Day 288.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! I hope it’s been a wonderful day. I stayed up playing Animal Crossing again and it was worth it. I finally completed the festive DIY set. Woo!!! The big festive tree was the last one that I needed. Before bed I also rewatched Dash & Lily. I also watched While You Were Sleeping with Mom. Btw, that’s me and the twin up there when we were in preschool.

I helped with cooking Christmas dinner. I made deviled eggs. It’s been a unique celebration, but I’m thankful to be at home with family. We were able to chat with our relatives too! I got to text with friends as well.

I’ve played a lot of Animal Crossing as the day progressed. Currently watching the last of the NBA games. Leonard was injured just now. Lots of blood! 😱 I hope he’ll be okay.

Just had some eggnog and I’m ready to open presents. We’re about to play Christmas Jeopardy! It’s fun.

We’re making the most of this Christmas. Stay safe and be well! Off to play more games.

Good night.


Day 287.

Happy Thursday! It’s Christmas Eve!! 🥰 I’ve played a lot of Animal Crossing. It was Toy Day!!! I got some new recipes and I got to gift my villagers their presents. So fun! Jingle was so cool. I love special events. I stayed up trying to find more DIY recipes. It’s ruined my sleep. 😬😂

I got to see Jamie and we exchanged gifts from a distance. Our aunt also dropped off our favorite fruit tart. Thank you!! 😋

Before bed last night, I watched The Bee Gees doc on HBO Max. I love learning new things about them. They’re gifted writers. I love their music! I miss Maurice, Robin, and Andy. 😭😩 I love watching Barry’s interviews. I listened to some of their songs this afternoon. Too Much Heaven and Massachusetts remind me of my childhood.

Doggies are clean for Christmas. Glad we were able to finally bathe them!! 🥰 They hate it, but thankfully we were quick. All they ever want afterwards is a nice blanket to lie down on.

I had some eggnog with a hint of whiskey and cinnamon. It was pretty good! We’re enjoying our fave snacks and treats during the holiday season. It’s a unique one this year, but we’re making the most of it.

Lastly, I finally opened my Hello Kitty Tamagotchi! It’s so small compared to the original. It’s still fun though.

Hope y’all had a nice one. Take care and be safe!!

Good night.


Day 285.

Happy Tuesday! It’s been a pretty chill day. I stayed up playing Animal Crossing again. I found another recipe. Still on the hunt for more. We also watched Bohemian Rhapsody again + Queen music videos. Freddie Mercury was amazing! He’s missed. He was so creative and on another level. RIP Freddie. ❤️

I was able to send out our BFF’s gift. We had something for her niece too. I love giving people presents! Speaking of presents, I finally got around to wrapping stuff for my family. Hurrah! Now I must finish writing my holiday cards. Gotta get them in tomorrow. I hate being last minute! 😩

I watched a bit of the Dubs game. We’re looking okay, but we miss Klay!!! Get well soon. 💙💛

I fell asleep before the pizza got here. I woke up at 10:11pm. 😬 I got to eat my dinner and it was delish! I love crazy bread. 😋 I had some of the tres leches cake slice I ordered yesterday. It’s always so delicious!!

Might watch another movie tonight. I’d like to sleep early since my medicine will be delivered tomorrow. But it’s my holiday break and I’m enjoying my free time!!

Highlight of my day: catching up with friends via text. Always glad to hear from them!

I hope y’all had a nice one. Take care and be safe!!

Good night.


Day 284.

Happy Monday! Here’s to the first week of holiday break. It’s going well so far.

I stayed up playing Animal Crossing. What’s new?! The gamble wasn’t the greatest. I found one holiday DIY recipe. I found another a few hours ago. The spawn rate isn’t very high. What’s worked for me: play a little, save my progress, recharge, and start again. A balloon present usually shows up fairly quickly.

The rest of my Monday consisted of writing holiday cards (I’m nowhere near done!), ordered my meds, and then got ready for my PFTs. I hope my results are good. I got a little lightheaded breathing in and out completely. After I finished, I treated myself to a decaf white chocolate mocha and a birthday cake pop. It’s the little things! 🥰 I also got to look at the GGB from afar.

Ordered some of our fave comfort foods. 2020 is winding down and I’m really hopeful for 2021! I’m currently listening to *NSync’s Christmas album. We’re planning on watching Bohemian Rhapsody before bed tonight. I also need to wrap some presents and send them on their way. Excited to wrap my family’s gifts too. The tree is still a little bare. 😬 And some packages will be arriving after Christmas. That’s expected.

The highlight of my day: my brwngrlz earrings arrived today! I’m totally going to rock them. Woo! 🌞

It’s going to be very busy these next few days, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m looking forward to cleaning, donating, and possibly posting some items online. That all depends on how productive I want to be. Lol!

Hope y’all had a nice one. 4 more days until Christmas!!!! 🎄

Good night.


Day 280.

Hello Christmas break!!! Happy Thursday indeed! I was running a bit late since I decided to sleep in and mellow out before getting ready. People were so nice today. I got to take home some desserts and gifts. Feeling really blessed.

I decided to wear my parol earrings. So pretty! I didn’t get to wear them at all last year. I love them. 🌟 My group did pretty well today. It’s always nice when they’re on task. Highlight of my day was playing Kahoot! again. The drive home was peaceful. I’m just anxious about stupid things right now.

Animal Crossing update: still haven’t found holiday DIY recipes. Darn! I did sell most of my turnips today. Hurrah!!

Caught some of TNF. It was a good game!

I’m feeling tired again. I’m planning to sleep early since I have a COVID test scheduled for tomorrow. It’s an extra step for my appt on Monday. Hope it all goes well!

Take care and good night! 😷


Day 271.

It’s Tuesday!! It was a busy one for me, but all went well. I had my driving lesson before work and then I left early to pick up my new night guard. The fit was perfect! No need to adjust or shave down.

Back to my driving lesson – I still have some things to work on, but I’m making progress! I’m definitely regaining my confidence. I know I’m a safe driver. Hoping to schedule another lesson in January. And then maybe I’ll be good to go on my own in February!! 😁

I bought some greeting cards and snacks at Walgreens. I’m planning to mail out cards this weekend! I just need my holiday stamps. I bought some rubber stamps to add some pizzazz to my handwritten notes and cards.

Gotta take care of scheduling an appointment tomorrow. Thankfully I was able to order my meds first thing this morning. Should arrive on Friday.

Animal Crossing update: Celeste paid Mango a visit! Still no sign of snow. And I’m waiting for the holiday DIYs. Come on!!!

Well, this is good night. Take care!


Day 247.

The holiday season is here! I’ve been playing Christmas music. We watched This Christmas and Elf. 🎄❤️ We plan on decorating next week. Going to take advantage of the holidays despite the pandemic! We miss family and friends, but it’s for the best.

I got to sleep in! Glorious. I didn’t get to do much today. I’ll be more productive tomorrow. Ordered dessert from Matcha Cafe Maiko! Still one of my fave places. I got the boba sundae and a hojicha latte. 😄

I took a nap after watching the movies. Woke up in time to eat Taco Bell for dinner. Always delicious, but must have it in moderation.

Planning to practice driving tomorrow. I must do it! I gotta get more comfortable behind the wheel. Practice makes progress. Yay! 💜

Animal Crossing update: I got to hang out with Bob. His house is fun. I cleaned up some flowers. Tidying up for the next update. I’m excited for all the Christmas stuff!

Might watch another movie tonight. We’ll see. I hope y’all had a nice Saturday! Keep warm. Temps are starting to dip. Take care!

Good night.