Day 419.

Happy Wednesday!! 🧡 It’s almost the weekend. I can’t wait!

  • Didn’t sleep the greatest. ACNH kept me awake! I played with the BFFs.
  • I eventually fell asleep. I’m hoping to sleep better tonight.
  • Work went well! It was really cold. It was quite foggy at the end of my shift. I wish I wore an extra layer. I’ll be better prepared tomorrow.
  • Animal Crossing update: I did a lot on my island! I took care of my flowers and redid the left side close to resident services. I’ll be revamping the other parts in a few days. I didn’t sell my turnips. The price wasn’t right. Glad I’m fixing things up.
  • Burritos and tacos for dinner! So good. The order wasn’t done correctly. Next time we’ll just pick it up.
  • Highlight of the day: seeing Lola Mila via FaceTime. Love you so much, Lola!!!! 💗
  • I’m thinking about a lot right now. Trying to breathe through it all.
  • I need to finish my module assignment too. I’ll submit it tomorrow or maybe before I sleep tonight.
  • Looking at Sanrio books! I really want to add them to my library. Eee!!!
  • I’m tired now. Just finishing up Muriel’s Wedding. One of my fave Toni Collette movies. 👰‍♀️🤍
  • My nightcap is a slice of carrot cake. 😋 Trader Joe’s FTW!!!

Have a good night. Take care!


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