Day 302.

Happy Friday! TGIF!! Glad it’s finally the weekend. I’ve got a few days to myself and it’s back to work. I hope my test gets processed before Monday.🤞🏼

  • I set my alarm early to take care of my COVID test. Providers are EST. I got up before 9am. It was quick and easy.
  • I took a walk with my sister to drop it off at UPS. Afterwards, we bought bagels and doughnuts to bring back. Yay!
  • I had breakfast, mellowed out a bit, and then got in touch with DMV. Finally spoke to an agent. Must fill out more paperwork, but it’ll get done.
  • I’m planning to clean, organize, and put away laundry this weekend.
  • Animal Crossing update: My island is chill. Bonbon is leaving Mango. I wish her well! Time for a new villager. 😁
  • Watched Alex Trebek’s final Jeopardy episode. I miss him! 😭 Thanks for the memories, Alex. 💙
  • Got to catch up with Dad and Lola. 💕
  • We get to watch Gossip Girl tonight. Yay!
  • Planning to watch Soul tomorrow. More relaxing before work returns.
  • We ordered cookies for dessert tonight. Insomnia cookies are so good!!
  • Lastly, 45 is no more on Twitter. BYE!!!

Enjoy the weekend! Take care and be safe.

Good night.


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