Day 49.

I didn’t get a restful night’s sleep. Dealt with terrible insomnia. I finally fell asleep at 8am. I slept in until 2pm.

I played some Animal Crossing. So much progress today! I love it. 🙂 I’m done playing for the night. Give my eyes some rest.

Got some cleaning done. I trashed old receipts and recycled papers + boxes. Planning to tackle my closet this weekend. I need to part with old clothes.

We had pizza for dinner. We didn’t want to cook tonight.

Mellow Thursday. I’m hoping to sleep early tonight.

Good night!


Day 48.

Forensics Files, food, Animal Crossing, Jeopardy, repeat. That’s what my Wednesday looked like.

I stayed up watching Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist and then I also rewatched Four Weddings and A Funeral the tv series. I’m almost done with that again.

Before bed I just felt sad. Two years ago, my cousin passed away. She was 34. A beautiful spirit. I wish I had spent more time with her. RIP Maria. You are truly missed. ❤️

I’m doing my best to live life to its fullest. Some days are good and then some days are bad. I take both in stride. My own journey has been challenging but I’m still standing. And then I think of my friends who have passed these last few years. I miss them a lot. 💜 I’ll keep going.

I still gotta practice my uke. I’m learning so much information. And I’m still searching for a new desk. I’m overwhelmed with options. Sighhh. Btw random insomnia chats with your BFF at 5am is so much fun. Thanks for the laughs, Jamie! 😂

Hope you all had a good day. Take care!

Good night.


Day 47.

I really can’t believe it’s been this long. I’m still going.

I didn’t get a lot of sleep because I watched the rest of Never Have I Ever. I really like the show! It’s a great cast. Plot twist everywhere. Yeah!!!

As soon as I woke up, I played Animal Crossing. I’m close to getting all my iron nuggets. I’m feeling quite accomplished.

Had my doctor’s appointment via Zoom today. First time in a while since I put on eyeliner and sunscreen. It’s very different. I prefer in person obviously, but due to the pandemic things have changed a bit. I was really glad to talk to clinic and touch base with them. 💜

Played Animal Crossing again and then took a long nap. I needed it.

I’ve had lots of chocolate today and a bag of Chili & lime rolled tortilla chips from Trader Joe’s! I didn’t even realize I had a bag until I jogged my memory. I saved it since I wasn’t able to have chips for Lent.

Anyway, that was my day. It went really well. Hope you all had a nice Tuesday.

Good night.


Day 46.

Shelter in place has been extended until 5/31. I mentioned this to Mom yesterday about an extension. I’m psychic! 😎 I knew the announcement was coming. We’ve made it this far. We can do it, California! ❤️

Animal Crossing, uke practice, watching Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, and Forensic Files made up my Monday. Not bad. I’m learning to mix my days up with various shows and games. I just started Never Have I Ever and I LOVE IT! The cast is great. Reminds me of high school which I don’t really miss.

I even got to do some laundry. I’m so frustrated with some of the masks I’ve purchased btw. I washed and dried one today. It fits my face, but the strap doesn’t sit well on my small ears. Ughhh. 😒 I’m thinking of clipping it with my hair clips. That might work.

Anyway, I’m pretty tired. I’ve got a busy day tomorrow so I’m planning to sleep early tonight. Maybe 2am? Haha.

Glad I showered. I’m ready to unwind on Netflix and Hulu. So many shows and movies! Hurrah.

Hope you all had a nice Monday. Take care!

Good night.


Day 45.

Happy Sunday! It’s a new week. 🙂

Animal Crossing is taking over my life. I was gifted a jukebox in the game today. Woo! I’m still trying to collect all the iron nuggets to finish building the shop. It’s taking some time on my part.

We ordered Super Duper for linner. We didn’t get a chance to prepare anything. Our essentials are dwindling so we’ll likely make a quick shopping trip later this week. I honestly believe our shelter in place will be extended here in California and I’m okay with that.

