Day 45.

Happy Sunday! It’s a new week. 🙂

Animal Crossing is taking over my life. I was gifted a jukebox in the game today. Woo! I’m still trying to collect all the iron nuggets to finish building the shop. It’s taking some time on my part.

We ordered Super Duper for linner. We didn’t get a chance to prepare anything. Our essentials are dwindling so we’ll likely make a quick shopping trip later this week. I honestly believe our shelter in place will be extended here in California and I’m okay with that.

I’m getting frustrated playing games with my family. I haven’t won a game of scene it. We just started trivial pursuit. I’m also winless in that. My chance will come. I’m trying. Sigh.

I gotta practice a bit more on the uke. I’m getting better with the chord changes for Let It Be. G, you will be mastered!!

That was my Sunday. It was decent. Hope y’all had a good day too!

Good night and take care.


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