Day 22.

Happy Birthday, Sal! She’s 7 today. ❤️ I’m really happy we rescued her. She’s so sweet. Love you. And a Happy Birthday to my friend, Chris! We met at CCSF and we’ve kept in touch since. Those friendships are the best. Hope you enjoyed the day! We’ll celebrate once we’re able. 🧡

I slept all day. Noticing a pattern? I’m trying to normalize my sleep. It’s pretty difficult. Ahh. I’ll try to sleep earlier tonight. But I want to watch Onward. Looks like a really good movie.

Anyway, I spent part of my day drafting an email. And then I sent it. Then I had to pay a bill. Successful Friday!

Glad it’s the weekend. I hope I’m productive. And even if I’m not, I’m going through all of this. We all are.

Good night!