Covid blues.

It’s year two and now we’re inching closer to year three. I’ve had to adapt and it’s exhausting! I have a number of chronic conditions. I’m always masked up and fully vaccinated + boosted!! I’m very particular about where I go and I keep my exposure minimal. I still don’t dine indoors.

There’s a nice demographic of vaccinated people and the not so nice demographic who are still unvaccinated and spreading false information. At this point, these people are part of a cult and don’t even know it. GET OUT OF THE RABBIT HOLE PLS!!! They’re endangering the public and the rest of society. This is my soapbox. Let me rant! We all want to get back to our “regular and normal” lives, but we won’t get there if the ignorance and hatred continues.

This is a broken record! Please educate yourselves and think critically. I can’t even talk to some family members. I’m protected yes, but I’m worried for their own safety and well-being. They have no protection or shield from this.

I’m tired just typing this up. Please do your part so we can finally get out of this pandemic. I have a progressive heart & lung condition. I want to see more of the world!!! I won’t get that chance until this pandemic globally ends. I’ve been battling since I was 17.

That’s my late night rant. Good night. 💜



My sleep has been irregular for the last few months. I’m dealing with a lot of uncertainties. I’m trying to enjoy the ride, but those moments when I’m alone is when I feel it most. 😭 I’m so anxious too so that doesn’t help.

I’m keeping busy so I can make progress. So far it’s going alright.

Currently listening to Meg & Dia. I revert back to my twenties. Ups and downs, but I learned and experienced so much during those years! I hope the rest of my thirties will be just as eventful.

There’s just a lot to do in this lifetime, but taking it a day at a time. That’s all I can do. Onward! Keeping the faith and hoping for better days. I don’t like to dwell on the pandemic, but it’s impacted my life just like everyone else. I’m not able to freely do what I used to do. I’m changing my patterns and habits. I miss traveling. Probably won’t be able to until 2023. I always think of the future because of my health. Will I be healthy enough? Can I keep up? 😢

I’m doing my best to take care of myself and sometimes it doesn’t work out. I’m stubborn!

I’m getting sleepy so I’ll end it here. This is what’s been going on in my head.

Good night. 💜


Day 261.

Happy Saturday! I took advantage of another day of sleeping in. Glorious!! Those are the best kind of days. Cooking for the last few days has wiped me out.

We decided to order in for lunch. We ordered Mexican. Huevos rancheros ftw!! Afterwards, I hung out for a bit and then decided to take a nap. Much needed.

SF is back in the purple tier. Cases are surging! It’s terrifying. 😱😔 I’m returning to work on Monday, but I’ll be well prepared. We’re not out of this pandemic. It’s still very much here. Don’t be complacent!! Please continue doing your part.

I’ve been browsing Black Friday specials and looked at Small Business Saturday deals. Didn’t buy anything. I’ve done my share of supporting small businesses this year! I do need holiday cards and some new rubber stamps. I know where to go!

Animal Crossing update: It was a typical Saturday. I’m still cleaning up the messy parts of my island.

Doing a load of laundry. So very important! I’m going to do a bit of reading too. Might play ACNH again.

I plan to drive for a bit tomorrow morning. I need the practice! Yup.

Well, that was my Saturday. Hope y’all had a nice one. Take care!

Good night.


Day 250.

It’s been an interesting day. I thought it was going well, but then I made one small mistake. I hate feeling this way. 😢 I’ll know better for next time.

There’s a lot on my mind. Some health news was delivered to me. I’m a little concerned, but here’s hoping everything is okay.

My dental work for 2020 is done. There was a lot of grey area these last few weeks. I hope everything is settled with insurance. My new night guard wasn’t ready. So I set up an appointment in December for pick up. 🤓

The rain made the day that much harder. We need it and I’m thankful. I just woke up from my nap and I’m trying to shake off these not so good vibes. My anxiety is up there at the moment. Just breathe.

Animal Crossing update: I caught more maple leaves! I tidied up some more. Decided to sell some more flowers at NC. The new update drops on Thursday. I’m so excited! Can’t wait for the holiday decor.

I’m ready to sleep straight through. I just need to start taking better care of myself. That first step would be sleep! Need 7-9 hours nightly.

We’re still in the middle of the pandemic. That’s been weighing on me too. I can only control MY thoughts and actions. Let’s get it together, America! The virus has been here. It’s real! Please make good choices. 😷

This is good night. Take care!


Day 243.

Happy Tuesday! 🙂 I had a very adventurous day. First off, I didn’t sleep very well since I had milk tea with boba pretty late yesterday. I was tossing and turning. Secondly, I was nervous, anxious, and excited for my driving lesson! It’s been years since I was behind the wheel. Slowly regaining my confidence back. My featured image is of me before my lesson. 🤓

My instructor picked me up before 10:15am. She drives a 2020 Rav4 Hybrid. So cool! The car was comfy. We went all over the city: St. Francis Wood, Sunset, Great Highway, and the Presidio! That was my favorite part. I saw the Golden Gate Bridge on a clear day. It was beautiful! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to snap any pics. I have the memories. My lesson went well! There are a few things I need to work on and it’s important to practice. I plan on committing time on Sundays to drive for a bit. I don’t want to avoid driving anymore. I’ll be alright! I know I can do it. 🥰

Pandemic update in SF: indoor dining is being halted starting Friday. Cases are going up all over the nation. It’s increasing in California and the city too. Please continue to wear a mask, social distance, and wash your hands. 2020 has been a trying year and we’re all dealing with pandemic fatigue. Do your part to keep others safe! 😷

Work went well. It was a short day! I started to feel the fatigue after work. Once I got home I ate a bit and then I decided to take a nap. Much needed! But before that I played some ACNH. My new villager is Bob! Pretty cool since he’s an OG.

I’m in the middle of updating my iPhone. I’m typing this up on my laptop. I’m listening to The Aces again. Brought up some memories from the summer, but whatever. I’ll be okay!

I’ve gotta take care of some things tomorrow before work. Taking it a day at a time. The more I think about something I get stuck in this cycle of negative thoughts. Just breathe!

I plan to study this week too. Well, that’s all I got! I hope you all had a nice day. Take care!

Good night.


Day 5.

Anxiety was real today. I mean I create my own problems by overthinking. All of a sudden, it’s this entire domino effect. Calm down, B. Lol. Thankfully, I was able to place an order for my medication because the test was processed. Whew. Delivery is scheduled for Friday. Hurrah!

I slept in again today. I had Chipotle for lunch. Leftovers for dinner. I’ve got a list of shows to watch on Hulu and Netflix. Becoming is really good btw. Tackling my reading list too. I watched The Wedding Singer tonight. I got to catch up with friends via text as well. Oh yeah, I also had Boba Guys as a treat. Still supporting businesses from afar. ☺️ And I can’t forget The Powerpuff Girls! I miss the 90s. Thee best.

Trying my best to stay positive. Doing my part social distancing! Keep it up, folks.

Be safe and be well. ❤️