Day 308.

Happy Thursday! It’s officially the weekend for me. 😁

  • I’ve been so sleepy today. I just woke up from my nap.
  • I decided to wear some new kicks today. Great color scheme!!
  • I’m still hungry. I didn’t have a proper dinner.
  • Feeling ambitious this weekend. Part of me is anxious and scared, but I know I can do it! I still need to fill out DMV paperwork. 🙃
  • Animal Crossing update: I sold all of my turnips. Hurrah! I didn’t see anything go to 200 bells.
  • Reading has been a highlight for me. I’m enjoying Becoming and Bridget Jones’s Diary!!
  • Just a few more days and Biden will be president! Can’t wait. 💙
  • Some of my Sanrio things came in today. I’m excited to wear my hair clip.

Well, I hope y’all had a nice one. I’m going to take advantage of my free time. I will be productive and get things done.

Good night.


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