Day 388.

Happy Easter Sunday! 🐰🐣🌷

  • I stayed up because of Animal Crossing. What’s new?! 😂
  • My alarm went off so I was unable to sleep in. I had to cook Easter brunch for the fam. Labor of love. Everything was really good! I love cooking Filipino food.
  • I resumed playing AC. Bunny Day was fun AND stressful. I had to craft everything. I’ve never attempted that before during a special event. I finished everything a half hour ago. Whew! My twin with the assist. I needed more eggs. I was relieved.
  • We got to see family this afternoon. Always a blessing! 🙏🏼💗 Our Tita made us lumpia and we got to take home some pancit.
  • Our car battery wasn’t working so we needed a jump from AAA. Didn’t take long. We got home safely.
  • We attended the online rosary for our granduncle. It’s always nice to see that side of the family! Hopefully we can see folx in May. 🤍
  • I’m going to take advantage of my time off. I need to study and clean!!
  • We’re going to watch a few episodes of Sex and the City. 🥰
  • That was my Sunday. Eventful and blessed.

Wishing you all an amazing week! Take care.

Good night.


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