Day 37.

Happy weekend! I tried to sleep in, didn’t happen. I got hungry so I had some cereal. Then I got sleepy again. I brushed my teeth and went back to bed.

I got to catch up with a friend via IG before my nap. Hi Mich! 💕

Today marks the 114th Anniversary of the 1906 Earthquake in SF. There’s usually a celebration, but due to the shelter in place it was cancelled. SF ❤️

Day 10 of uke practice! I learned You Are My Sunshine. ☺️ It’s always been a fave song of mine growing up. So proud of myself.

I tried to clean, but no luck. I’ve been quite tired. Hoping to take care of chores tomorrow.

I’m ready for a good night’s sleep. Dealt with some motion sickness while playing video games. I’m feeling a little better.

I also wanted to greet my cousin Happy Birthday! Hope you had a nice day, Jetih. 🥰🎂🎊

Time to sleep. Hope your Saturdays were awesome!

Good night.