Day 29.

Happy Friday! We made it to another week. Cheers to the weekend. I hope you’re all keeping busy. And even if you aren’t, that’s okay too. We’re allowed to rest. ❤️

I couldn’t fall asleep on time so I stayed up. There’s something about seeing the sunrise. It’s comforting. Darkness to light. I eventually knocked out and slept in. I decided to do a small load of laundry today and then practiced my uke. I really just want to play a song already, but I must be patient. Everything I’m learning now sets the foundation. I’ll get there.

I got to catch up with my coworkers via text. Nice to hear from them. Good news all around which is great. And Happy Birthday, Marc!! 🥳

I was able to step out for a bit on the deck and take in some fresh air. I miss the breeze. The sky was so pretty.

British goodies are my comfort food right now. All the crisps, candy, chocolate, and cookies. 😋 I miss London!

That’s my Friday. Off to watch Kim’s Convenience. Take care everyone! I miss our Lola (grandma) btw. I hope she’s doing alright.

Good night.