Day 340.

Happy Monday! It was definitely a holiday. Happy President’s Day!!

  • Caffeine is terrible a few hours before bed. I couldn’t fall asleep until later in the day. Awful.
  • I’m hoping to be much more productive tomorrow. I need more sleep tonight!
  • I watched Kita Kita before bed. Such a great indie Filipino film. I always cry. ❤️
  • Animal Crossing update: It was Festivale! I collected a bunch of feathers. Got the regular items. And I got the float! So cool. I’m going to play a bit more before the event ends. Pavé is great! Very colorful and high energy.
  • I might watch another Filipino film tonight.
  • Our best friend is in Vegas for a few days! I miss traveling, but I personally can’t do it until we’re in the clear. I hope she’s safe!! 💓
  • Chocolate has helped me cope with sadness and grief these last few days.
  • I haven’t been practicing my French. I might do that this week. I also need to read!
  • And I’m really happy Crystal Kay’s music is finally streaming! Like the stuff I know from high school. Amazing artist!!
  • That was my day. Not too eventful, but I’m glad I got to nap.

Hope it was a nice one for y’all! Take care.

Good night.


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