I’m getting frustrated playing games with my family. I haven’t won a game of scene it. We just started trivial pursuit. I’m also winless in that. My chance will come. I’m trying. Sigh.

I gotta practice a bit more on the uke. I’m getting better with the chord changes for Let It Be. G, you will be mastered!!

That was my Sunday. It was decent. Hope y’all had a good day too!

Good night and take care.


Day 44.

I had a good night’s sleep. I haven’t been able to say that in a while. And I fell asleep before 3am! 🙂

I woke up at a decent time and decided to play Animal Crossing. I found more iron nuggets, planted new fruits, and the museum is currently being built. I look forward to playing again tomorrow.

We watched The Longest Ride. It was pretty good. I didn’t expect the storyline. 7/10.

I took a nap and overslept but it happens. Dinner was ready when I woke up. Thanks, sister!

Practiced my uke and exercised. I haven’t done that in a while. Hoping to get back on track.

That was my Saturday. And Joe Staley retired. Thanks for the memories! We’ll miss you. ❤️💛

Good night.


Travel memories.

I started traveling back in 2018. Canada was the first place I visited. They’re just up North, but it was a long time coming. We visited our relatives.

I’m so very grateful for my passport. I wish I would have traveled sooner, but I dealt with a lot of personal matters from 17 to 20. I’m now stronger mentally. But those were some very sad times. It’s all part of my story and I don’t ever stray from it. 💜

The world is such a different place right now. Please continue to do your part during this pandemic!

Here’s a picture of me at the Louvre Museum. Hello Mona Lisa! I was so excited to see her. Crowds everywhere, but I got close enough. I was part of a tour group with my family. Wonderful memory.

Alright. Time for bed. Later!


Day 43.

Happy Birthday, Coco dear! ❤️🐶 We miss you so much. We love you. We decided to bake cupcakes and order In-N-Out to celebrate. The fries were always her favorite.

I had terrible anxiety before bed. So I stayed up watching Hulu and played a bit of Animal Crossing.

I woke up at 9am, but decided to nap in the afternoon after playing some more Animal Crossing. My house is built! I’m loving the game.

Practiced my uke. I’m on Day 15. I practiced my strumming and chord changes. I’m getting more comfortable. Any kind of progress makes me happy. 🙂

TGIF! I’m glad it’s the weekend again. I always rest as much as I can. Hope you all had a great day.

Good night.


Day 42.

I was anxious before bed. So I woke up groggy and irritated. Lol. I mean I slept for 4 hours. 😬 I’m proud to say I didn’t nap today. Animal Crossing kept me busy for most of the day.

Lola (grandma) called us. It was nice to hear her voice. She’s doing well. I always pray for her. I miss her a lot! I haven’t seen her since the beginning of March for bday celebrations before the shelter in place. 😞

British snacks arrived today! It totally made my day. My extra order of French lavender hand sanitizer came in as well. Great package day! 🙂

I got to watch part of the 2020 NFL Draft! Exciting times. Welcome to the Niners, Javon Kinlaw & Brandon Aiyuk! ❤️💛

Practiced chucking some more. I think I’m getting the hang of it. I’m really focusing on my strumming. Learning the chords are simple in my case. I’m trying to find my rhythm. 🙃

Overall I had a nice Thursday. No complaints. Can’t believe it’s almost the weekend.

Well, good night!


Day 41.

Animal Crossing and naps. That’s pretty much all I did today. 😊

I still need to practice my uke before the day ends. I’m getting frustrated with my strumming. 😞 Trying to be patient. It’s only been 2 weeks.

I’m hoping my meds get delivered to me tomorrow. I didn’t get a shipping notification so I’m not sure if it’ll even arrive. I’ve called the specialty pharmacy multiple times this week. Quite frustrating. Breathe.

I’ve been tired. Lacking so much energy. Btw, I’m caught up with the latest of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist.

Hoping for a better night’s sleep tonight.

Good night and take care!