Day 398.

Happy Wednesday! Today has been a lot, but I got through it. I feel like I’m in this transitional phase of my life. Not sure what the next few months will look like, but I’m telling myself to make moves! 🤍

  • I woke up fairly early to get ready for my video visit with my new primary care doctor. It went well! My new doc is really nice and understanding.
  • Afterwards, I decided to exercise before getting ready for work. Put in 11 mins! Really proud of myself. I plan to weigh myself weekly.
  • I ate cereal, a slice of raisin toast with peanut butter, and half a banana.
  • I took my temp for work and got dressed fairly quickly. We left a little late, but I got to work in time.
  • Sanrio HK goodies arrived. I was very happy!!!! 💗
  • Affirmations at work. I’ve been very thankful for the opportunity! Schedule change also starts next week. I’m ready for the roster expansion!!
  • Korean bbq for dinner! I got chicken. 😋
  • Played a bit of Animal Crossing again. I gifted items to my villagers. I haven’t sold any turnips. Still too low at NC. Waiting for a second villager photo.
  • Hung out with the dogs and then I decided to take a nap. My early morning wiped me out.
  • I’d like to study tonight, but I’ll try. I’m feeling tired again.
  • Sis got her 2nd vaccine! In two weeks time she’ll be fully vaccinated. 💜
  • Giants win!!! 🖤🧡🖤🧡
  • Hoping the rest of the week goes well.

Take care and good night!