Day 5.

Anxiety was real today. I mean I create my own problems by overthinking. All of a sudden, it’s this entire domino effect. Calm down, B. Lol. Thankfully, I was able to place an order for my medication because the test was processed. Whew. Delivery is scheduled for Friday. Hurrah!

I slept in again today. I had Chipotle for lunch. Leftovers for dinner. I’ve got a list of shows to watch on Hulu and Netflix. Becoming is really good btw. Tackling my reading list too. I watched The Wedding Singer tonight. I got to catch up with friends via text as well. Oh yeah, I also had Boba Guys as a treat. Still supporting businesses from afar. ☺️ And I can’t forget The Powerpuff Girls! I miss the 90s. Thee best.

Trying my best to stay positive. Doing my part social distancing! Keep it up, folks.

Be safe and be well. ❤️


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