Day 181.

Today was a trip. I woke up to an orange sky. It felt like time didn’t even exist. I was in awe. But the reality is – California is burning. Our beautiful state has already burned 2M acres this year. It’s heartbreaking. We must take care of Mother Earth! Climate change is here and it’s real. 😭💔🌎

I was so tired from the night before that I slept through the day. I even missed my appointment with my therapist. Thankfully I rescheduled for this Friday! 😄 But I’m so embarrassed. 🙈 I honestly thought it was tomorrow or next week. I hope she isn’t too pissed.

Animal Crossing update: Redd stopped by and I bought a new piece of art. Hurrah! Still paying off my loan. Almost there!!!

Giants win! We took both games from the streaking Mariners. We’re looking good. I don’t want to expect too much since we’ve got a long stretch of games with potential postseason contenders. A game at a time is my motto. Go Giants!! 🖤🧡

I’m still very much in my feelings and I’m trying to get through this funk. I exercised to get my mind off of things. I’m keeping up with it! 💪🏼

I watched Last Christmas again. It always makes me cry! I think this is my 4th viewing. Henry Golding is so charming. Emilia Clarke is really cool too. I love them together!! 💕

Well, I’m hoping to do more with my time tomorrow. I really need to finish my assignment and test for my class. I’ve been avoiding it. The anxiety is real, but I know I can do this!

Have a great night. Take care!