1. Beer and pizza is always a good pick me up. Chill times with great people.
  2. I love dogs! I really do.
  3. I need more Easter candy in my life. Time to bulk up.
  4. This time of the year is always tough. Laki’s death anniversary is tomorrow. It’ll be a year since he went away. 😦
  5. Keep your loved ones close. Always.

Good night. It’ll be a busy day!



  1. My heart is heavy tonight. A friend I knew through social media passed away a few days ago. I’m quite sad about the news. RIP Rebecca. Thank you for your light and everything you shared with the world. πŸ’œ
  2. This rain makes me tired and sleepy.
  3. Today was all about perspective. (3/13/18)
  4. I ate too much chocolate: ice cream cake, ice cream pie, and Cadbury mini eggs. 😜
  5. I’ve gotta spend some time with my cousin & her family visiting the city.

Good night.



It’s been quite a week for me. I’m recovering. When you’re a lupus patient, there’s a lot that needs to be done.

  1. I’m currently dealing with anemia. 😦 I went in for my first iron infusion on 3/9/18. Some side effects are hitting me now. I have my second infusion this week. I’m hoping I start to improve. Energy levels have been pretty low.
  2. I hate it when folks make assumptions. I’m guilty of doing that too. But I hate it when people push. It makes me uncomfortable.
  3. On a lighter note, Richard Sherman is now a Niner! Totally disliked him when he was with Seattle, but he’s a great addition to the team. Can’t complain.
  4. DST is here! I’m so ready. I love it when it’s still bright as the day goes on.
  5. Watched throwback Pixar. Those were the days. Finding Nemo ❀️

That’s it. I gotta rest up again. Good night!



Whoa, I’m another year older today! πŸ™‚

  1. Last year taught me so much. I’m a stronger person.
  2. The second half of 2017 treated me very well.
  3. Take chances! And even if it doesn’t work out, you tried and that’s all that matters. Effort > everything.
  4. I’m ready for this new year. Bring it!!
  5. We’re going to brunch later. I’m hungry now. Haha.

Good night!