Day 385.

Happy Thursday! It’s officially the start of spring break!!! 😎☀️ I’m looking forward to my time off. I’ve got a lot planned.

  • I woke up again before my alarm.
  • I decided to play Animal Crossing a little early. I scanned Étoile was at the campsite. I have all of the Little Twin Stars merch. It’s all so kawaii! I found more Bunny Day DIYs and Celeste was visiting tonight.
  • I submitted my class assignment. I’m hoping I passed.
  • Nice car ride with our aunt.
  • Another warm day in SF. It’s always nice to not have to bundle up!
  • Taco Bell for dinner. 😋 Cadbury creme eggs for dessert. Easter candy is my fave! I can’t believe it’s this weekend.
  • Planning to sleep in tomorrow and get some cleaning done.
  • I’ll be fully vaccinated on 4/11! 🙏🏼
  • I’m still looking for cute Sanrio items on Mercari and online.
  • Nice to see family again via Zoom for our granduncle’s 9 day novena.
  • And Happy Opening Day! The Giants just lost in Seattle. Ouch. 😒 We had the lead for most of the game. So SF!!!! Ugh.

Take care and good night to all.