we used to go to are now gone such as Beard Papa’s, Loving Hut, and Häagen-Dazs. It was nice to be back! I think the soul of SF is returning. It’ll definitely take work, but it’s progress.

My bracket is officially done. Gonzaga let me down! 😩 But I had a feeling they wouldn’t do well. And I was right. So I finish 2nd this year. My women’s bracket is still going strong, so I might be able to pull out a win. It’s early, but there’s a chance!! Here’s hoping I do better in 2023.

Bridgerton is officially back! I’ll be watching an epi tonight. Yay!!!

Doing my best to take care of myself holistically. Happy to report that I’ve been walking more. It’s tiring, but absolutely necessary for my health. I’m also cleaning up my diet.

Opening Day is two weeks away!!! Can’t wait. I love baseball!! ⚾️

Well, time for Netflix. Woo!

Good night.


So much deliciousness.

The fam and I have been exploring some new spots for SF eats. 😋 We found a new pizza place! It’s called Joyride and it’s amazing. I loved the pepperoni and the Bianca. The fig jam!! 🤩

I will most definitely be back. 😌 Pizza rules!!!

Spring Training is in full swing! So excited because baseball back. I’m also watching March Madness. So many upsets. Wild! There will be 2 games played at Chase Center. I wanted to go, but unfortunately it’s too expensive. 😞

It’s a new week and Pisces season is officially over. 😭 Here’s to next year!

I’m still listening to a lot of *NSync and my fave pop music from the nineties. I miss it! I’ve been very nostalgic.

Wishing you all a great week! Take care. 😷🧡

Good night.


Day 383.

Happy Tuesday!! 💜 I had my final round of iron. I’m feeling much better. I just need to normalize my sleeping schedule. Rest is important!!

  • I had an early morning and it was a struggle to get up. Faucet wasn’t working last night, but it was fixed this afternoon.
  • Work went well. It was a busy today, but we got through it! Earl was kind enough to buy us some boba and tea drinks. It was a warm one in the city. Same conditions tomorrow.
  • Animal Crossing update: Invited Toby to Mango for the 2nd time. Here’s hoping he takes the invite to live there! 😊 I love the Sanrio furniture and goodies. So great.
  • Pizza for dinner. Yes!
  • Attended our granduncle’s rosary via Zoom. I plan to look through family pics this weekend since I have the time. 🥰 I miss our loved ones who have passed. Ancestors, please guide us!!
  • Watched UCLA vs. Michigan. Go Bruins!!!! To the Final Four. 💙💛
  • Secured my Telfar bags. I’m okay with waiting for a few months to get them. 🖤💚👜
  • I’m ready to sleep. 😴

Hope y’all had a nice one! Take care.

Good night.